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UFO Disclosure and the Fear Card

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 11:12 PM
The latest 'round' of mainstream media reports etc in UFOs, has lead to speculation that disclosure could be around the corner.

I can remember many previos 'bursts' of UFO stuff hitting the media - so I suspect this latest round is just one more turn of the pre-planned disclosure wheel of social conditioning.

It is fair to say that more and more (ordinary) people seem to be reporting sightings and experiences these days - which leads me to the point that ONE DAY the powers-that-be will HAVE to disclose something about the situation.

As has been said elsewhere, I cannot see it happening in the current geopolitical climate without indemnity and amnesty being granted to those ordered to keep the secrets about it.

Disclosure in the 'current geopolitical climate' would also involve scrutiny from scientists of every persuasion, religious upheaval, uproar from civil libertarians, economic implications, and a zillion questions like:
- how long have you been dealing with them? what have you said? what have you done with the technology you have derived from your studies etc etc.

You see my point? The powers that keep this stuff secret have sooooo much to lose by disclosure in terms of economic and military superiority that they aint gonna let it go.

Unless ... they play the fear card

Using the fear card 'they' totally control the information released, don't have share any technology, can keep all the secrets they want etc etc. Heck, why not throw martial law in to show they are serious. Imagine being told that every ufo nut and abductee might be an unknowing or unwitting agent/spy/terrorist for these evil aliens. You would have kids turning in parents, friends reporting on each other etc.

Several researchers into ufo disclosure have commented (some pubicly) that there is great 'incentive' to play along with the fear factor with regards to aliens and UFOs. As a magazine publisher that involves this field, I can assure you that if I went down this road, I could be a rich man.

Werner von Braun repeatedly warned Dr Carol Rosin that 'they' would play the 'evil alien' card as part of an agenda to control mankind with ET-derived technology.

For this to happen, you will need to hear and see of a widely reported, visual event, that basically depicts evil aliens killing innocent humans - probably in America - most likely in several places at once. I'm telling you now, if this happens, it will be a controlled event - despite what it 'looks like' on the TV.

You cannot 'fight' the people with this agenda; public demands mean nothing to them. They draw their strength from non-physical entities who want one thing only from mankind - our negative energies. They literally 'feed' off our individual and collective fear, hate, distrust, anxiety, sadness. They are not 'evil' - they are simply like parasites in the human body - they are attracted to potential foodsources and feed. The Muslims call them Djinn, Christians call them demons, Buddhists, Hindus, and every nature culture on the planet have names for them. The basic jist of them is that they are attracted to 'food sources' where they attempt to fan the flames of lust, hate, fear, greed etc. So basically, if you don't want them around you or the planet - simply broadcast pure unconditional love (which is much harder than it sounds) and the 'energy' signal emitted by mankind will change 'frequency' and deny them a food source.

I realise with some of you, that I have just signed my credibility death warrant - so spare us all the flack and sarcastic comments. It is a free world (sort of) and I am entitled to the conclusions of my research. If you told me 20 years ago that I would be sitting here typing this I would have laughed my head off.

For those who are intrigued by this - have a go at feeling and broadcasting pure unconditional love. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and who knows, you might actually be helping the planet through its current turbulence.



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