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On John Lear - Just flip the switch and watch what happens?

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 03:13 AM
What I read is that John Lear visits here every day.

None of this disagreement makes any sense to me. To me it is all about free speech, and differences in perception about semantics. Why should ATS deny itself and its readers a continuation of his discussions? So what about "insults," or differences of opinion. What I have read is too trivial compared with the continuation of a remarkable data base. So in these discussions we have read John will "say anything," does that really matter that much? Sometimes can we reach the truth by going through some inarticulate moments?

This COINTELPRO designation, it seems so what, the internet is filled with such operatives who no longer call themselves COINTELPRO, they most likely work for CENTCOM. No site such as this seems to be able to avoid those who hang out here from Dilbert stations, but there is a certain art of conjecture here.

So it has been said that John can return by doing an email and "apologizing," but he will not. The site management have apparently agreed to this and nothing is happening. You kept John here for three years, despite some reservations, if I am right in the readings. You know we live in a country that will not allow people to tell the truth say as Howard Lyman is speaking on Coast to Coast about important public issues. Lies or omissions are a faulted public policy. I do not register anything John Lear says here as anything even remotely approaching the calamity of failing to test every bovine for mad cow, and to feed animals to animals.

So in some semblance of parliamentary procedure I motion to just flip the switch and watch what happens, put it all back together, and see what John posts. To heck with this "bad blood," it is not worth it.

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 04:22 AM
The discussion is shifting to the permanent ATS Issues Thread which will now the the single-source for these types of questions/comments from this point forward.

Thank you,


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