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CIA and Intell Orginizations Disguise Technology.

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posted on Mar, 1 2004 @ 12:20 AM
Here are the thing I know can be involved with modifying a person for intelligence work...

Height modification of about 10-15% in either direction, Skin color modification, Eye and Hair color modification, Vocal tone modification, weight modification, and accesories (ie dressing up).

I know that height can be manipulated with anything from hormon treatment to the surgical padding of joints (increase) to bone restructuring (removing parts of bone to lower height). What I'm interested in is if anyone has heard of a system build into the body that allows modification in the field? (Something like implanted hydrolic system that pumps the joints full of fluid to increase or decrease height) I know naturaly we get taller as we lay down to sleep then shorten over the day as we stand, so i assume we could do even more with implanted technology.

As for Hair and eye color aside from dyes and contact I know chemical injections can do the same. Any other methods?

For skin color you can inject or ingest chemicals to alter it.

And for vocal alteration you can surgicaly alter the vocal cords. I assume you could also have an implant that would able to tense or relax the vocal cords by remote as well.

Anyways, anyone know of or heard about any other forms of body modification used to alter identity? I'm curious what type of "on the move" changes could be made in the field.


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