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Great Muslim leader of the hate Revolution will declare a racial cleaning in the southAfrica

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 01:23 AM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,

Dear Readers,

In this occasion let me refer to the apparition of a new strong leader that will conduct a revolution of incredible proportions in the south of Africa which principal objective will be the expulsion of the white population of that corner of the world.

A man of shaved head, probably natural bald, that will dress a yellow tunic will start this motion of masses in between the Black population, claiming that it is time that the region will come back to its original inhabitants , to its really owners. This will be a war of racism but also a war of hate and revenge, the message will be apparently of justice but in the background will remain all the time the idea to pay eye by eye and tooth by tooth.

This figure that will be the reincarnation of the fierce Shaka Zulu, the tyrannical leader of the fiercest nation of the south of Africa, will join its revolution to the most extreme faction of the Islam, so his movement will be declared antiChristian.

This person will bring a tide of uncontroled violence to the region as nobody could in centuries and finally all the descendents of Hollanders and British living there will be forced to exit the country. The only white people that in the future will ramain there will be in between renegade radicals of other countries that will go to support him.

The most extremist factions of the Islamic world, the ones that are linked with the terrorism of Alqaeda, Taliban, Hamas or other radical groups,as well as the NeoMarxist regimes of South America will use this case as an example of the line that the Muslims & revolutionaries must follow all around the world to recover the lost glory of the past slaved nations & built the new type of supposely more equalitarian societies of the future respectively.

Thanks for your attention,
Your friend,
The Angel of lightness.

[edit on 5/22/2008 by The angel of light]

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