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Oil extraction and earthquakes

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 04:02 PM
Hi everyone...

The topic I want to find out more about is how extraction of oil from the earth's core might be effecting this planet. Some time ago I was reading the book "Understanding Earth" and did some thinking of my own.

Well, what I don't understand is what is the real PURPOSE of oil being there. One thing I know for sure, according to my logic, is that it is not there for our sole source of energy for mostly thermodynamic purposes, after millions of years in accumulating all that oil that is there. I have heard that oil is created by all the living physical energy that is transformed into the ground after it's previous existence.

Now, could it be that oil is there to smooth out all the transformations of the earth's core that occur all the time? If the earth is a living organism, could it be possible that it is aware of the existence of life on its surface due to the fact that everything is absorbed into the ground, and therefore it is accommodating its residents by lubricating its core and minimizing the effects of those shifts that occur in the core? Figuratively speaking.

My personal belief is that the continents did not just separate. I think the earth grew. I mean where is all the energy of the sun going? What is gravity really doing here? I think the water is one of the factors that stabilize those transformations whether the earth is growing or the official story. So if there is a stabilizer on the surface, could there be another one under the surface in the form of oil that the life on earth has created for itself and therefore made it more palatable for harmonious existence with everything around?

Here is a little graph that I found of the consumption of oil being compared to the intensity of earthquakes.

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