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The Secret-Positive Thinking Sucks

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 03:39 PM
I think where most people get tripped up in applying the "The Law of Attraction" is in the belief stage. Your either believe positive things are going to happen or you believe negative things are going to happen. Disbelief or uncertainty defaults to the negative. Either way you are attracting to you according to your belief.

This concept is nothing new. In fact, Rhonda Byrne, who created "The Secret" drew most of the information for her book and movie from an old manuscript by Wallace D. Wattles called "The Science Of Getting Rich". Wattles was not the only purveyor of "New Thought".

Since my exposure to the movie, I've found a wealth of writers throughout the not so distant past (1800's - 1900's) who were also contributors or subscribers to this movement.

I stumbled across a book (copyright 1963) "The Power of the Subconscious Mind" that is almost a how-to book of the Law of Attraction, and uses that term frequently in his book. Other writers using the same terminology are Thomas Troward ("The Hidden Powers" 1921, "The Law of the Word"); Genevieve Behrend ("Your Invisible Power" 1912); Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940) ("The Game of Life"; "Your Word is Your Wand"; "The Power of the Spoken Word"; "The Secret Door to Success"). And there are others.

These are some of the authors who influenced some of the greatest minds of our time, such as Albert Eintein and Thomas Edison as well as many others. Minds that "conjured up" some of the greatest inventions and scientific discovery that led to the incredible feats of technology we enjoy today.

I recommend any of these books to fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle of the Law of Attraction. Most of them can be downloaded for free at (Including "The Secret".)

One thing I really want to share is a stumbling block that I had with the concept. Fear. Fear is a powerful negative emotion. It's hard to be positive when you are afraid of the worse, and if you're about to lose something dear to you it's hard to focus on anything else.

A friend of mine stated it this way. Fear is the lack of trust that the Universe (God, Creator, Creative Source - whomever, whatever) will provide all you need or desire. That really was an awesome Aha moment for me, and one that truly turned my way of thinking around.

Fear will keep you from giving 100% positive energy to what you're asking for. Fear will drain any positive energy you have. That's what interferes with belief. You really can't be a "doubting Thomas" and expect it to work for you,

Also, I think it's hard for some - (I know from experience) - to fully appreciate how important being grateful for the things you already have really is. When you want more, or you're tired of seeing the same old "thing you hate" right in front of you every day, it's hard to imagine you already have a brand spanking new one.

Being able to appreciate the fact that you have one in the first place is gratitude. There are still far more people on earth who earn less than those we consider at the poverty level. Most of us - especially those of us who have cable or satellite tv, computers, the net and other such amenities all live an abundant life well beyond what many do and should stop for a moment and appreciate it.

I think that if anyone can overcome fear, and begin to fully and honestly be grateful for what you already have, they'll find that the LOA will work for them. Without a doubt.

I think the magic genie, in the movie - is what confuses, discourages and disturbs most people. While it's may not really be any more difficult than that, there are some hurdles you must overcome from within before if works.

Hope this helps.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by stikkinikki

I don't hear about anyone behind "the Secret" passing around plates asking for money.

You're kidding right? Don't need to "pass the plate" when you are a merchandising powerhouse.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for positive thinking and starting each day on the right note, but this "movement" is dangerous. Dangerous because it tells you to abandon your friends and family who "just aren't on your level." That's a cult.

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