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Spirit(s) Heard on Madonna Tape?

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 07:17 PM
As this is my first post after months of being a ‘read only’ member, so please the MODS may feel free to move it to the appropriate forum.

Now the question is, can spirits be captured and/or transferred via cassette tape?

And here’s why I ask. My girlfriend is a huge Madonna fan, and I am aware Madonna is not a ghost, but I bought a few tapes for her at a local thrift shop about a year ago. Now, I didn’t give them to her right away as I was waiting for the perfect moment, or more specifically when she was mad at me for something. So I guess maybe I had the cassettes stashed away for a few days or so, it could have been more or less, but no more than a week. When I finally gave her one of them she listened to it, much to my dismay, as I am NOT a Madonna fan. Anyhow, when the tape finished, including that high pitched tone used to indicate when the tape was over, a very low, almost inaudible sound could be heard. Even at the volume that she listens to her music, which is relatively loud, the sounds at the end of the tape were very hard to hear. So we rewound the tape, turned up the volume and listened again, over and over. The best way I can describe the sound would be to say it sounded like chanting or very strange singing. The language, which in my opinion was not English, was very high pitched but muffled. So that alone was freaky enough, but I may or may not have made a mistake during this event.
When I bought the cassettes, they all had the same name printed on the inside sleeve where the credits and lyrics would be, and when my girlfriend thanked me I said: “Don’t thank me, thank Louise Smith (Smith is not the actual name, I no longer have these cassettes).” I must have referred to this woman’s name at least three or four times. Nothing too strange yet? Well read on.
So shortly after the cassettes were given to my girlfriend I started to see a darkness or cloud in my peripheral vision. Mostly from my living room, which connects to the kitchen and dining room is where I’d sense this entity. Maybe a week went by, in which I would catch something out of the corner of my eye, look and not be able to see anything when I looked directly into the direction of the shadow, which by the way was not static. It would shift from either side of the room, but never seeming to leave the area around my doorway. Now, as this was a year or so before I stumbled upon ATS, I didn’t bring this up to my girlfriend for another week or so. When I did finally bring it up, which was an uncomfortable conversation to start mind you, I found that she too had been feeling something weird in the apartment.
Before I go any further, I’d like to mention my back parking lot is directly attached to a large cemetery. Just to put it out there before people start asking more detailed questions. I have never felt anything un-natural in the three years prior to, or since this activity occurred. I am not fearful of death, as I was introduced to the idea at a very young age, nor am I a drug abuser. I am simply a guy who gave a friggin’ Madonna tape to his girl and was subsequently made to feel very uncomfortable in my own home.
A potentially linked issue is that writing appeared over our bed in our bedroom. It is only one word: Space. I am so serious. I used to fool around a bit with hand writing analysis. Mostly, as an ice breaker at a new job, parties and such. I can tell you it neither mine nor my girlfriend’s hand-writing.
I am not afraid of anything in my home, but have been waiting to reach post count to put this story out to ATS and the sceptics, as I am still a little sceptical myself!

To describe more thoroughly what I believe I SAW:

1) it was dark, as in cloud or smoke-like
2) brought a new feeling, not bad or negative, into my apartment
3) was sometimes bright, like a firefly with a Lite Brite bulb in its thorax

I will ask my girlfriend tomorrow to add anything relevant to this post that I may have missed. Now you may be asking: What did you do with the tapes? OK, now this may not have been the best way to deal with this issue, but…I didn’t know what would be the best thing to do.
Quite honestly, I thought that it may have just been me going crazy or maybe we were living too close to close to a grave yard, something explainable at any rate. So I devised a little experiment. I gave my girlfriend the tape to bring to work, as I have no Madonna fans in my circle of friends, and lend it to someone with out telling them about it in advance what we had experienced. The plan was, I would question them at a later date to see if any of the same things were happening to the ‘test subject’ Madonna fan. Unfortunately, person that was leant the tape was fired or quit and we have never heard what had happened to this poor guy.

And now the story lies here in an ATS forum. I would appreciate any comments or relative information on this subject.


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