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Women, their power, rights, etc.

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:13 AM
Ok, ladies! I have been reading here and there about how women are being bashed and this and that and it got my blood to boiling a bit so I thought, "Hey, I should post a thread for us girls to comment about what we like about us!"

What is it about being a woman that you like? Is it being feminine? Is it going to school? Is it just being a girl? Is it being a mom? Is it being strong? Independent? A feminist? Powerful? Educated? Free?

Whatever you like about being a woman, feel free to share it here. I read a lot of posts about women and how the feminist movement is emasculating men or how women are making men into women (paraphrasing here), etc. I do not feel this is true. I was also reading about how men are being pushed out of their manly roles and being pushed out of the family, etc.

How do you ladies feel about this? Do you feel men are being pushed out of their manly roles? If so, why do you feel this is?

If we can do all this, we must be pretty powerful, huh? Maybe that's why some men are scared? I do not feel there is a conspiracy, nor do I feel the men are being pushed out of their manly roles. But if men feel we have done this, I can see why they are so angry with women as a whole or at least with some women.........

What I love about being a woman is the fact that I can be educated and feminine at the same time! Plus, I love being a mother!

Ok, ladies, your turn!

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 06:39 AM
I love the fact the I can hold my own on ATS when the men outnumber us probably by 90%.

Iam intelligent. I have gained courage and strength and intellect from being here.
Outside of ATS, Iam a full time mom to 8, that I educate at home and I have a full time job as well.
I should be a professional juggler.

I have the best friends in the world who love me just the way Iam, even with all my quirky ways.
Best of all I love the fact that I can walk into a bar and still get asked for ID!!!

edit to add..
perhaps this should be in general chit chat versus rant..
just my 2 pennies.

[edit on 22-5-2008 by AccessDenied]

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 11:47 AM
Women Rock!

women are good for two things:
1. they make life a whole lot more interesting
2. giving birth so we guys dont have to

I like women who know that they are awesome and who dont need to brag about it.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 04:08 PM
I like being a woman. I like that I can challenge adversity and still have a healthy self-esteem despite the fact that I am overweight. I like the fact that my motherly instincts kept me calm while our house burned down so that my daughter wouldn't freak out.

I also like the fact that I can get away with wearing pink.

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