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(Video) Huckabee: I thought McCain's 'Bomb-Bomb-Iran' song 'Was Funny'

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 04:31 PM
Scary to think this guy could potentially end up as McCains VP if he wins. The two of them could possibley one-up this current maniacal regime we have holding our nation hostage, in terms of how radical they are. He is one twisted, religious-zealot nut job. It's "funny" to him to hear a potential future POTUS making wise-cracks about starting up another war and bombing a country?

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” today, host Tim Russert played a clip from Friday of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee joking about Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) ducking after seeing a gunman. Huckabee apologized for saying what he called “a dumb, off the cuff remark,” and pointed to similar “dumb” comments from other politicians:

It won’t be the last dumb thing I’ve ever said. I’m sure I’ll make other comments. I think we all in politics do. Ronald Reagan had an open mike and said ‘I’m gonna launch a nuclear attack against Russia,’ I remember John McCain saying ‘Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.’ I thought that was funny, but I mean a lot of people didn’t.

Watch it:

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