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global warming might affect your Survival plan

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:06 AM
My daughter and I were talking about Global Warming Yesterday... anyway the theory that the most catastrophic result of global warming could be an abrupt cooling cropped up. she was startled to learn global warming could lead to the next ice age,,,

You see the thought is if enough ice in Greenland is melted that could shut down The North Atlantic Current and this could happen overnight and without warning

judging from recent discoveries, an abrupt cooling could be triggered by our current global-warming trend. Europe's climate could become more like Siberia's. Because such a cooling would occur too quickly for us to make readjustments in agricultural productivity and supply, it would be a potentially civilization-shattering affair, likely to cause an unprecedented population crash. What paleoclimate and oceanography researchers know of the mechanisms underlying such a climate flip suggests that global warming could start one in several different ways.

EUROPE is an anomaly. The populous parts of the United States and Canada are mostly between the latitudes of 30° and 45°, whereas the populous parts of Europe are ten to fifteen degrees farther north. "Southerly" Rome lies near the same latitude, 42°N, as "northerly" Chicago -- and the most northerly major city in Asia is Beijing, near 40°. N. London and Paris are close to the 49°N line that, west of the Great Lakes, separates the United States from Canada. Berlin is up at about 52°, Copenhagen and Moscow at about 56°. Oslo is nearly at 60°N, as are Stockholm, Helsinki, and St. Petersburg; continue due east and you'll encounter Anchorage. if you shut down The North Atlantic Current it all freezes over and stays that way! This has all happened before so they know what happens!

Of course no one is talking about the effect that would have on North America! read this little snippet!

Ancient lakes near the Pacific coast of the United States, it turned out, show a shift to cold-weather plant species at roughly the time when the Younger Dryas was changing German pine forests into scrublands like those of modern Siberia. Subarctic ocean currents were reaching the southern California coastline, and Santa Barbara must have been as cold as Juneau is now. (But the regional record is poorly understood, and I know at least one reason why. These days when one goes to hear a talk on ancient climates of North America, one is likely to learn that the speaker was forced into early retirement from the U.S. Geological Survey by budget cuts. Rather than a vigorous program of studying regional climatic change, we see the shortsighted preaching of cheaper government at any cost.)

Now there are Three Scenarios of what would be the result of a shut down of The North Atlantic Current. The population-crash scenario is surely the most appalling. Plummeting crop yields would cause some powerful countries to try to take over their neighbors or distant lands -- if only because their armies, unpaid and lacking food, would go marauding, both at home and across the borders. The better-organized countries would attempt to use their armies, before they fell apart entirely, to take over countries with significant remaining resources, driving out or starving their inhabitants if not using modern weapons to accomplish the same end: eliminating competitors for the remaining food.
Maybe you should study up on your Spanish now?

With this little tidbit and knowing places like LA could be plunged into the deep freeze... along with the rest of the country... for maybe 1,300 years maybe we all need to rethink our Survival Plans?

Quotes and stats taken from William H. Calvin is a theoretical neurophysiologist at the University of Washington at Seattle.
The Great Climate Flip-Flop.

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:55 AM
I don't mean to burst your bubble here, but I wouldn't worry about it.

Global Warming does not exist. At least not the man-made kind we hear about.

It's a hoax...a scam. Just another excuse for the government to tax you.

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