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Robbie Williams' Sightings FAQ

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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by secret-dreams

When they first announced here that RW had an experience and that he was coming to ATS... there were so many members dissing him. I couldn't understand their reasoning. They almost seemed to be motivated by pure jealousy... Not that they'd admit that... LOL!

Those people really left me at a loss. Hard to understand such behavior. Pathetic really! And yes - your right - they expend so much energy whining that they miss the whole point!

I for one hope to see him back here sometime soon. He was extremely giving of his time to members, his thoughts and was a real down-to-earth guy. More than you could say for most in his position - who potentially have a lot more to loose than the rest of us who hide behind a comforting veil of anonymity!


posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 08:29 AM

Sry, took a while for my friends to answer Q’s. Since I promised to ask around for ya, here it is (I haven’t checked all the links but hope it’s sufficient.)

Ur Q’s: (Not going to read back thru the whole prior thread so maybe ur Q’s are already answered.)

1st: The Triangular-shaped black object with yellow stripe:

What I have been told is it cud be either one, Alien or (secret military) US craft. Since there are no pix, it’s difficult to say what you SAW.

If you like to know more about it read (google):

What are Triangles?

About the Black Manta TR-3A – advanced Stealth Spyware

(Maybe the pics can help ya to define what ya exactly saw)

Black Triangle:


2nd: The UFO-sighting that was attracted by the sound (notes) of the song Arizona.

Sound: Notes - Hertz – Frequencies – Vibrations (EVERYTHING exists by Vibration)

Certain ‘ HIGH vibrations’ attract UFO’s
Read: The Ultra-High Frequency Follow-On (UFO) program written by
Diederich, Franklin W. (DOD, Arlington, VA)
Space Programs and Technologies Conference and Exhibit, Huntsville, AL, Sept 21-23, 1993

Magnetic Fields & Shields:

Solfeggio Notes are used in Sound Therapy and in Healing Techniques:

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Expression/Solutions
LA – 852 Hz – Awakening Intuition

Ancient Solfeggio music:

Also interesting to read is Levity with lifters - Psychic Vibrations - anti-gravity; includes items on UFOs

You know which notes you used, probably there were notes used that the human ears can’t even hear (like dogs can hear certain notes humans cannot hear). Try to find out which notes that were. Who knows ya cud be on the trail of an alien language

3rd: The ‘ stripe’ of Black Light in the studio:

I’ve been told that that was possibly a Portal of some kind that suddenly tried to OPEN, Inter Dimensional (other dimension) or Inter Space (like wormholes).

“there are such "dimension doors". The majority of these are ephemeral, lasting small fractions of a second.” (R.N.Boyd)

Q: at that time you all saw the stripe was the song still playing or was is the song off?

Be careful with opening portals bc ya never know if something wants to go IN or go OUT


posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 01:56 PM
Hi Rob

Ive only just read about your UFO experience and wanted to share some thoughts on it. I hope this is the right place to post. I really appreciate how you feel about having an experience like this and needing to share it with people as I have had a very similar thing happen. Let me tell you briefly about whats happening here, About 4 years ago I was on the roof of my house with 3 friends (its a big house with a large flat roof space, I wasn't perching on the tiles!!) It was dark and I suddenly spotted 3 dazzling bright white lights. They sort of banged into the sky travelling at great speed and changing direction . As they flew down towards us they slowed down and become more rusty orange in colour and glowed. Like your UFO there was no noise made. They went right over the top of us and we could clearly see they were a typical saucer shape but a little more stylised. Since then I regularly watch the skies and although I have never seen anything that clearly again I am regularly visited by white or orange lights. They either start off looking like little sattelites, then they become dazzilingly bright and then shoot upwards at excessice speed. sometimes they may just flash from space a few times. The other types are big bright orange balls that glide across the sky where low planes fly but make no noise. One time I wasn't looking up but talking to friends and suddenly the whole roof was lit up almost like a strobe. When we looked up there was a sort of wink from space. It DEFINATELY was communicating.

I dont know whats going on but I would say for sure that some of us are lucky enough to be the guys they want to start contact with. Something you wrote on another thread resonated with me about life has got to have magic and thats exactly what I feel. Maybe its because we almast have a knowing that they are out there we are willing to accept. I love the idea that they were communicating with you, almost showing their approval of your song!!! thats wicked!!!Thelightning and the black light sounds so weird, real spielberg stuff you must have been so freeked out!! It's weird but I keep recreating the experience in my mind, I dont know if you find that. I imagine someone making a film where my experience is recreated, just so I can see it again!

I would love to chat about our experiences and find out more about what you think. Do you think its building up to something bigger. Do you think we are being prepared for a first contact. Something that struck me about the whole thing is that none of us were scared. How about you? It is so good to find other people who can relate to what your talking about because I find most people just dont get it. I am so relieved I have my husband and 2 friends who shared and still share these experiences. You must feel the same way? I dont know how you feel but I'm so bored of having to debate with people about whether they do or they dont exist , I just want to talk about the deeper meaning of it all.

Anyway I hope I haven't waffled. Please feel free to get in touch. It would be good to talk

warm regards


posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by Majic

My personal feelings are that if Mr Williams explores his childhood he will come across some instances of interactions with his own beings when he was young that he has long forgotten.

There are quite a few "celebrities" who have had, and are having interactions with different aliens, and other beings, angels, spirits, etc.

As a star seed, it is very easy to tell which people are having genuine encounters, and who are star seeds. The last season of American Idol for example had 3 star seeds on it. One of Australia's biggest singers is a star seed.

Hopefully Mr Williams speaking out on what he saw, although I do feel there is far more that he doesn't realise yet, will get more well known people speaking up on the topic as they become more comfortable that to do so wont cost them their careers.

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