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If disclosure happens then rest assured it has a sinister purpose

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:21 PM
As 2012 approaches and time starts to end,ufos would make their presence feel more,not because they want to help us but they want to control us.It is they the ET's who want one world govt.

I found the TRUTH in this thread

some excerpts from

This UFO story has all the footprints of an internationally orchestrated plan, which the ruling elite hopes will eventually lead to a One World Order.

The Vatican too is heavily involved in promoting — albeit quietly — that the alien visitors are friendly. The truth is that these aliens are hostile and evil. As stated earlier, the movie industries are deeply involved in this agenda also because they are controlled by the ruling elite, who serve the evil aliens. Channellers, knowingly or unknowingly, are used to promote the fraud that "friendly" and highly advanced aliens are coming to assist earthlings. Some of the beings channelled include Kryon and Bashar who offer messages that appear to contain love, hope and charity. They always appear to be concerned about human affairs — wars, pollution, diseases, upcoming cataclysmic events, etc. Yet, these are Anunnaki astral beings playing a two-faced game with humans. Additionally, Shirley MacLaine helped popularize benevolent alien connections with humans

Many have claimed that the governments of the world allow aliens to abduct and experiment upon humans, animals and plants. This shows that they are consciously dealing with evil alien beings.

But, the world is already controlled by aliens. The plan to fight an alien/human war was designed and is being initiated by aliens. The aliens hoped they would be able to initiate a gradual and friendly acceptance and assimilation of aliens into the human society. This was to be followed by alien-orchestrated human/alien friction leading to an all-out conflict. There would simultaneously be other scare tactics used by the ruling elite to control and further enslave the earthlings. However, if circumstances would not allow that plan to be implemented, then the aliens plan to have immediate alien/human hostilities as an excuse to commence an alien/human war under a unified world government.

Because the Light has intervened and caused disruption to the aliens' plan, things aren't working the way the hostile aliens have intended, and they are rapidly losing control of the situation.


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