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The reason that we can never prove ET existence on earth

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 12:01 AM
Please let me begin by saying that i do believe in Aliens having been here, based on things ive seen, heard, and experienced. But I wont go into detail about those things here. Im making this post to point out something that many people over look.

I'd love to believe because of what people record, say, and photograph. But i cant. Because I know what capabilities our (the US) government has. We must first review the reasons that our government has (or will) try to cover up encounters and theorists. Religion controls a major part of the media, which influences subconsciously and consciously on a major scale the way people think, act, reason, and down to what they will be willing to believe. Most major religions have been thought to (until recently with the vatican) oppose the existence of UFOS. And if such a thing was ever proven, oh no! Could they be wrong? Are we going to not listen to them anymore? But this would make the religious government wrong!(accept it or not, most laws were based on ideas from religions, and they use them as reinforcement)

Humans like to believe they are superior, and therefore protected. If they found out that there are superior beings to us, that could pose as a threat, our government could fail to protect us, and lose our reinforcement.

Without people supporting them, governments are powerless. Now if these aliens could convince us that our government was corrupt, wed be pissed and revolt.

So there are my reasons that the government would cover up aliens for their own well being and power.

Other reasons are for defending the people: Preventing panic, spread of possible disease, not making a possible war known.

So building off that, they obviously wouldnt want we the sheeple knowing these things. The US is one of the most powerful superpowers. Whether theyd want you to believe it or not, they have control over literally everything. If there was anything prominent or proving enough towards the truth -emphasis on truth- theyd stop at nothing to remove it.

If anything was going on, they would be the first to know about it. Thats why you see some blog posts there one day, then gone the next. Articles online one hour, removed the next. the radio shutting off when someone is about to say something about aliens or the gov (its happened 3 times on C2C) and then the host unable, or unwilling to call them back or discuss it. TV saying, "oh, we were misinformed, sorry." Anything convincing out there, the government would be laughing at, "they actually believe that stuff!? this is to OUR benefit! steering away from the truth!" says the gov. They have total control. Nothing (or very very very few) of what you see true. And out of that .5% of truth out there, much is soiled because of media influences or other bogus stories ruining the true ones. not to mention the drugged-up hollucionations (spelling?). Alot of times governments want to appear on your side to further confuse you (the uk giving out their x files- only the fake or unimportant or vague ones) And out of that tiny bit of truth that leaks out, just imagine, thats less that a drop that spilled out of a lake of info. Scratching the surface of the tip of the iceberg. If you think whats true is bad enough, imagine whats so carefully guarded, that never gets out.

These are my thoughts. I doubt, that unless the aliens run in the middle of New York city and Scream "HEY! LOOK AT US! WERE HERE!" well never have proof for skeptics. Its possible that disclosure is nearing, but its also possible that this so called disclosure, is misinformation, just to elude of further from the truth. If we the sheeple are ever going to prove their existence, were going to need more than brains, well need an army.


posted on May, 22 2008 @ 12:06 AM
oh, and i know i contradict myself a lot, but thats just the way my brain works. im constantly doubting and second guessing my thoughts and beleifs, trying to see which one weighs more.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 01:21 AM
If you want proof, drive out of the city or town you live in. Get away from street lamps, head out into a wide open field well away from lights so the sky is clear. Keep in mind the best hours would be from 11pm through to 4am. Take the brightest torch you can find and flash it at the sky by turning it off and on periodically. If you see any strange stars start flashing it that way and see if the stars flash changes patterns/frequency. You might be lucky to see the "star" move around :-)

You may or may not get what you're looking for so to make sure you aren't wasting your time, make it a camping trip. Be careful what you wish for though....

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 03:26 AM
My theory as to why we can never prove ETs existence on Earth is that they're clever.

If we believe that other intelligent life exists in our Galaxy and beyond, then we can also believe that some other civilisations will be slightly ahead or behind us technologically.

If this is truly the case, then we are not going to be these aliens first species to investigate. Theyre clever in what they do, no evidence. Ever. They're 'professionals'

I think the idea of Aliens crashing is always a cover up. A government would like to show people that they can cope, but can't do it in open public. Instead they arrange for a hoax, and quite happily sit back and say it didnt happen. It would fit in nicely with the beginning of the cold war as well.
We have alien technology at our disposal, the Soviets better not try anything!
It works on so many levels; gives people peace of mind and enemies an unknown to fear

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