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Blood for Oil... well, how about BLOOD FOR NO OIL

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 08:30 PM
There is more oil than we could possibly use in 200 years up in Alaska ...
And as soon as we Invaded Iraq ... Oil Jumped to over 40 dollars a barrell... I could not believe that Bush would be pumping oil into our strategic oil reserve at 40 dollars a barrel... now that is what 1/3 the current price... if patterns hold... this is the final leg up... the question is how high is high...

Now back to the question: Blood for Oil.. well - I dont think so, seems the game is to take it off the market - not put new supply on... and that also jives with current refinaries ... which the newest is what turning 30years old.

This video is Greg Palast:
Blood for No Oil ... enjoy

This is the best description of what we have up in Alaska that I can find.
enjoy: Leslie Williams "The Non-Energy Crisis"


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