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Disney knows....

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:24 PM
Disney is involved in alot of symbolism

Chronicles of Narnia: the lion being jesus and having to do with christiaity

Monsters, Inc: the industry world is a bunch of monsters and that they beating the s**t out of everyone and we dont even know it

the children= the side of us that knows that we are being affected by them
the parents= the side of us that does not know

the most important that i can think of is national treasure

They are prob clues within the government, but not leading to a treasure of gold, but to a treasure of survival. The survival from the secret societies including our very own government.

the book of secrets: symbolizes that they are alot of secrets within our government, but that we are not allowed to know

Alot of these movies really do not relate to children.

Yes children are amused by them but they do not truly think anything of them

Like pirates of the carribean? does that seem like a children's movie?

the only reason why alot of people didnt see it was because disney made it

and from what i gather from pirates of the carribean as being symbolic is this:

will turner as being the people of america

jack sparrow as being the secret societies

the chick as being the government

and the other people as different countries getting in the way

the chick is always trying to find out if she should be with will or jack

secretly she loves jack

so that means that she might be faking how she feels about will

she prob doesnt give a s**t about will

so in translation with the symbolism

The government fakes how they feel about the people they are really with the secret societies and helping them out by the government funding and most of the citizens are there thinking that the government actually gives a damn about our well-being

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