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What Are Your Favorite YouTube Videos...???

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 03:01 PM
I thought I would start a different thread for Me here in BTS. I'm not sure if there's already a thread on this or not but here goes.

Blue Oyster Cult : Godzilla

Shinedown : Devour

Black Sabbath : War Pigs (set to politically motivated video, no I didn't edit it that way)

Hope everyone enjoys these, and be sure to share yours, I've got hundreds more to share so this thread should be ripping out and rocking and rolling.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 03:17 PM

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:08 AM
Todd Mcfarlane who did Spawn and originally did the video for
Pearl Jam - Evolution also did this video

Disturbed cover of Phil Collins Land of Confusion

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:41 AM
I have to say I love that video as I hadn't gotten the chance to see it. I also love the original by Genesis.

Genesis : Land of Confusion

Puddle of Mudd : Control

Godsmack : Greed

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:01 PM
Here are a few of my favorites...


Muse-Stockholm Syndrom

Muse-Map of The Problematique

Ronnie Coleman

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 12:30 AM
More fun videos on YouTube

Tone Loc : Wild Thing

Blade Techno Theme (If you know the band and song title, let Me know)

AC/DC : TNT - Live

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 07:13 AM
Tool - Lateralus, not just for the song but for what it means in the name of music... watch the video

Illuminati - by yours truely

break dancing

This guy is JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 12:07 AM
More awesome videos from YouTube.

Pennywise : Alien

Pennywise : Society

White Zombie : More Human Than Human

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 05:19 AM

Originally posted by whaaa

superb vid that my teens,thinking i knew everything about music(lol)i heard skynyrd doing this track at a beach party.asked the guy who it was and he gave me the tape..thus began my education,heh

anyways this is my fav youtube music vid

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 01:39 PM
Here are some more video favorites that I have.

Linkin Park : Given Up

Bloodhoung Gang : Bad Touch

OneReplublic : Stop And Stare

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Refused - New Noise

Possibly my favorite video ever. They look like a bunch of history students, but sound like the apocolypse.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:33 AM
Awesome vids!

My fav, off the top of my head and what am feelin right now, is not so much a music vid as a lil tribute to batman, with a rockin song to compliment it (although it's not quite all the song).

Batman fans, enjoy ...

I'm sure i'll be back with more

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 10:22 PM
Hoobastank : Born To Lead

Hoobastank : Born To Lead : Live

AC/DC : TNT : Live

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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 06:47 PM

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 07:23 AM
The first time I saw this, my face hurt from laughing!

posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 09:58 PM
Shaggy : Hey Sexy Lady Featuring Brian and Tony

3 Doors Down : Citizen Soldier

Barry Mann : Who Put The Bomp

posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 11:08 PM
Here are some of my favorite Youtube videos--or music videos really.

Gorillaz, "Feel Good Inc"

Yellowcard, "Way Away"

Linkin Park, "What I've Done". Over 35 Million views!!

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posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 09:48 PM
The O'Jay's : For The Love of Money

Black Sabbath : Paranoid

Godsmack : The Enemy

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 02:17 PM

party animals - aquarius

technohead - I wanna be a hippy

dune - million miles away from home

for me timeless because of nostalgia ,

nowadays I listen more to this so I what much music clips like this one..
one of my favorites.

okay I have posted enough for now but because this clip makes me so happy some Dutch style music gabber/hardcore

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 02:28 PM

Originally posted by SpartanKingLeonidas
Blade Techno Theme (If you know the band and song title, let Me know)

New Order - Confusion

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