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Paranormal At Work

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 09:14 PM
i've got these things and i dont know what to call it very dark like very dark, viens ripping out inside my viens there lerks a Demon who's name is, who's mentioning the demon? i will leave just cursed me at once
this is unreal that the demon says he will leave, it's like i've got him on a leash, spelling words for me, oh hell no i have to leave to mental home i wrote this just on the moment and i'm kind of bloated bought a teddy bear is the moment his names Luke, i'm the jetti master, who know? i'm clearly possessed, absenense at last building want to wreck the building fury kept closing love drug is all you will get you there,i'm built like a jackal lantern breathing either fire breathing not convincing, i will admit i'm not convinced a bit this is the poem ok rather amusizing let's striahgt theory talk i have only tonight and that's it, we'll have a ball we'll *snip* your gonna regret it your regreting this influence rap around it


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