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The Magic Money Machine

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 07:29 PM
If you've been a reader of ATS for a while, you've probably come across someone or another making the claim that banks "print" money, or create it from thin air. Ever wonder exactly how that system works? Is this claim well-founded, or just bunk? Well, I'll try and lay it out here. You be the judge.

First, we must know that based on fractional reserve requirements, banks must hold onto 10% of what they may be called on to cough up to their customers. So the other 90% is what they're free to play around with. What they do with this 90% is to loan it out to charge interest on it.

So, knowing that banks are allowed to loan out 90% of the money on deposit, try and follow the magic money machine:

First, you deposit $100.

The bank loans someone $90 of your money. They still tell you your deposit is in the bank, and you can come and get it if you really want to!

That $90 that was loaned out will eventually find its way back to the banking system. The bank can then loan 90% of that money out, too, which is $81.

The $81 will be the basis for a loan of $72.90

$72.90 is the basis for a loan of $65.61

$65.61 is the basis for a loan of $59.05

(I'll stop there. But this process can go on indefinitely...)

So what happened?

In the beginning, just $100 existed.

After the banks made all their loans, we can find this much money in the bank:

~ The original $100
+ The first loan of $90
+ The second loan of $81
+ $72.90
+ $65.61
+ $59.05

Total: = $468.56

After just 5 cycles of the loan process, the banks have collectively made one hundred dollars become $468.56. This is more than we started with!

And that's how the bank turns their deposits into a magic money machine. They charge interest on $368.56 that didn't exist!

This is what banks don't tell you about the loan process, but explains why the business of loaning money is so profitable, so much so that 1 dollar in 4 of income in the U.S. comes from "finance" rather than any service or production of actual goods.

Did you know that the income from banking and finance isn't used to calculate gross domestic product figures? This is because banking produces nothing. They don't get out in the world and grow crops, build schools, roads, or bridges, fix cars, run telecommunications cables, launch rockets, or anything the world needs... yet the big bankers get paid very very well!

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:40 PM
You speak about the core of the "debt-based economy" that the Federal Reserve Bank stuck on us. They are not a "Federal" Agency (which, Constitutionally speaking, must be under Congress), they don't "reserve" anything except 10% of the actual funds they take in (while they can loan out the interest), and they're not really a "bank," since it's actually a consortium of multi-national banks (the majority of which aren't even USA-originated). Note that this is a consortium of banks...Plural, not singular.

The Fed Res is the "authority" that determines how much the "money" is worth (I use that term loosely, because it works most like "corporate scrip"), but that's also supposed to be a power of Congress...In doing so, they only keep the amount of money in circulation according to how much they think they can loan out during the year, not by any ties to the "gross national production" index.

By adjusting interest rates (which is not included in their factoring for how much money should be in circulation), they've guaranteed that someone, somewhere will be forced to default on a loan (because that money is not in circulation for anyone to earn & pay off the loan). Thus, the more they loan out, the more people that have to default & the more real property (collateral) with real intrinsic value they can confiscate.

Not only that, they loan the government's money back to the government with interest...This is why the National Debt is so high!

I suggest an ATS Search for Posts that contain the text "Federal Reserve" and/or "Fed Res"...You'll find that there's already been a lot of discussion on how the Federal Reserve Act had literally sold us all out as slaves to the banks.

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