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Look around you. It’s happening!! (Beginning of UFO disclosure is now!)

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by jritzmann

I am in rare (though probably not complete) agreement.
It will be interesting to see how this unfolds...

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 04:41 PM

Originally posted by hooligan13
We should see if the reports of ufos increase in both quantity and popularity relative to the severity of the global crisis. Modern society has regected it's old gods- who will they turn to in times of trouble? When governments war- the outcome isn't always evident- if the citizen- without a god- who must sacrifice so much in time of war- loses faith in his government's ability to protect and preserve him- what then motivates him to sacrifice? To rule a society- they must be blinded into submission if they cannot be bound. They will listen to the aliens wether they are real or not- like the shaman who only had to wear the skin of the animal to invoke it's authority- they will tell them to believe and they will believe- then when they tell them what to do they will do it.


incredible post.

you summed it all up man.

it's like we will in SUCH dire "Jericho" conditions when they come.. that we will be forced to BEG for their help... whomever "they are" .. whomever is driving the saucers...
man made. .biologically engineered or not..

if they can make cow-man in britain now...

they could have made frog-man or ant-man or dolphin-man or sea-turtle-man 10-20 yrs ago... and taught him how to act like an alien.


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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 04:59 PM

Originally posted by spitefulgod
There’s no chance that an alien civilization happen to evolve at near enough the same time as us (within a 100,000 year or so) and are close enough to get here, sure there’s life out there but I believe the time difference would be way off, we’re probably gonna be using radio signals for the next 100 years then move off, it would be similar for any other intelligent race, the communications being scanned for would be in 3 hundred years or so stints and the civilization would probably wipe itself out after 100,000 to 1 million years anyhow, if we never had the extinction of half the worlds species 65 million years ago (or whatever it was) we may have had a technological race some 40 million years ago, so it shows what time differences we are dealing with when we look at the evolution of other civilizations.
Aliens yes, more government tests being covered up yes, visitations no… IMHO

First of all civilization is spelled civilization, not to be condescending I fixed it for you, now that we got that out of the way, first of all you are basing your assumptions on known facts and current human technology which is in its very infant stage. You are putting limits on technology using our current known constraints.. with radio and space travel, Which is really the same as saying 100 years ago that it would be impossible to go to the moon because we don't have rockets.. look at how those were proven wrong? the fact is space travel by warping space and time thereby eliminating these constraints of time and space ,by way of distorting space and time by triangulating on the location(usually 3 waveguides) from an antimatter reactor(small particle accelerator) hitting an very heavy element (recently discovered element 115) producing a great amount of heat(converted to electricity by very efficient sterling generator) and extending gravity beyond the perimeter of its atoms, the ship has a waveguide leading to the reactor( just like a microwave) and then 2 waveguide pomegranate a gravity wave to the earth which hold the ship in the air and pulsate at a certain frequency in order to obtain height. The faster it pulsates the higher it goes, the slower it pulsates the lower it goes.. then they use the other one in order to pull itself around by creating a little black hole in a way ... by changing direction of this waveguide the ship will change direction the faster that waveguide pulsates will accelerate the ship...etc . now in order to travel lets say to mars .. it will TRIANGULATE all 3 waveguides to mars, doesn't matter whats in its way except for suns, black holes which can and will totally screw you up bad(dead).. now instead of pulsating all three waveguides they totally turn on.. creating an immense gravitation distortion from the triangulation point(mars) to the ship) this will snap the locations space\time to the ship.. the ship has never moved.. however it bought space and time to the ship therefore the ship has not traveled and therefore did not break the max speed of light it. travel time should be a few min due to the triangulation phase.. Boeing and Lockheed martin has and is developing this technology.. however they call them alien reproduction vehicles(ARPS)_..... the reason I am telling you this is.. do not ever put limits on things based on what you currently know because believe me there's allot more out there then we know, and assuming that humans are in our prime technology is very very foolish and applying our technology and constraints to other races. therefore eliminating the possibility of Aliens traveling here is also very very foolish. if you want more info on Alien technology check the disclosure project, I personally know ex Lockheed martin employees and there is a rumor at the company that they have developed this based from alien technology..... also check out Bob Lazer he predicted element 115 and its properties 15 years before it was discovered....

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by Christian Voice

Touche. I ask though.. Why did the Vatican wait to release this information until now? Why not ten or twenty years ago? Why specifically UFO's and E.T.'s but not Big Foot and Nessy? There must be some reason or event that called for an announcement like this. Don't give me an answer like.. "Well, it is a more accepted belief today." I like answers that require a bit of critical thinking
Keep in mind that I'm of Christian faith too, I probably share many of the same beliefs that you do. I like to ask questions.. I enjoy thinking critically and finding the truth in matters..

Never did I say the Vatican is the sole voice for the Christian world. As for your statement concerning this announcement as "Not a big deal" I beg to differ. Catholicism is still a largely practiced religion, perhaps not as large as other religions.. But it still has a large enough following to note. Lets pretend that there is some "authoritative body" like the Vatican for all walks of Christianity that came out and made the statements the Vatican did and mentioned some fairly specific things about E.T.'s.. I highly doubt you would shrug it off as "No big deal". (Perhaps you would, considering you're already involved in the discussion of alternative topics, but there most definitely would be people of the Church that would react quite a bit more radically) Do not forget, that some live by what the Vatican says.. To some, the Vatican is about much more than a guy who wears a funny hat.

Of course you're going to be less surprised about an announcement like this too, you're on ATS after all. People who are not familiar with the alternative topics, might find this information shocking and confusing at first. You cannot tell me that if a space ship landed in Rome before an announcement like this was made, that many Catholics beliefs wouldn't be shaken. Not everyone interprets things the same way, not everyone understands Catholicism in the way that the Vatican does, which I will say is one reason for this clarification of UFO's and ET's, but that hardly explains the timing. Why NOW I ask? Some Catholics must have believed that the belief in UFO's and aliens was "unGodly" or the Vatican wouldn't have clarified this.

I'm not sure where you were going with the technologically advanced bit, but a simple answer to that is.. These ET's could have been around or "created" by God many millions of years before us. Thus, they would have more time to perfect and advance their technologies.

It is simply the fact that an authoritative body of some sort made an announcement to a very large population of its own following.. Their clarification comes at a strange time and it clarifies something that has been a topic of debate among its followers. Generally when an announcement of this nature is made, there is some initial reason or trigger. What was this trigger? Perhaps there also should have been a little more clarification on why they chose NOW to make this announcement and why they focused on UFO's and alien life forms instead of other creatures of question..

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by jritzmann

My thoughts exactly. I don't think that there will be any sort of disclosure simply because there is nothing to disclose. The governments and militaries of this world are just as baffled as we are about the UFO phenomenon. They might have some analytical information about the sightings but nothing substantial that would explain the phenomenon.

All things considered, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis seems like a cop out, much like Jacques Vallée and J. Allen Hyned suggested. I believe that there is something non-human behind many of the alleged UFO sightings but it is way beyond our understanding of science, universe and the reality in general.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:13 PM

Originally posted by jritzmann

I don't see any easy answer (the one most people want), as the subject is itself highly complex. In certain cases it manifests as physical reality, and other times, it doesn't. Almost as if the enigma has an option to be either. Maybe our perception of it has something to do with that.

It doesn't matter how you cut it, no one is going to find any answers as long as they confine their search to UFOlogy.

[edit on 21-5-2008 by jritzmann]

My thoughts exactly. I don't think that there will be any sort of disclosure simply because there is nothing to disclose. The governments and militaries of this world are just as baffled as we are about the UFO phenomenon. They might have some analytical information about the sightings but nothing substantial that would explain the phenomenon.

All things considered, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis seems like a cop out, much like Jacques Vallée and J. Allen Hynek suggested. I believe that there is something non-human behind many of the alleged UFO sightings but it is way beyond our understanding of science, universe and the reality in general.

PS: Feel free to delete the above post...

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by leonee

Well unfortunately the powers that be have in fact used the UFO phenomenon to cover black project aircraft. There's also substantial documentation of a "cover up". But is it really a coverup, or a cover for the black that has been fostered as a failsafe.

I do agree that the govt or whomever, is just a baffled as we are, but they possibly have better data (and more of it) then we do.

That doesn't mean they have the answer...only that they have fostered the belief that they do. Know what thats called my friends? A position of power.

As far as the possible mechanics of the phenomena, I'm getting ready to do an experiment of sorts on my website. IF it yields anything, I think it'll possibly give some of us a sort of new direction. The issue is will the engima allow itself to be documented in this way. I just don't know. And I have to be honest when I say I'm not exactly looking forward to it. But, ya don't know until you try.

Hopefully it gets us some answers or at least better questions...unlike the ETH which has not.

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:34 PM

Originally posted by snookhums
2. Or it could be just the latest thing that is selling. Because we all know that there is some money to be made here.

BINGO! The simplest answer is usually the correct one. Do UFO specials and news stories get good ratings and plenty of pageviews on the internet? Yes they do.

Is it easier to say:

A) This topic is intriguing to the public and makes the media companies money, therefore they will run more stories on it.


B) There is a very far-reaching conspiracy where a person or group of people orchestrate a massive, calculated disclosure process in coordination with media corporations and somehow manage to keep an air-tight seal on this information.


If "B" actually seems more plausible to you, I don't know what to tell you!

I have no idea whether or not intelligent life/ufo's are visiting the Earth, but let's be smart about it and not jump to conclusions just because it's what we all want to hear.

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:45 PM
I love how people think the government is going to disclose info about ufos and aliens.They havent done it since the first ufos came on the scene,why would they disclose it now in media leaks?and other areas of interest?

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by alienstar

my friend you are so sadly mistaken. there are more than 400,000,000,000 stars in the milky way galaxy alone and there are literally billions on billions on billions of galaxies in the entire universe.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by The Coward

If we think that we the people never played any real part on how human society should perceive the UFOs or the ALIENS, but the Powers That Be did, does it really matter if the mainstream media are not condoning UFO news anymore?
I mean have you came up with the term "UFO", or did I? The military did. Do we really know who started this whole thing? The Roswell incident became known from military people, do you trust everything you military says to you?
Can anyone trust governments, news outlets, officials, politics, after 9/11?
If you can't trust them in the official story of what really happened at 9/11 in N.Y. then why should you trust them regarding some UFO "disclosure"? Why should I?

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:09 PM
Reasons why they never will disclose.

National Security
Don’t know what to do
In-house Secrecy
Alien Cover-up
Alien Masters
Government gridlock
Population Resistance
People Don’t Care
Past statements
Collapse in Belief systems
Fear of Death
Old Style Conservatives
Weapons Development
Lead Time
Reverse Engineering
Need to Know
Kickbacks and Profits
Lose of power
Dependence on Oil
Short Sightedness
Government Black Operations
Waived Special Access Programs
The Government Knows
Building a Defense System
We Are Being Studied

Thats just the link...interesting

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by ZiggyMojo

Yup, "brethren" makes for a bit of thinking....and concern. Doesn't seem they look a lot like us, but ...underneath it all...there's something...we...might be able to relate to.

And, again, the original sin" bit. Vatican appears to have fished a bit to haul this one out of doctrine. But, it works...especially for the faithful who can go on undisturbed...and the Church can go on leading the sheep (shepherding, that is) just like always.

Seems a shame that in light of what looks to be a major milestone in human development, the religious crutch is offered.

Will real progress be hindered by reliance on the old religion as crutch, or will the crutch be necessary and something to be thankful for...could things get that shocking?

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by caballero

yah dont tell me something i already know.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by jritzmann

Some are misidentification's as well, with no real malice or "goose chasing" intended. Unfortunately, the bogus claims you mention are bolstered by UFO celebs with no real intent other then seeing what kind of money they can collect. Nothing wrong with getting paid for your time, provided you do solid work and peer reviewed.

Sigh, another case of smug skeptics being totally wrong ...

Being a international magazine publisher in this field, a book publisher, and an event organiser for conferences which include UFO speakers - (over a 20 year period) I would like to put an end to this money myth that is trotted out by skeptics and other ignorant people.

UFO celebs do NOT make much money at all from speaking out. They don't even make much money from their books, with the exception of about 3 of them. (One of these being Whitley Streiber, but most of his money is from his fiction writing anyway).

UFO Celebs as people call them, get pittance for talking at conferences - nearly every single one of them that I know, and have dealt with - live hand to mouth.

The accusations that UFO celebs are in it for the money is just plain false. Every single person who reports being abducted and then goes on stage to talk about it - reports that their lives become hell as a result. Marriages dissolve, families split up, finances run out, jobs are lost, friends are lost - for what?

The ONLY reason that ordinary people get up on stage and share their experiences, is because they want answers or because they want to help others who find themselves in this predicament.

Being public about one's UFO experiences is financial suicide for 99.9% of them.

You skeptics will have to find some other reason to explain why so many people report UFOs and related experiences, cause the 'money' one is baloney - and if any of you bothered to check you would know this anyway!


posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by alienstar

Easy there alienstar, I think he was referencing a post you made previously in this thread where the numbers were terribly off.
Might not have been you.
But no need for aggression.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:50 PM
WHAT?!!? The Vatican has givin the okay to beleive in other life? wow! I didnt think that they really had a say on whether or not they were there or not! hmm....really interesting topic. brava

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by jamesder

The money is good but I doubt that this is the sole purpose of the sudden surge. It is simple, the media is controlled by the government, and the government makes tons of cash other ways. I doubt they will make any real money with this topic such as to create awareness for greed. No, I believe that this goes deeper, like ocean deep. To alert the people of such happenings must be a great deal. I believe that soon something major might be taking place, maybe in the next years or so. And I am not talking 2012, though I could not rule that out. I believe that whether rightfully or wrongly the governments of the world are slowly trying to reach out to the people because something is up. I hate to say this, but it sounds like it might be something bad. If it were good, the government would keep the status quo the way it is. Now why alert the masses, using media, religion, government officials (think Fife Symington who suddenly had a change of heart, this man is a bastard in my book, after the whole UFO Phoenix Alien joke), it’s like even he was summoned by some agency to stir the pot. I personally don't believe that man saw any UFO at all; to me he looks like he is lying about this whole triangle. But why? Why has this man come up with such a strategy? Why is he suddenly UFO friendly? Why have they all come out like “NUTS”, remember that term? How spiteful when they called us that. Now suddenly they are all smart about the topic, and suggesting the regular populous should believe in it that it’s ok, that they are probably not “NUTS” after all.

Fife could make some money with this whole topic, sure… but I believe it goes a lot deeper. To have different countries back to back, one after the other, to keep this whole UFO thing coming up. Have the Vatican say that they are probably real, and that we are now able to accept the reality with out fear of burning in hell is something that I doubt has to do with monetary gain. This would arise serious questions afterward, if the tech was ours after all, why did they hide it while the people suffered so much. This whole UFO thing would stir some kaos and hate, but I think their probably is no option. It’s like they got to get us up to date for some reason. Just think of the things which have come about the past years. Starting with the media, such as History channel, and Sci-Fi Channel. Then the NASA Agency being sued by a reporter (Media Worker, she is probably in on it too) about the Keksburg incident, Vatican, world leaders accepting UFO reality, Pilots reporting in News outlets, government employees, governors, presidential hopefuls (Kucinich, Clinton, Richardson), the Astronauts etc. Most of what happened has started recently. I doubt it is all a simple coincidence. It’s like a chain reaction, all seems so perfectly worked out somehow. Like an invisible hand is moving all the chips to a certain way, then “Check Mate”, (Sorry I went a little ID4 there for a minute) but really, like if it is a master plan of some sort. This to me is extremely telling. It could have to do with the sudden UFO wave that seems continuous, like if the gov knew the big one is coming and they cannot stop it, so therefore they have to prepare the people now.

Of course this is my belief, I cannot prove anything to date, but it seems fishy. Why the sudden change of heart. Hopefully it is something good for us that they have finally decided to make us part of the Astral neighborhood. But there is always that doubt about the government, hope they have not dug a whole for humanity and now are calling us out to see if we as a race could dig ourselves out.

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by star in a jar

Yup, jumping off buildings if things get so weird the mind can't take it. But, the powers that be dont want that to happen least too much. So, they have a plan to control trauma to a sustainable degree, and the PLAN is already a done deal!!, The plan specifies the major social power blocs to carry out "ROLES" and "TASKS" of crowd control. Read me...DONE DEAL!!!

US Military tells us "No! You didn't see what you and others saw, you goofy.... Now, shut it up...or else things could you and/or yours." Not very democratic and all that.

Then Vatican says "hey, its OK little man. The big bad wolf( (military) just likes to show his teeth. Come to us, and we will comfort and care for things might get kind of hairy when you see what's come to dinner (just a joke), but don't let that weird you out...hey they are just like us...mostly...just use your imagination a little. Anyway, even if they don't look, smell, talk, crap, or do anything near what we can even dream up...why they are BRETHREN underneath, on top, or whatever physical symmetry or lack of symmetrical shape they come in. TRUST US.

Hmmm. Bottom line. The deal is already done, folks.

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by tpeele

If that is meant to be sarcastic then you really didn't read into the posts. We were simply making a point that the Vatican is an authority of a large population of people, and for some reason they felt the need at this point in time to clarify that it is not against their beliefs or "unGodly" for Catholics to believe that there is life elsewhere in the universe. They also made some remarks that included some odd comparisns and the use of the word "brethren"... It just seems strange that for some reason they chose to address this now as opposed to sometime in the past.. Or future for that matter.. It could be completely coincidental and random... but that wouldn't be any fun for us here on the ATS forums now would it?

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