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My Evil Plan for World Domination

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:35 AM
Bet you didn't know ol Wukky was an evil genius did ya?

Well I am, I even have a evil laugh, (mu hu ha ha ha ha ha ha) see how evil it is?

So I am going to take over the world one day. My diabolical plan first starts with that chaotic region known as the Middle East! MU HU HA HA HA

First I am going to take all the violent criminals from all of the worlds prisons and set them loose on the middle east! All the gang members all the serial killers all the lunatics, give em guns and let them loose on the people of the middle east and watch as the panic ensues! ah, ha ha ha!

Second I am going to round up all the clowns I can find. Then let them loose on the streets of the middle east! YES CLOWNS, MY EVIL CLOWN ARMY! Why clowns you ask? Because nothing and I mean nothing causes more panic and confusion than thousands upon thousands of clowns descending on a city!

Then just to add insult to injury I will unleash a hoard of MIMES into the panic stricken streets as land mimes! People running for their lives from the maniacs, killers, and clowns will have to deal with my evil mimes perpetually caught in invisible boxes and pulling on ropes!

Then to thwart the plans of any do gooding heroes out there I shall have my army of Caffeine Addicted Koala Bears! to readily dispatch them as they arise! Mu hu ha ha ha! (note evil laugh to prove how evil I am)

Yes as panic and disorder engulfs the entire middle east I shall take and sell the oil to fund my next dastardly evil plan! GIANT RADIOACTIVE MUTANT HAMPSTERS! AH ha ha ha ha ha!

I will unleash my hordes of giant radioactive mutant hamsters on the good people of Lichtenstein! Creating panic in the streets and chaos will rein!

Yes people of the world I What U KNO am going to take over this planet! You shall all bow to the will of my mighty evil plan!

[edit on 5/20/2008 by whatukno]


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