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Why are old people so frustrating?

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 06:21 PM

Ok... here is the story.

Last Thursday my grandparents needed to borrow my car, i have a large 4WD and they needed to transport some things around. I agreed and lent them my car and they were going to drop it off Thursday night. 7:30pm rolls around and no contact, so i called them. I get Grandma telling me that Grandad wanted to keep the car for a bit and talk to me about the wheel alignment, it felt loose.

I said just leave it and we can talk about it tomorrow. So Friday comes, its roughly midday and Grandad calls me "Uhhhhh SilentShadow, i need your help fixing your car, we kinda *static* bumper *static*". So i told him i will be right over to check it out.

I just thought he must have backed it into something, however, when i get to their place i noticed the entire front of my car has basically fallen off, bullbar and all.

I get out, and talk to grandad, he told me what happened:

On a merging lane a utility truck flew past them on the left trying to overtake them, it got too close and as it went past, the outside of the utilities tray clipped the left back/side of my bullbar and basically ripped it straight out.

Well in this country overtaking in the left hand lane is illegal, plus we also have what is called compulsory third party insurance, which means that the other driver's insurance company would take care of my car. So i am cheering, no damage done to my family members, i get a whole new front end of my vehicle.

I then asked if the driver stopped or ran away, he did stop and my grandparents and he chatted about it and checked out the damage. All good so far, so i said alright lets go call his insurance agency and get this all sorted. Grandad replied by telling me that they didn't get his details

He continued by remarking that the damage didn't look that bad and all he thought he had to do was lift the front back on and fix it up a bit.
So they just shook hands and drove their separate ways. The other driver did offer them his details but they thought it was going to be ok. :bnghd::bnghd:

It wasn't till he came home and tried working on it for 7 hours that he realised it was alot worse than it looked. Yeh, $5,000 bad... according to the repair shop yesterday.

So anyway, they now have to scrounge together $500 (Which they don't have) to pay for my excess fee, i lose my no claim bonuses and get a new front on my car. Plus i get to drive their nice Mercedes around for two weeks while it gets fixed lol.

Anyway, this all could have been avoided if they just took his details when he offered them. Would have cost them and me, NOTHING. Plus the lied to me and didn't tell me about it for 18hours.

Well... [/RANT]

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 10:40 PM
Just curious as to what you consider the age of an old person. Personally a person is not old until they are in their 80's.

I find young people frustrating. My granddaughter borrowed my mule and backed into a tree destroying a tail light. A few days after the broken tail light incident my grandson borrowed my 4-wheeler and got stuck so far in the woods sunshine had to be piped in. He walks home and tells me he's stuck and wants to borrow my 4WD truck that could pull the chrome off a bumper hitch to pull it out with.

I took the mule with the damaged taillight and pulled the 4-wheeler out. Very frustrating.

Maybe I've learned my lesson. I refuse to allow any of my children or grandchildren to borrow my 1973 Sportster Harley Davidson or my Sunday go to meeting car.

I guess we all frustrate each other. My problem is my grandchildren have no money to fix what they brake. Oh well, what are grandparents for. I'll just be glad when the kids get their own toys and leave mine alone.

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:01 AM

Originally posted by dizziedame
Just curious as to what you consider the age of an old person. Personally a person is not old until they are in their 80's.

Well that's what they are lol...

What i guess i didn't make clear when pointing the finger at their age is their lack of concern for doing things the correct way. They believe it is all about saving their image and doing it the way they used to... take the care home and do a crappy repair job and it will be all ok.

They are always like this, no regards for the way the world now runs, sure it is a different one to when they grew up, but they don't even try to adapt.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 04:48 AM
I find old people annoying (60 and over) because they complain about everything!!!!! And they think they can drive when they clearly can’t :w:


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