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Calif. quake scientists detail impact of 'Big One'

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:45 AM
Link to article

LOS ANGELES - The "Big One," as earthquake scientists imagine it in a detailed, first-of-its-kind script, unzips California's mighty San Andreas Fault north of the Mexican border. In less than two minutes, Los Angeles and its sprawling suburbs are shaking like a bowl of jelly.
The jolt from the 7.8-magnitude temblor lasts for three minutes — 15 times longer than the disastrous 1994 Northridge quake
Water and sewer pipes crack. Power fails. Part of major highways break. Some high-rise steel frame buildings and older concrete and brick structures collapse.

Hospitals are swamped with 50,000 injured as all of Southern California reels from a blow on par with the Sept. 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina: $200 billion in damage to the economy, and 1,800 dead.

I didn't think this worthy of breaking news, maybe I am wrong, but either way; Being a resident of SoCal, I worry sometimes of these types of disasters. Especially in light of the recent Chinese and Myanmar disasters. So here is my question. Are we really any more prepared? After Katrina, have the State level emergency planners prepared anything? Or is spending Billions on anti-terror programs more important than preparing for the annual storm seasons?

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 04:12 AM
reply to post by jasonjnelson

it was recently reported last week by scientists in the news that fat people because of their size are contributing to global warming by consuming extra food and also using extra fuel on cars and buses due to the extra mass.

in america 40% are obese.

the number of obese in china is rising rapidly due to american diets being adopted due to massive advertising.

i would extend this to the fact that they are due to their extra mass they can trigger a earthquake along a fault line due to the extreme delicate balance of forces. if enough fat people move towards the refrigerator to get another big mac at the same time the distortion caused to the earths crust could trigger a mega quake killing many,including fat people too.

even turning in their bed at the same time a phenomenon known as synchronised rolling can cause a huge force due to multiple resonance pairing.

a example of this is soldiers marching in step across a bridge can cause the bridge to start swaying and even break.many examples exist of this happening.the phenomenon is called resonance.a small amount of movement can trigger a larger movement with terrible consequences.

for example sometimes fat people will try to exercise or simply the act of moving can cause accidental paired motion to cause similar resonance.

i suggest that fat people move away and stay away from geological fault lines both for other peoples safety and their own.

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