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Keeping Watch

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 06:36 AM
Hmm, I sorta agree with you. But that's what a military mind with military men would do more than likely.

But assuming you've got civilians and folk who have a speak first and shoot later mentality the best thing to do may be play the waiting game and see what their move is.

After a few miles of hard marching the chances are the 15 may give up.

An ambush is difficult to do unless you practice it and have all have a good knowledge of hand-signals, camoflage gear etc etc.
A lack of firearms also means that direct force may not work without injuries. Injuries mean you're slowed down and vulnerable to more scavangers wondering what the noise and commotion is.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 06:53 AM
reply to post by Blitzkreigen

Like I said, this would only be practical if you had first power and second a stationary base, it was just after I watched 28 days later, remember when all them zombs are running up the lawn to the house, the floodlights along the whole perimeter switch on and an alarm starts blaring, it wouldn't be practical making a defence like that without some sort of relay setup

You are right though, in most types of sitX that idea would be useless, I just thought I'd throw that idea into the pot.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 07:09 AM
Good thread again..
Totally depending on the amount in the group,of course.A staggered routine is preferrable.

If you've arrived at you intended 'base camp' and there is a risk of discovery by hostile element.Then sentries with alarm systems are ideal..
As someone has already mentioned.
Anything from trips attached to cans with stones,broken glass.. Layers of noisy breakable twigs..

Consider for the long term..transplanting a natural barrier of bracken,thorny plants,thistles,nettles totally surrounding the camp apart from the entrance and a hidden escape route.

People don't react favourably to having their sleep patterns constantly altered,So if people have a natural' preference' to their waking hours then,as long as there are enough 'diversities' staggered pairs of watchies can be comfortably maintained.

Bob likes hunting/trapping at night so when he gets back he can do 2-5 before he 'crashes out for the day'.
Sue is an early riser So she could do 3.30-6.30,Then kicks the low-burning fires into life for the day..
Joe is similar.. so he could up and do 5-8.Then go make breakfast for the group..
The remaining members are awake and alert So they could do increased watch times during the day(in staggered pairs still) where it is less strain on the eyes and a sneak attack is unlikeliest...etc until dark when the shorter watches are implemented then it all repeats..

If group members are planned successfully there'd be no time for boredom as everyone will be doing one watch and suitable tasks each day.

If I'm alone I've rigged up a hammock half way up a couple of trees and retracted the ladder.So anyone would have to be a loon to try a sneaky night raid.. Hope they don't bring matches though.

EDIT..Must get a spellchecker.

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:23 AM
Defending a Fixed location is what I suspect most of us will be doing.

You simply cannot carry enough supplies to last on foot with no resupply. (2 weeks max)

You cannot defend very easily on the move in strange territory.

You may run into someone elses hidy hole while your running from the 15 behind you. You may twist an ankle, or get snakebit. you may get cliffed out, or run into a wall, lake or river...

You have to defend 360 degrees every second while moving, and dont forget about the rambo snipers looking for your backpack.

I personally have kids, and women and elderly and animals that simply will not be "humping it".

We Do all have Go Bags well packed, but thats a last ditch do or die. Thats even going to take a cart for the elderly.

I can make it really difficult for a group to want to try to enter a perimeter for very long, and if they get through... there not gonna be happy with the "prize". Give me a day or two and it multiplies by a factor of 20, with force multiplier alarms and distractions.

Sometimes you just have to make a stand, and I will not be leaving any of my family behind while I can still fight.

Even if you have nowhere to go, there you are.... So make it work for you.

Defending on the run should be in your bag of tricks, but you gotta stop sometime.

Best regards,


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