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Satan's Machine

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:25 AM
Hi Buddies,

I have the complete break down on how you are controlled in todays world. Look for a book in about a month call "The Extreme Way" by LA Heller. It will make you aware on a level that you have never been on before.

The First Realm - Sub-Realm 1 -Government

This includes all realms of government and an all out effort to increase the size of government.
This would include controlling Families and Churches, through laws and institutions of the government.
All of the agencies which were set up by the elitists who ran the government at the turn of last century around 1913, needed a way to bring in the vehicles, which would be used later to take over the US and then the world. The IRS - Internal Revenue Service, FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation, CIA - Central Intelligence Agency, ATF - Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, NSA - National Security Agency, FDA - Food and Drug Agency, AMA - American Medical Association, FTC - Federal Trade Commission, FCC - Federal Communications Commission, NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Agency; that gets funding to create new materials, which will be used against the populations of Earth, FAA - Federal Aviation Administration, TSA - Transportation and Security Administration; who can search and seize your physical body and personal belongings if they so chose, and UN - United Nations; which has turned the other cheek to save the victims of mass genocide carried out by dictators of various countries, to name a few of the agencies that were set up to ensure the evil Satanic forces could control the people of the United States first and then the world.
The Satanic crimes that are committed in this society are not just committed by the typical stereotype criminal, but people in suits and ties such as the politicians, who contrive laws to extort and steal the hard earned money of the citizens legally. The politicians make the “crimes” they commit justified by the law, and not against any laws that they have passed or they are excluded or exempted from having to follow the same laws the average citizen has to.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:26 AM
The Second Realm - Sub-Realm 2 -Banks -

This includes all of the banks, both Federal, State and world wide.
An entire country can be controlled by the interest rate on money borrowed. Plus the owners of the Federal Banks can monitor your transactions and withhold the availability of money into society or can confiscate money from personal or corporate bank accounts. When the government taxes a person up to 50% of earnings, the banks offer credit cards and mortgages to offset this, so that a person won’t miss that 50%, because they have money coming from another source to buy the things that they want.
There is a plan to make everyone a borrower from these institutions, either through mortgages or credit cards, for a lifetime. The bankers are responsible for using government to impose new laws which would make the United States, a cash-less society. Once there is no longer hard currency, all of the money would stay within a banking network. This would force individuals to make all of their transactions electronically. The government, through these banks could track all of your flow of money from deposits to withdrawals. With hard currency, people can make all of their transactions “off the grid,’ away from the scrutiny of any government agency.
When an entire country is in debt to the world bankers, they depend on revenue collected by taxpayers to pay this money back. The IRS which is a privately held corporation is run by the families that run the world banks and they want to ensure that the debts of the US are paid back to these private individuals. Federal Reserve Banks - to create a central banking system according to The Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx as a method to control and restrict everyone’s ability to transact freely.

The Third Realm - Sub-Realm 3 -Food and Energy

This includes regulating all of our food sources, all of our water sources and forms of energy including coal, oil, and all other methods of providing energy for our homes and vehicles. This includes the product of energy – electricity and gas. Controlling all of our consumer goods such as vitamins and health products through the instruments set up to regulate them.
The government can control our water systems and the quality of water. The toxic substance of sodium fluoride has been added to the public water systems of the US and it was used as a rat poison and as a paralyzing agent when it was added to the water supply in Nazi Germany during World War 2, before hauling off the millions of people to the concentration camps. It slows down motor functions and dulls mental acuity.
They can also control our health by regulating what vitamins and the quality of other food sources. The FDA and the AMA was set up to do this.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:27 AM
The Fourth Realm - Sub-Realm 4 -Education

This includes all forms of education through public and private schools including home school academies.
If a country can indoctrinate the children at a very young age before the age of 7, they can capture their minds and solidify how they will think about certain issues. This brainwashing process begins in pre-school. Public education, which was set up as a result of a man named Horace Mann, who came back from Prussia in the 1800's. He observed the workings of their socialist education system, and brought the idea back to the US, and under the guise of “providing” an education for all, for the benefit of all, the public institutions were set up in this country. The mass education system as a whole is a large tool for Satan to immerse public students in an environment, which is separate from the parents and which promotes un-Godly behavior and principles. For approximately 25-30 hours per week, for 12 years minimum children are inundated with information that has a bias perspective in order to get them to agree with the Satanic viewpoints which will destroy our society and then our world. When you run the math on this, the schools have your children for 12,960 hours from kindergarten through 12th grade. That’s a lot of time to mold a person’s way of thinking, which affects them for life. This doesn’t include a higher education at a university, where the indoctrination is reinforced, by secular professors.
The NEA - National Teacher Association, ensures the security of their positions, by ensuring that no change is made to the public education system which would jeopardize their jobs. They make sure that the government keeps funding public education. This group is also a tool for the promotion of both socialist and communist ideals, which are a tool of the Satanic forces who want to take the souls and minds of people at the earliest age possible. Satan considers these children, easy recruits to his team.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:27 AM
The Fifth Realm - Sub-Realm 5 - Business

This includes all businesses both, private and public, local and those U.S. businesses located around the world.
Satan’s forces are now controlling most aspects of business to ensure that the average person can never be a competitor to the major corporations which are being used to take over the world, through a control of certain commerce and products. The elitists can get members of the government to keep new businesses formed at bay, through new tax laws, which preclude most new enterprises from benefiting from having an independent company. If a particular company becomes a target for these Satanic forces, they can use the legal and government systems to shut them down either directly or indirectly.
An average person cannot obtain and purchase a large oil company. I personally saw entrepreneurs that owned many gas stations and when they tried to expand and purchase more stations, they were disallowed to get any bigger as an independent company. In many cases, the big oil companies would attempt to buy back these stations. When the owner refused to sell their station back, the oil company put them out of business by terminating all deliveries of oil, which would fill the tanks underground. With no gas to sell, they were put out of business, losing everything.
It appears that Bill Gates, as a businessman, slipped past these Satanic forces who could have stopped him. IBM and certain other companies didn’t understand the power of mass distribution of a software operating system and that this was where all of the focus should have been, and not the hardware. But Bill saw the vision of this long before anyone else did. Bill was supposed to bring in the technical age and power of computer software. Although certain people are not part of the Satanic forces, but they are used by God to fulfill Bible prophesy. Bill is one of these individuals, who may not know that he is a person who was instrumental in helping to fulfill the Book of Revelation. Bill had a vision of computers and software, but he may not have seen the entire world vision, that he became a part of ultimately. Without this advancement in technology, the subcutaneous microchip wouldn’t have been devised, which will implement the “Mark of the Beast” through everyone’s social security number.
The large pharmaceutical companies are a huge tool to Satan and they are able to get certain drugs distributed through certain government mandates. The public schools are big distribution centers for these drugs such as Ritalin. The teachers have been mandated to diagnose, without a medial license that a large majority of children be prescribed to take this medication for an illness that was a fabricated, fictitious concept created by psychiatrists; who are also big distributors of these drugs. The FDA is involved because it approved this drug. Money is the motive for everyone involved because the school districts get hundreds of dollars per child that they put on the drugs, and the psychiatrists get a commission from the drug companies to prescribe these drugs. The people, who are members of the FDA councils, also sit on the boards of directors of these drug companies and they get paid high dividends on the drug company shares of stock that they own.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:27 AM
The Sixth Realm -Sub-Realm 6 - Media

This includes Newspapers, TV, Radio, magazines.
China controls all of its communication on the internet, by censoring information with tens of thousands of government internet police. What information a society gets can be controlled through this medium and what people think can be effected by the bias in which the information is conveyed.
Through the media, the opinions of an entire population can be swayed to think in another direction. Satan has used this medium for a long time, in order to convey a change of viewpoint regarding a certain subject. In the United States, both the secular humanists and the atheists have tried to build a consensus against Christianity as a whole, to justify “erasing” all aspects of God and Jesus from society. The Christians have been targeted for destruction through the mass media. This is a fast and easy way for Satan to achieve every goal he has to not only destroy the people of Earth, but to make it seem “uncool” or “politically incorrect” to be a Christian. He can quickly achieve the goal of disconnecting people from a personal relationship with God and Jesus. This aspect may reduce the chances of the people who have not become a follower of Jesus and God, of finding out the truth about our Creator. It may even have the effect of making Christians “doubt” their belief system and faith because they think differently than those around them.
During the time I owned the New York Times, I remember the Satanic forces that came in and took over my newspaper. And today, the influence of the NYT is worldwide. Information can be released very quickly and broadly through both printed and electronic media.

The Seventh Realm - Sub-Realm 7 - Entertainment

This includes Movies - production studios, TV - stations, Radio - stations, Music - studios, Sports and all of the satellites to broadcast transmissions and all of the distribution houses; movie theaters. Today, the internet would now be included in this realm.
Currently, Satan has used this medium to saturate society with information that can disaffect individuals from God and Jesus. It is a powerful medium that can change the perspective of an entire society about a variety of subjects, through the scripts of movies, lyrics of songs, dialogue of talk show hosts and the character examples created by sports figure. The individuals that make up the personalities of these fields, have a huge responsibility to the people they entertain which is to keep their messages sound.
But this is not the case, for now. Satan can use the individuals that work throughout the whole entertainment industry to get people to see things his way and to try and convince them that what was considered bad before isn’t anymore. An entire society can become “desensitized” to the evil of Satan’s antics. Satan has attempted to flip and change people’s perspective on many subjects.
The society of the United States is being changed for the worst, by enlisting people to “protect” and “ignore” bad acts perpetrated on members of our culture. People begin to, in essence, condone the bad acts of Satanicly influenced people (SIP)s, by not doing anything to stop it from continuing or protecting the victims of these crimes as a society - by demonstrating, changing the laws or by not complying with Satanic laws.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:28 AM

The tools of this machine encompass the very instruments and laws that are set up to take over the world. Since Satan’s only goal is to destroy, he has set up a very complicated system, which is now embedded in the very fiber of government in the United States. The part of this machine - the U.S. government, is also being set up as a model for other governments, as an interim plan, before the implementation of the one-world government takes place and the one- world order (a socio-political system; involving both social and political factors), also called the new-world order - as it was called during a speech, after the 1991 Gulf War, by the then president, George Bush Sr. The one-world order - the laws and the systems which will be used to control the people of the world, will be based on the decisions of the one-world government. A new “world federal government” will be controlled by the globalist; a small group of elitists, and their own hand picked people will make up the one-world government. Throughout this book, I will refer to the “new world order,” as the “new one-world order”, because this is exactly what it is.
The propaganda machines of the media are used to enlist people to agree with certain campaigns, which do change a person’s perspective and viewpoint about the subjects they are promoting. Satan uses the various agencies to create campaigns, schemes, systems and machines which are promoted through the mediums of the media, movies, TV and implemented by the courts through evil judges, and any rebels or resistors to his plans are quieted by psychiatrists who use drugs created by the drug companies, mental institutions and “new” disease labels invented by them. Any resistors are labeled “crazy” or any attempt by them to get back in the rules for happy living, mentioned in the Bible, especially in the Gospels; any of the first four books of the New Testament, have an “illness” or “phobia,” and are labeled the “anti-citizen,” to ostracize and shut them up.
There is so much to tell you, that I do not have enough time to get this book out in a timely fashion and reveal all of the tricks of Satan. But I have highlighted some of them above.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 12:31 PM
If I read your OP correctly, the "nutshell commentary" as I've phrased it in other areas of the ATS forum could be summed up as follows:

"The First Realm - Sub-Realm 1 - Government"
The firm belief in "Divine Right to Rule" is the motivation for total control over the population. The main problem is that the government operates too much under the influence of Business...Which is totally dominated by Banks...A bit more on those below.

"The Second Realm - Sub-Realm 2 - Banks"
Various threads all over ATS discussing the illegality of the Federal Reserve: By setting up & enforcing a debt-based economy as opposed to an economy based on something of intrinsic value, the Banks have bought out the whole of the population as slaves. Also, there's the description I've used for the Merchant Class in a thread I started way back in 2002. (No disrespect or copyright infringement intended on Alvin Tofflers).

"Third Realm - Sub-Realm 3 - Food & Energy"
Admittedly, I haven't spoken out a lot on this subject: However, I've read and/or participated in threads mentioning such topics as Peak Oil, aspartame, floridation of water, the lobbying from the Big Pharm Corps, etc. But one thing I've never mentioned at ATS before is the fact that the US government had "decided" that certain types of monopolies are only "for our benefit," such as electric power supplies, water processing & contractors that build public works (such as the road systems).

"The Fourth Real - Sub-Realm 4 - Education"
I'd need all of the fingers & toes of all registered ATS Members to count the number of complaints about the education system...But my personal overall, single-biggest complaint is that the schools place so little effort on teaching the Constitution, its basic history & its meaning & intent. How many people today think that the USA is supposed to be a democracy when it was always supposed to be a Constitutional Republic? How many people realize that the President's Oath of Inauguration also applies to all Offices of all three branches on State & Federal levels? That very same Oath requires the government to support the Republic form of government instead of a democracy?

"The Fifth Realm - Sub-Realm 5 - Business"
I would have classified this as a sub-realm of Banks: Even though Banks are only one business out of many kinds, Banks have near-absolute of all other Businesses due to the fact that they handle the money of all other businesses & the government as well. I've already covered most of what I needed to say about the Merchant Class (linked above), but I can't agree with you about Bill Gates...Check out the website (There's a problem between the URL address & the auto-censors here at ATS...The address is where you see the "#" here, you must spell out the 4-letter "F-word" to reach the address: They changed the name of the website, but not the domain name

"The Sixth Realm - Sub-Realm 6 - Media"
No arguments here...Plenty of info about the suppression of "Free Press" is all over ATS. In a Constitutional Republic, there's no restrictions on Free Press...But in a Democracy (which is essentially "Mob Rule"), all it takes is someone with a good grasp of PR manipulation to rule a nation where 51% of the voters can vote away the Rights of the other 49% (until no one has any Rights left).

"The Seventh Realm - Sub-Realm 7 - Entertainment"
Actually, I would classify this as a sub-realm of Media. I've forgotten how many times that the "entertainment industry" has admitted that they merely cater to "the lowest common denominator." To stay in Business (there's that dirty little "B" word again), they have to keep their ratings up so they can keep the best sponsors for their commercials.

"The Tools of Satan"
When you mentioned "Daddy Bush" I had to chuckle...It's because I'm a vet during Daddy Bush's reign and, ironically enough, that's also the time I started to wake up & smell the BS.

When you were talking about the NWO (in general terms), I felt that I should point out that that so-called "New World Order" is merely a re-enforcement of the "government above people" system that has been our lot ever since the beginnings of human civilization...In a nutshell, it's really the "Old World Order." In my view, the true New World Order was the Constitutional Republic of America, as it had (for the first time in history) put People over a strictly limited government.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 01:06 PM
You have the commentary down. All the conspiracies out there are real. The only problem is we have the wrong super bad guy to say. There are many High Level officals that are on the dark side and pushing to the slave state. This has been underway for over 4,000 years thats why they have so much control now.

Notice Satan's is in there. That means there is a God. We seen the UFO files from the British Government and we seen the Roman Catholic Church anounce that a belief in Aliens os ok.

They are gearing us up to see the Aliens in the future. It is important to really know that the Aliens control the government and have been here for so long.

Remember the Bible. The government made religion out of it. The Bible was really the warning that Aliens are here affecting us. The Bible was changed. Jesus did come. They make all the religions fiscals on the news because everyone associates the Bible to them and wants to call them nuts. So no one will ever think that the Bible told us that Aliens/Satan and his minions are here messing with us. That is the real meaning. In order to over come this we must come together.

Satan's Machine - His tool to rule us and keep us distracted.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 06:29 PM
Target Earth - Ground Zero: The Count Down to the Final Battle
By LA Heller.

It comes out soon. We need to get this in the hand of everybody. I will have the website up soon. The need is as important because it Identifies the whole entire picture on how f'ed up this world and the reset about to come.

Look for it soon in about a month.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 04:26 PM
Who ever rules these 7 realms rules the world.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Check out the cover of the book -

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 01:17 PM
Please take a moment a really look in to the system that controls you. They use these Realms and create new entities in them as need when people start going out of their control system.

YOu were born in to this system so you take it as is and they way it is, but that is crap, it is a prision system that strikes fear in everyone because of the uncertainty. This system is not work and on the down fall.

The best slave is a slave that think they're free. - know that

This is our last chance to get out. You must read some of my other threads to get a bigger picture of the universe and what is really going on.
Come outside the box, it is the only way, before it is to late. I am not saying that just because. It really is.

We have identified the Target and he is the one that controls the people and groups you see putting these into play.

Here are my other threads that you should read....

Maybe Copy and past the information that I placed on them so you can just get a quick read through them....'''''

There is a solution and I am working with the team to bring the solution to the people.

We the People deserve Freedom and not to be Lied to. We are doing something about it.

We need everyone help to make the change and rely on ourselves to do it.

The government is not doing it for us and you know this.

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