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2015: Extraterrestrial beings might answer message from the Earth

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 11:36 AM
Hi there.
I was surfing on a spanish website and I found this - I'd like to know what you do think about this?


TOKYO, May 19th.-The endless attempts of search of extraterrestrial life in the universe, with sending spatial probes with regards from the Earth, two Japanese astronomers revealed that the message sent to the star Altair in 1983 from a radio telescope of The United States, might have a response the year 2015.

Hisashi Hirabayashi and Masaki Morimoto, from the National Observatory of Astronomy of Japan, affirm to believe in the extraterrestrial beings' existence, "but they are difficult to be found". But as they just sent messages to the planet Altair, they know that might not receive any response.

According to the calculations, the sign must have been received in Altair in 1999, as the star is to a distance of the Earth of 16 light years. So, if someone received it, decoded and answered rapidly, the response might come to our planet around 2015, informed the web site Pink Tentacle.

The message sent by radio consists in 13 images in binary code, of 71x71 pixels each one. They show, among other things, characterist of the solar system, the location of our planet, chemical elements, human characteristics and the basic structure of the DNA.

Nevertheless, one of the peculiarities of the project is that Hirabayashi was drunk when he had the idea of sending the message. Due to this, one of the images shows the molecular formula of Ethanol with the word "Kampai!" and "toast". "Probably, the aliens will not understand this part", said the Japanese astronomer.

Source: Terra Brasil/

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