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Are the Amsterdam schiphol cropcircles a hoax??

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 03:30 PM
The rumor go's that its an publicity stunt from philips.To promote their new electric razorblade.I also did this topic few hours later.
There's also a video on youtube that relates to the same story as the crop/grasscircles do.

Related video.
It looks CGI but don't know for sure?
Claimed to be filmed the same night the circles apeared

The making of?

The same story that came out on the internet had made a national newspaper in the netherlands today .
They also claimed that US satelites spotted the same huge circles .And were seen on antartica,hawai, and in the Namibian desert at the same time .
I can't find further iformation about these sigtings at antartica and hawai nor the nabian desert ill hope some of your fellow ATS members can find somthing.
If infact that this hoax and directed ufo stunt of Philips is true. Then why do they do this?

National newspaper : Thanx for stirring up the public

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