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What Do Aliens Show Hybrids To Human Abducties?

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 03:11 AM
This is one of the weirdest things about abduction cases. I think aliens are evil but when you weigh what has been said about abducties, there are parts that sound cruel and parts that sound merciful. The tests done on people are horrible torturous and extremely painful, a show of aggression. However people are always left behind which is a form of mercy and there mind wiped of the event also a form of mercy. Having a baby grow in a mother then abducting/stealing it is wrong and immoral too.

Why show abducties their hybrid babies? For one it sounds like a act of kindness allowing a mother to see her child at least once before it is gone forever. On second thought alot of abducties deny it's there child, are scared and frightened and have even dropped babies from their arms. Also the hybrid children are usually scared of the humans probably because they have never seen one before. It seems like most of these meetings don't go well so why do it? Also if the aliens mean to keep this a secret which seems to be the case I have never heard a story where the aliens came right out and told a abductie point for point why this (abduction/experiments) was being done to them. So if making hybrids is a secret or the ultimate goal is a secret why tell them anything at all why show them anything?

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 03:52 AM
reply to post by UltimateSin

In my opinion, what aliens do to abductees does have a strong taste of consideration.

Those abducted do not immediately remember or feel any pain or stress. They are not left with gaping wounds that are stitched up and leave a life time scar. They are returned to their natural habitat, most without even realising something major just happened.

Those who are shown their child are being told that their DNA is being carried on elsewhere in the universe. They are being shown that they have contributed towards something that we may not even have a concept for. there may be some very drastic needs out there in the universe somewhere and using Humans as breeding machines may be the only option available.

We just don't know.

Now consider what Humans do to each other and to the animals on this planet. We breed or capture monkeys, rabbits, rats, mice and various other animals for experiments. These experiments include things such as testing cosmetics or drugs before Human use, testing of tobacco products to find long term effects, testing of chemicals for WMD use and many other types of things, no doubt some we are yet to be aware of.

How insane is it that we use animals to test cosmetics so that we can paint our faces and give a false reality to beauty?

We clone animals, we hunt and capture wild animals for test, experiments and operations. Effectively we abduct these animals from their natural environment, against their will, render them unconscious, do what we intend and then return the animals to where they came from. That, in itself, so mimics an abduction scenario by a 'higher intelligence' being.

Our medical practices mean we have to cut people open to perform operations and leave the patient with life time scars. Some patients take years to recover. Some don't.

Yes, our methods are becoming more advanced in the way of key hole surgery, but doesn't that sound almost identical practice to how the aliens go about their practices?

In this situation, I feel that we have a lot to learn and that we are less Humane than the aliens who abduct us. And I'm not even going to touch on what has happened to Human scientific test subjects during periods of war.

I would be happy to know that I have a child somewhere out there in the universe. Somewhere where it may have a knowledge and a life far, far more beneficial than any kind of life it may have on this planet. We have so many social problems today, it could almost be called an act of cruelty to subject any more of our young to the corrupt and illegal practices of those in control, subject them to pollution, Television, or any other thing you feel may be a directly bad influence upon your, or others, offspring.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 09:14 AM
Hi all, thought i'd post my first reply on this debate.

It's very true what Extralien has said, we are being treated as we treat other living creatures, we believe animals in one form or another inferior to us. This is why the greys feel it's okay to treat a race ( inferior in their warped mindset ) in the same manner.

Many abductees will tell you that they have a feeling or through hypnosis that the greys are a dying race and are desperately trying to interbreed with humans to regain traits which have been lost to them through their own genetic manipulation.

Also, many of these interbred greys are hoping that by breeding with us their offspring will somehow develop a soul. Different sources have stated that the grey beings have problems attaching " souls " to their mutated offspring. An attempt to make female captives bond with the interbred child are not working and the grey race will eventually die out.

They lack the fundamental essence of humankind, that is no emotion and therefore no soul.

I believe this to be the case and hope their experiments fail and that the greys WILL die out, they will not be missed by me for one!

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 02:42 AM
Have you ever thought that maybe the hybrids ask to see their human parents? If the Grey's attempt to create a child with a soul has been in any way successful, then it would make sense for the child to be illogical, selfish, and overall childlike. So, why wouldn't a hybrid want to see it's parents? Even if the Grey part of them says that it doesn't make sense to make contact again, a human child will always have a connection to it's mother. I wouldn't be surprised if some UFO crashes are the result of hybrids trying to return to their parents. Greys haven't ever really been described as the parenting type, have they? It would make sense to want to run away.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 12:36 PM
I heard it had something to do with life force. Babies mortality rates are usually higher when a parent does not hold it or nurture it. Back in the old days when orphanages had babies and there were no parents around the babies they were left alone in the crib and not held. Many of them died and people couldn't figure out why? I think this is the same case, perhaps a spiritual bonding must happen between the abductee surrogate parent and the alien human hybrid. The Greys are said to have a lack of concept or understanding for our human emotion or life force since they do not have these traits. If you are interested in this kind of thing check out David Huggins.
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