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Member Needs Help Converting UFO Footage

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:59 AM
A member, 'sequence', is in need of some help regarding some footage he/she has of ufo activity in northern Indiana leading up to and following the 2 nights of sonic booms.

Originally posted by sequence
Hello All,
Sorry I have been absent from the thread, but my life has changed dramatically as can be expected when an un-natural occurance affects your life. I have been through every emotion and finally came to the realization that I can only account for my own self and be true for self. I do not wish to instill fear but like most of you, I am only searching for trueful and honest answers. I know the debunkers are out there but I need advice or help with my problem. My film that I shot the night before and during and after the sonic booms, I gave to my Mufon FI. I have just learned that they can't analize my tape. I know WISH-TV could not either and had to come to my house and film off my tv set from camcorder. They can only view from my tv and camcorder. Does this make sense? With all the technology today, how can this be? Well now I have been contacted for an interview specal with NG and History Channel. I don't know if I will do it, if I do it must be in shadow. The question I have on this is, don't these people have the latest technology to analize my tape? I really want my tape analized, not filmed off my tv set onto their camera. I want it blown up and analized.My camcorder is about a 2000 Sony 450 x digital 8 handycam. This camera is not that old. What is the majority thoughts about these 2 programs? Can they be trusted to do fair programming? Also, The UFO's some have left the area but I am seeing new kocations and I am waiting for clearer skies to pinpoint their habits. I have seen some amazing sights, but because of distance can not shoot.Any info or advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If anyone can help sequence it would be appreciated.


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