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Infinity Time?

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 06:12 AM
According to the Shuman Resonance, The earths "heartbeat" is measured in frequency.
Up until the 1980's it was oscillating at 7.8 Hz but since then to now it has jumped up to around 12 Hz. Global Military communications were developed on this frequency because it was first thought that the frequency would be constant throughout time.

In turn what we know as a 24 hour day would only be a 16 hour day by Pre-1980 standards. I'm sure each one of us can vouch that the days, weeks, years are flying past us at a accelerated speed.

Now to the point.

If this frequency was to keep rising, at the rate it is going now, would it ever be possible that we actually start to move through time so fast that time didn't exist? Because we base time of the happening and dating of events, could it be possible that time actually stops? Or we start leaping through time in years instead of seconds?

Or we could jump to any point in time instantaneously?

Just a thought and not a prediction or anything like that

I hope that makes sense, if not ill try and elaborate further.


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