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Serious mismatches with time-stamps in the U2U member windows :

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 07:04 PM
This is the date/time stamp on the return-U2U in my "U2U INBOX: subject"-window that is automatically sent by you, when I alerted you on a bad bug with Anonymous-posts in the 9/11 forum, which don't always show up :
"" Thank you for your input ATS Staff 21/5/08 @ 22:22 ""

When I however click on the above U2U in that window,
I can read this date/time stamp in the message text window below that one :
"" from: ATS Staff sent: 22/5/08 at 03:22 ""

My own computer gives the time at sending as "" 22/5/08 at 12:22 AM ""

Those are three timestamps, differing all.
The whole board's posts and U2U's time-stamps should be ALL identical to my own preferred set time-zone in GMT on my own computer.
Which I have set also as my preferred time-zone in this boards Settings panel.
It's an easily to be repaired item, as far as I know, in your board software.

It however has buggered me already for more than 3 years.
I like to see in one blink of the eye when I get a response, at what time, related to MY time zone.
Sometimes the RIGHT time-stamp will give us a good indication of the exhausted mind of another poster's reaction, so we can forgive them for a somewhat vitriolic reaction under the influence of sleep deprevation.

In New York (GMT-05:00) it can be a refreshing nine o'clock in the evening, while it is a late two o'clock in the morning in London (GMT).
ALL the BOARD Forums times should be in GMT.
Because our timezone settings in all our Operating Systems are set in GMT.

PS: Look at this thread :
Full Video: Explosions Before Both WTC Collapses and before WTC7 Collapse - You Will Believe (Pages: 1 2 3 .. 34 ) by wecomeinpeace,

There's no last post showing-up from an Anonymous poster at page 34, but this page :
9/11 Conspiracies Discussion Forum Thread List
shows as last poster on page 34, an Anonymous one.

Same bug as the one I showed you in your Alert forum?

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