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Gas Station Employee Fired for Fighting Off Robbery-Important!!

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:01 PM
This thread has been altered in order to present a more reasonable conspiracy theory. I apologize to the mods and to other members, as I hope that the message has not been lost in the adjustments. Thanks, Jason (thanks to the mods for your hints)

I want to know why we are being manipulated into not defending ourselves and forced into living in a Nanny state? Defending ourselves is not allowed, nor is defending others?
Gas Station Employee Fired for Fighting Off Robber

Mark Beverly, an overnight shift supervisor at a SuperAmerica in Roseville, Minn., was fired in March after he jumped on a masked robber who he believed was attacking a fellow employee.

SuperAmerica said he violated company policy when he came to his colleague's aid in the early morning of March 26. So instead of accolades, Beverly got the boot.
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:03 PM

It's called COA (covering your ass.)

Let me explain.

I was on the safety committee at my company for a few years. Most employees don't know this but the company policy on fighting a fire is don't. If there is a fire you are to leave the building immediately.

If an employee comes across a fire and fights it and is hurt, he violated company policy and they can't be held responsible.

It's wrong, but it's just another way corporate America shields itself from being sued.

The employee fought off a robber. If he had been hurt the company would have had to pay his medical bills, Their insurance would have gone up, they would have lost a few thousand dollars rather than just losing the life of some employee.

He had to be fired, to show the rest of the employees that a human life is not to be put before company profit.

America is now a Fascist state, whether you want to believe that or not.

NOTHING comes before the profits of the corporations. Not even human life.

Get used to it.


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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:05 PM
Did you just circumvent a mods decision?

This will not end with ice cream for all.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:06 PM
I wish that I could more eloquently phrase my response to better establish my points in this argument.

If I were to catch my neighbor molesting my young child, and I were to castrate him on the spot, I go to Jail. Yet no one can put a jail term long enough for this man to give back what he took from my child. So therefore, if I call the police, although I catch him in the act, he will most likely catch a plea bargain through some good lawyering (and attacks on my child and me), and walk with not nearly the punishment deserved. But my justice would have been more appropriate and effective, no?

So where does that leave us now, and how is this a conspiracy?

Well, this is how I still see it. We have been told, that due to the varying degree of evidence needed, that even the most red-handed thieves are innocent until proven guilty. Appeals and decisions designed to protect the innocent have been abused by those with money. With the precedents set by these wealthy criminals, even more criminals are able to walk from prison. Evidence, thrown out of court. Testimony, denied to juries. Justice, denied when needed, abused whenever possible to make up for it.

The powers that be have denied us our God given right to defend our liberty, personal property, and our families and ourselves. Case in point. A company decides you owe them money. If they don't accept your argument, then you have to waste hours fighting them, going to court, etc, when they actually have attorneys that specialize in that scenario standing by. But since most of us never get to court, as we can't afford lawyers, and the system is actually quite complex to just wing it, we end up having a judgement against us that we had no way to contest. (this is a personal, B of A story) So guess what, they garnish your wages, or your tax return, and you can o nothing about it. Now what would happen if you found out he opposite? That they owed you money? Have you seen the news lately? they make it impossible for you. Again, system set up against the poorer guy. So we can't physically defend our money, as they just take it from you at the price they feel fair. Never mind that this is set up to benefit them.

Tie it in Jason.... okay, here goes...

So they won't allow us to defend ourselves against any type of attack. they force us to cooperate with their systems, which only benefit themselves. If we all turned on the bad guys who accosted us, and I mean REALLY GAVE IT TO THEM... Don't you know how crime would drop? But again, we are talking about benefiting the op. So they need to have crime. It gives them permission to stalk our streets. Accost our neighbors. Search our homes, cars, phones and computers. All while using the powers we extended them, (while we pay their salaries) to defend us against real criminals. But hey, to get a big budget, one needs more crime. Which means new laws that we don't know the loopholes for, which starts the whole cycle. The Government wants us to depend ion them for the power it grants them. This mini-mart was not concerned for its employees. It was concerned about being LIABLE for the employees health. Never mind his mental health had he had top choose between watching a girl get attacked, or keeping his job.

I hope this all makes sense. I just hope that if some idiot ever starts spraying rounds near me, whether foreign terrorist or home grown psycho, that he thinks for one second that I am just like the rest of the sheep that graze this world, waiting to be slaughtered. That he pauses the split second it would take to have 200 lbs. of lean green marine down his throat. I don't care what my job/school/police said. I will defend myself, or how else will I stay in practice for defending liberty?

But that is the point of my rant. I believe we are being indoctrinated not to respond. Not to interfere. And when the marshall law starts, to not defend our liberty and freedom.

NOTEThis post was moved from the bottom of this thread in order to provide a more relevant topic for this forum I apologize for the mix-up, and thank the mods for their suggestions...

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:07 PM

Well, here is their Contact Us page. This is one situation where we can do something more than comment on it.

Interfering in a robbery is one thing, but coming to the aid of a co-worker is another.

reply posted on 20-5-2008 @ 09:55 PM by kattraxx

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:13 PM
I agree it's a conspiracy. Corporate America uses slimy tactics to screw the working class. They do conspire against the workers.

ATS should have a forum dedicated to the subject. Call the people out on it. How is corporate America screwing you. It would probably be the biggest forum on the site.

Still, I wouldn't call a mod on it. It's their forum, it's their call.

I'm getting the hell out of here before it gets ugly.

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:22 PM

Pizza Hut is another company that doesn't care one wit for they're delivey people. They fire you for protecting themselves and there is no company process for repeal. You fight back and you no longer have a job. I will never...EVER... order aything from that phony company ever again till they change they're policies...PERIOD. Dominos is another heartless company. They're 30 minute rule gets delivery drivers killed. If they don't get there in time,they are responsible for the price of the pizza. I know of two kids, one 16 and another 18 ,who are now dead by being in accidents trying to keep they're jobs because they had been late on two other occasions due to traffic and weather related problems.This is unconsionable. Americans have a right to protect themselves and not be fired for doing they're jobs or protecting they're co-workers.


posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by jasonjnelson

I have been fired for this several times working in retail.

Even as a security guard with standing orders to protect life and property, it can be a very sticky situation between duty and policy. I had every legal right to pound someone into a wall, or grab a fire extinguisher, but I would probably be fired for it in a lot of companies. Most security guards are told to stay by the phone, and write everything down. "Observe and report" as opposed to "serve and protect." Of course, there are other assignments where you get to crak some skulls, but I'm sure they have a different sort of insurance policy.

reply to post by ZindoDoone

Actually, Dominoes ended that policy around here some time ago. But they do have a tracker now to follow the pizza watching it on the internet.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by ZindoDoone

I fail to understand the logic of letting people commit crimes, and remember that in this case the man thought that the female coworker was being assaulted, and then just hope that this crime is solved. In this case, that crime wasn't solved, and had that girl been assaulted while the man just sat there, he probably wouldn't have been able to live with himself. If a robber comes in, and calmly (lol) robs a store, I would say damn the money, it's not worth it,. But someone breaks into your home, assaults you at work, whatever, we have to learn to stand up for ourselves. It's like the old joke about robbing a liquor store in Texas. Doesn't matter if you have a gun, they have three. deters robberies in that state I bet.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by jackinthebox

I'm not going to argue policy. However, as we all know, some situations are just not "textbook" if you know what I mean. So why are we being reprogramed to depend on authority figures to right obvious wrongs?

This is now edited to include the following conspiracy theory....

Look here people. I am not one for violence, nor am I one for gender roles and sexism. I do not think that the man is the "mighty hunter" and that he should lean towards violence as a means to defend anything, nor prove his honor. However, that said, IO cannot fathom the reasoning nor the purpose behind the Emasculation of our society. There has been, over the last few years, a surprising number of cases involving those who truly seemed only interested in defending themselves and the ones they care about. I also point to the recent case of the shooting in NYC, where the man shot on his wedding day was really just trying to defend himself and escape men with guns. We are being told that being harmed, and awaiting the authorities, is the best way to handle this. And in the case of this robbery that I posted, the man will never be caught, so what good would waiting have done. Are they pacifying us in preparation for a police state? or Marshall law? And how funny that the use of force by officers, (with non-lethal but painful as hell tasing) is up, while we are expected to not protect ourselves. I bring up the recent wedding couple as well. Tased on their wedding day, at the receoption!
Whatever happened to someone being allowed to be an ass from time to time?
Why are we collared while dogs are unleashed?

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by jasonjnelson
So why are we being reprogramed to depend on authority figures to right obvious wrongs?

For this to remain on ATS you will need to flesh out the above (or something similar) and lead the discussion to the conspiratorial.

Sound fair?

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:23 AM
reply to post by kinglizard

Well, if you ask me, this is certainly yet another example if the deliberate actions being taken to force the people to be more reliant on a system that is at the same time becoming dreadfully ineffecient to the point of pointlessness.

This is legislated, incorporated, instigated victimization. We are being told that we have to be victims, and that we have no choice, because those are the rules.

Makes about as much sense as buying debt if you ask me.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:59 AM
[This post was moved to provide a relevant topic for this forum. Sorry for the confusion.

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 03:09 AM
Okay, I am fixing this thread so that it doesn't end up in BTS. I think that the reason many of my threads die is because I assume that a lot of you all think the way I do, and have read and flagged the same threads I have. Silly me. I only hope that I have organized my thoughts better now. I started a thread dealing with the case being built against us by TPTB, yet it received no responses. Maybe I need to learn how to present my case better?

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 03:23 AM
From what I've found in the Supreme Law Firm, there's someone who has something in the Email Archives & seems to put a lot of thought behind this kind of mind-set:

Excerpted from: "A Nation of Cowards" was published in the Fall, '93 issue of The Public Interest, a quarterly journal of opinion published by National Affairs, Inc.

...And yet, while people are encouraged to revel in their individuality and incalculable self-worth, the media and the law enforcement establishment continually advise us that, when confronted with the threat of lethal violence, we should not resist, but simply give the attacker what he wants. If the crime under consideration is rape, there is some notable waffling on this point, and the discussion quickly moves to how the woman can change her behavior to minimize the risk of rape, and the various ridiculous, non-lethal weapons she may acceptably carry, such as whistles, keys, mace or, that weapon which really sends shivers down a rapist's spine, the portable cellular phone...

...The assumption, of course, is that there is no inconsistency. The advice not to resist a criminal assault and simply hand over the goods is founded on the notion that one's life is of incalculable value, and that no amount of property is worth it...

...For years, feminists have labored to educate people that rape is not about sex, but about domination, degradation, and control. Evidently, someone needs to inform the law enforcement establishment and the media that kidnapping, robbery, carjacking, and assault are not about property.

Crime is not only a complete disavowal of the social contract, but also a commandeering of the victim's person and liberty. If the individual's dignity lies in the fact that he is a moral agent engaging in actions of his own will, in free exchange with others, then crime always violates the victim's dignity...

...Although difficult for modern man to fathom, it was once widely believed that life was a gift from God, that to not defend that life when offered violence was to hold God's gift in contempt, to be a coward and to breach one's duty to one's community. A sermon given in Philadelphia in 1747 unequivocally equated the failure to defend oneself with suicide:
"He that suffers his life to be taken from him by one that hath no authority for that purpose, when he might preserve it by defense, incurs the Guilt of self murder since God hath enjoined him to seek the continuance of his life, and Nature itself teaches every creature to defend itself."...

...It is impossible to address the problem of rampant crime without talking about the moral responsibility of the intended victim. Crime is rampant because the law-abiding, each of us, condone it, excuse it, permit it, submit to it. We permit and encourage it because we do not fight back, immediately, then and there, where it happens. Crime is not rampant because we do not have enough prisons, because judges and prosecutors are too soft, because the police are hamstrung with absurd technicalities. The defect is there, in our character...

...In 1991, when then-Attorney General Richard Thornburgh released the FBI's annual crime statistics, he noted that it is now more likely that a person will be the victim of a violent crime than that he will be in an auto accident. Despite this, most people readily believe that the existence of the police relieves them of the responsibility to take full measures to protect themselves. The police, however, are not personal bodyguards...

...Insofar as the police deter by their presence, they are very, very good. Criminals take great pains not to commit a crime in front of them. Unfortunately, the corollary is that you can pretty much bet your life (and you are) that they won't be there at the moment you actually need them. Should you ever be the victim of an assault, a robbery, or a rape, you will find it very difficult to call the police while the act is in progress, even if you are carrying a portable cellular phone...

...The idea that protection is a service people can call to have delivered and expect to receive in a timely fashion is often mocked by gun owners, who love to recite the challenge, "Call for a cop, call for an ambulance, and call for a pizza. See who shows up first."...

So it seems that this tendency of employers to harass employees who merely try to preserve their own lives has its roots in the very fabric of "modern day society" & "controlled mainstream media." It also seems that the government itself practices this "mass mind control technique" on the People...After all, they keep telling us that they can "promise us greater security" if we're only willing to sacrifice our Civil Rights...Even though it's virtually impossible for them to provide the security that they promise.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by MidnightDStroyer

What a great e-mail! I take it that I was finally able to make my point?

I was thinking of the latest round of school shootings, and the reactions of the students. One in particular that stood out to me was the VT shooting. Here you have a student that had very little firearms experience, if any, who would have most likely faltered and failed at the receiving end of a counter attack. When I am at my college, I constantly keep an extra text book in my back pack. I know that this on my chest would stop a .22 or a 9mm round. I don't know, I could panic, lose my nerve. But I would hope that seeing even one person stand up to the attacker would re-inspire me. Who knows? The Marines didn't train me to knit. The point is, when did standing up for ourselves become a question of if? Or maybe?

Why is it that the theft of our personal property is considered petty now? If someone steals $500 from me, I am out one weeks labor. 40 hours of my life that I cannot get back. Why does this have so little value to the courts? Why is the fruit of my labor devalued?

Why are we being broken down, left to depend on those that will only require more and more measures with which to defend us, slowly encroaching on our Constitutional rights in the guise of safety.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 03:55 AM
Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent the company...

To whom it may concern,
I am deeply disturbed that an employee of yours was fired for what he believed to be a justifiable defense of a fellow coworker. I wish that all of my coworkers had the heart to decide that the safety and health of their fellow man to be a priority. I understand your policy of handing money over in a robbery is an attempt to avoid escalation. However the "computer training" that your employee received can in no way prepare someone for every contingency. His actions were heroic in the least, if he truly saw his coworker in danger and believed her to be under assault.
Tell me, would you have paid his psychiatric bills had he instead watched an employee bludgeoned to death?
Thank you,
Jason J Nelson

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 11:48 AM
DI anyone else send a letter to a corporate office today?

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by jasonjnelson

jasonjnelson- I think there is a reason you feel the way you do and can't really fathom why it isn't so easy for everyone else to see it the same way- you have the experience.

Most people in their lives go day to day without much of anything dramatic going on. One becomes lax with the constant daily battering of mild television entertainment and fairly stable communities. You've been dragged through enough experiences to KNOW how important it is to fight back, because in your game there is no try again.

IMHO a vast majority the general public wants to be nannied. They know no other way. It is what they are used to- and the government LOVES this. You, my friend, as a Marine and an employee of the government, ARE the government. This is not an attack on you- just here to prove a point: You are in a class of your own. This is also why many military people have a hard time understanding the attitudes of civilians- you are trained to be elite and have purpose. You are trained to fight back.

I, as yourself, don't have much to hide from or fear- I use my real name on here as I assume you do, and I welcome the repercussions of my actions. I, like you, was taught to fight back. I was not in the military, but my father and grandfathers were.

I think it is the responsibility of the strong to uphold the weak in our society, and for our government and corporations to claim that they are the only strength is a grave mistake. Don't they realize the more they puff their chests out the quicker someone comes along to kick their arse?

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by dhardeman

But why do they want us so weak? What more can they take from us? Of course I use my real name. Darthvader115 was already taken, lol. But really, what do I have to fear? Death? No, I don't fear death. I fear a long drawn out and painful death, but not the black abyss.
But why are the sheeple placing a weakened and empty , peaceful life, ahead of a real existence?
We are so much easier to control now, and I can only see it getting worse.

I really believe, that when they start filling the camps and loading the trains, most will merely shuffle in.

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