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Iran War 2008, then Covenant in 2009

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 09:14 PM
This is an easy prediction, that even non spiritual current events readers can see. Because it is easy to understand that America/Israel shall attack Iran this year in 2008. That way by 2009, the chaos created by this attack can be supposedly remedied by the NWO's Peace Covenant which will lead to their total take over in 2012. For then shall be Great tribulation when their man has risen to His throne.

So all the menacing gestures of America and Israel will culminate in a war against Iran on any of the number of pretexts they have been ranting and raving over.

WHY, because these puppet governments of the NWO need to have another major war to enflame all the Mid EAST. That way the whole world gets concerned when oil reserves are attacked, when the STRAITS are closed ........ and Mid East wars hit home in every countries pocket books. It will literally bring the whole world to its knees, as they search for a solution by a genius to solve all the world's problems. And then in steps the NWO's man called the PRINCE OF THE COVENANT.

Biblically he solves the Palestinian issue and gives them some security and some land and access to Jerusalem because it becomes an international city or at least the Temple area becomes 'international and accessable to all religions and not controlled by just the Jews.

So the Prince of the Covenant will mastermind, the long awaited Peace Covenant that will start the LAST SEVEN YEARS until the Coming of the Lord

SEE Daniel 9

Hence this year in 2008, the Iranian War will start and spread quickly to others areas of concern. And by June of 2009, an international peace conference shall have been put together, with ten nations signing its religious, economic and military plans.

Consequently exactly three and a half years later, in December of 2012, the newly arisen Russian AC will break the Peace Covenant and nuke the ever present war mongers of three signees, and the other signees will then bow to his political and military might. He forming the NEW WORLD ORDER.

SEE Basic Daniel Timeline

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 03:01 PM
O.K. forget realising there will be an IRANIAN WAR via prophecy to start with.

Start by reading alternative news clips that show over and over again, that America/Israel need and want an Iranian WAR. It would help Israel eliminate another Arab country, and with the escalating war, get Lebanon and Syria involved as well.

Three birds with one stone whether they start it or America starts it. WHY, because if Israel starts it, America no matter what has promised to follow and bomb into oblivion Iranian nuclear sites. Horrible atrocites will follow, retaliation, etc...and the whole thing shall escalate into almost WW3

We'll get into that and connect it up with the Masons and Illuminati afterwards. So first just be HONEST and see the writing on the wall in current events, before the WAR happens.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 05:11 AM
O.K. nobody reads the real news, and just focus in on American media.....

But really forget all your theories and predictions and prophecies when most of you have never ever served the Lord or given anything much less ALL to Him in service. Why would you know, why would you be told when you haven;t put HIM first.

But come on nobody knows America/Israel is going to attack Iran. Its common knowledge and yet you want to hide your heads in the sand and talk about your prophecies and predictions, when you avoid the blatant easy to catch war that is on the doorsteps.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 05:46 AM
go on then, link to some news stories that back your claim. better yet, explain where america and isreal will find the troops to attack iran before the end of the year. i'll make an easier prediction, america and isreal won't attack iran this year because legistically, it's almost impossible.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 11:55 PM
The illuminati puppets of America and Israel start wars not to win them, but to obey their masters.

Of course, America hasn;t got enough troops to win on the ground, so of course it is not an instant victory, and the chaos reihns for months.

As America - Israel will surely use nuclear mini bombs to try and destroy Iranian nuclear facilities. And of course Iran will shut down the straits and then of course the world's economies will suffer greatly because of the oil shortages.

Within minutes, you can get all the links needed to show you this from

So both prophecy and current events and America's recent history show she will cause even more trouble, but rest assured it is just the PLAN of the NWO to gain more power, because it will eventually bring in their man to supreme power. Minor countries can be sacrificed for the so called greater good, even though eventually they even sacrifice America.

According to Prophecy

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 06:34 PM
I don't want with Iran. A super majority of people in the US don't want a war with Iran. So, Congress's representatives, as servants of the people, won't vote for war. So I don't see it happening.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 07:12 PM
...But if the CBOS (Clandestine Black Ops ) gets the go ahead from the Incanabula ([Illumanati] Oligarchic World power-5) then they will make a situation whereby it seems for all intensive purposes that the US has been attacked by a Nuclear device from an external purpetrator(Iran). Then the US will be justified in retaliating and attacking Iran with the same counterforce measures. It may be a similar situation from the movie" The sum of all fears" except that instead of Russia being the target of a conflict it is obviously Iran.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:59 AM
Congress is NOT "the servants of the people", where do you get that hallucination from? America is supposed to be where the People have their own Government based on the US Constitution, which PROTECTS them and EMPOWERS them OVER the US FEDERAL GOV'T! There are 340,000 ILLEGAL UN-CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS, with Government creeping in ALL OVER THE PLACE, TRAMPLING ON STATE'S RIGHTS. We do NOT live in America anymore. A real American UNDERSTANDS, OBEYS, SUPPORTS, DEFENDS and EXERCISES the Rights therein within the US Constitution. How many people even know their basic US Constitutional Rights? How many people even uphold and exercise them? Did you people know that American means, LITTLE GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY OVER THE PEOPLE?, and The People having Authority over the Government, with the Right to Bear Arms too, in case the Government decides to violate the US Constitution and pass ILLEGAL ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS like now!? Did you know America was designed to be a Constitutional Republic and NOT a Democracy? Did you know Adolf Hitler rose to power in a DEMOCRACY? Democracy means ANYTHING is ok, as long the people agree on it, even gassing people to death. A Republic is when a set of Rights and Rules apply to everyone, REGARDLESS to popularity, this being the US Constitution. Without the US Constitution and the People exercising those Rights in the US Constitution, there would be no America! These NWO Goons, Illuminati have taken over the schools and made them stupid, most "Americans" are Communists! They support Government telling them what to do, WHICH IS NOT AMERICAN! Everyone knowing their Rights in the US Constitution and PRACTICING THEM, is what keeps the nation FREE! Without the US Constitution, the People HAVE NO RIGHTS!, The Government will control them like Communists. Did you know the New World Order is a World Communist Dictatorship? Did you know the NWO controls America with an iron fist? If it didn't and people were really "free", they'd have used their Right to Bear Arms in the tens of millions and in Possession Mode, simply told the Nazis and Communists in Washington D.C. to GET LOST! If all this is happening now, was happening in the 1950's, all of America would have gotten their twelves gauge shotguns, 30 aught 6 hunting rifles and Colt 1911A pistols, like about 60 million at least and surrounded Washington D.C. and told them to GET LOST! That is why the NWO didn't do all that back then like they are doing now. After WW II the NWO got into America, messed it up, It's been downhill since then. Now today these so-called "Americans" are behaving identically to Communists. All flouride-contaminated, brain-dead idiots, who are so close to losing their nation to the NWO right now. Even the original American Dollars didn't have "Novus Ordo Seclorum" stamped on the reverse side of the US $1 Bill until 1945, after these Communists and Socialists got into America. Novus Ordo Seclorum on the reverse of the $1 Bill means: New World Order. Which was also the title of Hitler's second book. Nazis and Communists NEVER LOST stupid! They relocated into the US, and brought NASA and the CIA over. How stupid are you people? Well at least you'll all be dead with those Rex-84 FEMA Concentration Camps they have ALL OVER THE USA. Some 833 of them. Americans DO NOT CONTROL THEIR COUNTRY, they're all divided and don't even have any unity and oneness under the US Constitution. For the last 60 years they've been divided up by these Socialists and Communists working in our Government pretending to be "Americans". If this wasn't so you the People would have NEVER allowed 340,000 ILLEGAL ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS to come about! Don't be wimps and cowards, you have the people power, plus the Right to Bear Arms. You don't need any permits to carry. Everyone go get you guns and then protest, in the tens of millions. Then those bitches in Washington WILL LEAVE. Just know that Communism is International Socialism and Socialism is National Fascism. Moron!

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