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Scientology, A scam and a dangerous cult.

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 04:46 PM
I have been researching and following CoS for some time now..
Ive gotten extreamly deep into my work with these folks.

I have to say.. They are no worse than the other religions out there.
We can not pick on CoS and not other faiths.
As honestly they have a right to belive what they wish to belive.

Its not as black and white as some would like to make this out to be.

This church has money. It has power. And it has some pretty big names in hollywood working their charm to make it seem like a group of good guys and gals.
When over all, yes most the CoS folks I talk to are pretty nice. And they dont mind answering my questions.

Ive spoken with a few high level OT many times in the past.. Ive been there to take photos. I have gone to great lenghts to try to expose these people for being "evil" or what not.

But in the end. I can not pick on CoS anymore than I would pick on the other Scam religions out there.

Cos is agin based upon Astro-theology.. However they are a little bit more new age about this idea and the stars, and alien life forms.

Over all If you dont like CoS.. They dont force you to join.. But they do charge you 75$ to walk into the door.
I know becasue this was part of my research.. I wanted to join, and see what I could find..
However that is a dangerous game I am not willing to play..

I let them be.. They have to much money, and to many lawyers on their side. But do know I am always fair when I speak about CoS.

Theres alot of dirt that covers them.. But then agin.. Dont all relgions have dirt?

As the Vatican is at the bottom of the dirt in this world.
All religions that deal with major money are Organized Crime!
They are no different.. At the top levels they are into high Crime.

And for me.. I like being umoung the living. I dont want to become Fair game just to prove a point..

Anon kinda made me mad as they are misplaced in many ideas..
Where was Anon when everything else went down???

I dont know and thats why I dont trust in Anon anymore.. They seem to be very biased.. And are being sheep herded by people like Mark Bunker.

Its all manipulation.. But if it makes someone happy to belive in OT powers, and stuff.. Well thats harmless..
Its the Fair game policy that I fear.. Hence is why I only will say so much.

But if you look hard enough you will find all that you need to know.
And if it gets under your skin.. Then I suggest just steering clear of CoS. And let them go about their way..

Anon nor will anyone else just stop them.. Its a religion like it or not.
But that just shows me what religion is at the base root.
A scam..

Some personal pics I took.. I live close to the mecca here.. enjoy.

Their private company called Flag.. Research into this company if you want to find some real goodies..

Here is where Tom C would walk into Fort Harrison Hotel.. All the stars and big names right here.. No red carpet out tho.. Hence no one famous in town that day I dropped by to say hello..

This is a scam I agree.. But they are simply just trying to catch up with the other big names out there.. Such as right wing fundies..
The likes of Pat Robertson.
Those guys IMO are far worse than CoS..

The single most frightening aspect of the CoS that critics should keep in mind is the "Fair Game" policy.

I agree!! And thats why I have nothing to do with Anon.. And personally I will stick up for CoS in sertin cases.. I have been around long enough to know when my life would be in danger..

I dont mess with these people.. They are dangerous.. And Yes they will kill you if you get in their way..
They did it to many.. And their lastest Fair game was Shawn longsdale.
Yep, he was Fair gamed all the way..

And I have no desire to die over a silly religion.. When everyone can look and see most the people are good folks.. But they are brainwashed, and once you are in.. Thats it. you are one of them and will protect the church at any cost..
My advice is befriend them.. And be kind.. Be open and honest..
Dont bait them, or threaten them.. They can be reasoned with, and aslong as you dont seem to try to be a threat, or try your best to do something that is otherwise illegal or wrong in the eyes of soecity.. You should be fine.
But then agin.. I just know from personal exp. Its a dangerous game.
And if you want to put on a mask and be Anon.. Thats all good and great.
But if you really want to do something in this world. You have to be known, and you cant hide behind a mask out of fear.. Or they win..

You have to have some backing, and you must have money.. Otherwise you will just be another cog in a wheel.. Or used as a pawn by one side.

Thus in ending, I gave up my research on CoS.. My final outcome is they are not any worse than other religions out there..

Id rather speak out aginst the Vatican before I speak out aginst CoS.
CoS is childs play when compared to that chruch.

Edit to add------------------ From my youtube page

What church does not exert its belief or try to in governmental affairs or have secretive efforts to gain influence ? Do not Christians, Muslims, Hindus etc. have influence in Government policy?

What church does not expect Tithe of some sort? What Church does not have members lobbying or in Government positions that affect all of us? Where were all the Anon's last year?

Did not Muslims riot over free speech in Newspaper Cartoon Editorials? People Died, if thats not stifling free speech not sure what is. Do Christians not try to outlaw abortion, birth control, the list is far to long to put here. Who Ran Europe until maybe 100 years ago? Who runs most Muslim Nations?

Have you looked South of the Border Lately, who is trying to run that Government and have made significant inroads? Would it not be the Fundamentalist Religious Right?

Yes CoS is guarded about its knowledge, and only top members are given this knowledge. LIke any secert soceity knowledge is at the base root the truth of all treasures. Not gems or cash.. But old knowledge!

However if you dig deep enough you have find these secerts, you can talk to members who will give you information if you know how to talk with them. There are 12 disciplines in CoS. Much like the 12 you see in all religions. And Astro-theology 12 zodiac. CoS is very deep and is not for the shallow or dumbed down. Its truely a very highly intelligent faith.
You must study, and you must shut yourself out to the world that harms you. As many of their ways I would follow, and I do see many good points in their ways. But I am a druid. And being a druid, I study all forms of religion and use them to suit my needs, and my system of ways.
I do not nock anyones faith, however I will ask questions when I see people getting hurt over lies.
Which at the base root there are many lies told in all religions. You have to get threw the masses, and get within the inside to find the truth to anything. I feel these people should be left alone, and be given the right to express their freedom of expression threw OTO powers.
As their disconnection to this world is only created threw their knowledge of how screwed up this world is.. They honestly feel like they are doing some good.. IN some ways they are.. In some ways they are making it to easy for everyone to see they are a bit overboard by proclaiming people SP. But agin.. Dont all relgions have their version of SP.
SP= 'suppressive' people or persons. Which in their eyes are Thetans.
Pronounced Satans with a lisp.. Yep.. Its their version of Satan worshippers.
To me most religions are all the same.. Ive been threw many.. And studied all religions as much as I can. Up until the point they ask me to join. then I say no thanks.. My church is the forest.. The woods, is where I call my temple.
The sky and the stars is heaven, and words and symbols still mean alot!

If you dont think symbols and words are not as powerful as you think, why not walk down the street with a swastika on your arm, and sing Seige Heil.. And see what people think of you..

Yes words and symbols are still extreamly powerful tools in this day and age. And church leaders know this, and use them to manipulate and control their followers. I follow my own heart.. And know everyone should be given a right to belive in what they wish.

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 04:56 PM
The single most frightening aspect of the CoS that critics should keep in mind is the "Fair Game" policy. Based on what I've read, and I'll admit that the sources I've read are probably not objective, this policy is still in use although it is not openly discussed or written about. If you target CoS, they target you. If you accuse them of being a criminal organization, they will accuse you in turn, and they will not limit their accusations to the factual. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there an organization called the "Cult Awareness Network" that listed the CoS as a cult, but due to the litigious nature of the CoS, they ended up owning the CAN?

(Note: I just checked Wikipedia, and I guess I was correct in my recollection)

I think one of the more intersting videos on is the video of the protester outside a CoS event, and three aggressive CoS members come up to him and ask him about his crimes, and accuse him of being a child molester.

I would advise any person who is participating in the anonymous campaign to conceal their identity, or have the financial resources to fight them on their level.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 06:30 PM
Man! All these posts are excellent and informative. I thank everyone foe taking the time to post. I've learned a huge amount just from one thread.
The thing that got me looker further into CoS, as Skyfloating had mentioned, was the Jason Benghe interview. Huge eye opener, and it brings the reality of the CoS onto a much more realisric and grounded level. Excellent video.
The most worrying aspects of CoS, is not just the 'fair game' policy, but but the disconnects, and on a deeper level, the long term sucking of monetary funds from famillies. That's where the scam is hardest to swallow. Getting people onto this circle of chasing clear - all the while, sucking out huge chunks of peoples bank accounts. And people will chase that dream, at the exspense of friends and familly, and their monetary well-being. At least the Catholic (and other christian) churches are only after 10%!
I would agree that Scientology is probably no worse than most other religions; all their members are brainwashed! But CoS is a lot more visible in peoples conciousness at the moment, I guess that's why they are the focus of attack above others. And we talk of CoS having money, but it's a drop in the ocean in comparison to the Catholic churches resources.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 09:59 PM
As to the "disconnect" that occurs in mystery religions like Scientology and the OTO I can testify that it does occur. I feel a huge disconnect with most peopl because my ability to relate has changed on fundamental levels. The issue is hard to explain and it does create the perception of a "cult" like mentality to those who are not part of the movement. The issue is the development of a common series of symbols and language that is not shared with the outside world. On a smaller scale you can observe the same thing occurring in different forms of extreme fandom like science fiction (Trek v. Wars) or comic books (DC v. Marvel). On the one hand these identifications make the participants feel special (an elite club of peers) and marginalized (accusation of satan worship, etc) and this can lead to a self-effacing arrogance and in more extreme cases self-fulfilling prophecy!

The disconnect, when properly balanced though is the desired result of working with the system. It is the beginning of apotheosis (Awareness of self as a deity, supported in the Bible) or increasing self-awareness and awareness of others and their motivations. This is actually what Tom Cruise has been undergoing for the last couple of years, the advanced stages are perceivable as a type of "insanity" as the persona is torn down and recreated. Extreme behaviour is an earmark of this process. Crowley called it "Crossing the Abyss" while others like Robert Anton WIlson referred to it as coming out the other side of the Seige Perilous (Galahad's seat at the round table). The balance is achieved when the aspirant comes out of the process.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:16 AM
Brain Washing costs way too much...

Processing Intensives Cost per Total
Step Required Intensive Cost
or Course (IAS)
========== =========== ========= =======

Life Repair 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Purification RD ----------- $2,560 $2,560
TRs & Objectives 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Scn Drug Rundown2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
ARC Straightwire 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Grade 0 3 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $16,800
Grade 1 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Grade 2 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Grade 3 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Grade 4 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
New Era Dianetics 3 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $16,800
Clear Certainty RD 1 x 5 hr $2,800 $2,800


*Solo Course Part 1 ----------- $3,200 $3,200
*OT Preparations 2 x 12.5 hr $3,300 $6,600
*Solo Course Part 2 ----------- $1,900 $1,900
*OT Eligibility 2 x 12.5 hr $3,300 $6,600
*OT I ----------- $2,000 $2,000
*OT II ----------- $3,800 $3,800
*OT III ----------- $6,500 $6,500
OT IV ?2 x 12.5 hr $6,500 $13,000
OT V 4 x 12.5 hr $7,400 $29,600
OT VI set-ups 2 x 12.5 hr $9,250 $18,500
OT VI ----------- $12,800 $12,800
Pledge Intensive 1 x 12.5 hr $9,250 $9,250
OT VII ----------- $3,500 $3,500
(per year) > 2 years $3,200 $6,400
OT VIII ----------- $10,000 $10,000
OT VIII auditing ?2 x 12.5 hr $7,400 $14,800


Oh I also found this quite amusing "Child Dienetics" anyone ever read any of it?

When you give a child something, it’s his. It’s not still yours. Clothes, toys, quarters,
So he tears up his shirt, wrecks his bed, breaks his fire engine. It’s NONE OF YOUR
BUSINESS. How would you like to have somebody give you a Christmas present and
then tell you, day after day thereafter, what you are to do with it and even punish you
if you failed to care for it the way the donor thinks. You’d wreck that donor and ruin
that present. You know you would. The child wrecks your nerves when you do it to
him. That’s revenge. He cries. He pesters you. He breaks your things. He “accidentally”
spills his milk. And he wrecks on purpose the possession about which he is so often
cautioned. Why? Because he is fighting for his own self determinism, his own right to
own and make his weight felt on his environment. This “possession” is another channel
by which he can be controlled. So he has to fight the possession and the controller.
If you want to control your child, simply break him into complete apathy and he’ll be
as obedient as any hypnotized half-wit. If you want to know how to control him, get a
book on dog training, name the child Rex and teach him first to “fetch” and then to “sit
up” and then to bark for his food. You can train a child that way. Sure you can. But
it’s your hard luck if he turns out to be a blood-letter. Only don’t be half-hearted about
it. Simply TRAIN him. “Speak, Roger!” “Lie down!” “Roll over!”
Of course, you’ll have a hard time of it. This - a slight oversight - is a human being.
You’d better charge right in and do what you can to break him into apathy quickly. A
club is best. Tying him in a closet without food for a few days is fairly successful. The
best recommended tactic, however, is simply to use a straight jacket and muffs on him
until he is docile and imbecilic. I’m warning you that it’s going to be tough; it will be
tough because Man became king of the beasts only because he couldn’t as a species be
licked. He doesn’t easily go into an obedient apathy like dogs do. Men own dogs because
men are self-determined and dogs aren’t.

Source: Child Dianetics.

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 04:44 PM
Why is it a cult? And why is it a *false* religion as someone put it...if it was written a few thousand years ago...i guess people wouldn't be calling it false...its crazy crap i agree,but i could name a few other religions that are crazy crap..

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 05:14 AM

Originally posted by Lethil
Why is it a cult? And why is it a *false* religion as someone put it...if it was written a few thousand years ago...i guess people wouldn't be calling it false...its crazy crap i agree,but i could name a few other religions that are crazy crap..

A few?
You mean all, surely?
Just because we are more familiar with something like christianity, doesn't make it any less crazy.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 05:20 AM
dangerous? i certainly have yet to see scientologists going out and killing others in the name of god as most other monotheisms have done.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 05:30 AM
reply to post by uranus

Isn't that part of the appeal though; to be different, to feel more important?
On the one hand, you have that situation where you are placed above and seperate from the herd, and at the same time, you get the feeling of belonging and security.
From what I remember about Crowley and CHORONZON, and crossing the abyss, isn't that the sublimation of self to your holy gaurdian angel, or "higher self", or, as Crowley had speculated, the archetypal self as part of the great work)? In the Crowley sytem, he alludes to the abyss as the point where the phenomenal world is replaced by the noumenal world.
So the breakdown of ego and rebulding is pretty much based upon the Enochian sytem? So Ron Hubbard Jr. was right when he said Scientology was a long-term operation of magick?

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