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US Soldier Uses the Quran for Target Practice

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 09:47 PM
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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 09:58 PM
I wonder y ppl need to do this sort of things, if they dun like Islam then so be it. Why they so stupid enough shooting holy book like no other business.Get a life soldiers! This is freedom of religion, respect other religion.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 10:07 PM
I posted this a while back and it fits in here. Thought I'd share it with this thread.

Quote from this ATS Thread, by SpartanKingLeonidas

Originally posted by SpartanKingLeonidas
reply to post by Ownification

Originally when I began this thread I was drawing parallels to Christianity and Muslim religions. It is not "Muslim" or "Christian" religions, but the people within them, that teach hatred and "martyrdom" for causes and beliefs. Essentially said, you've got one religion or another looking for people who are depressed, suicidal, and gullible enough to believe almost anything.

"Muslim's" and "Christian's" have been at war since the Middle Ages, or more aptly known "Dark Ages" for the religious beliefs of one's nations and Kings. Don't believe Me? Well, I hope you paid attention during history class like I did, or anyone else who loves to read. Do you doubt what I'm saying?

Go read a history book.

I put the "Black Sabbath : War Pigs" YouTube there for a reason. If anyone knows the words to the song, Ozzy is talking about politicians starting the wars simply, "Because they can" and for money.

All war has ever been about is money, land, or power, or all three combined in some form or fashion. It's just made to seem like there's a "just cause" for it, like taking a dictatorial buttmunch like Saddam Hussein, or Manuel Noriega out of power. In war, it's called "posturing" (under B) for power. Where one idiot will stand on a hill and beat his/her chest and scream at the top of their lungs, "I have control of this hill and My pee-pee is bigger than yours" and then the other moron stands on the other hilltop and reiterates the same comment.

Basically it's a rather large game of "King of the Mountain." Then of course, you send other people, usually the poor and needy, who need desperately to feed their families back home, to war. How do you do this? Why by manipulating them through their religious beliefs and indoctrinated views to see the other "bad guy" on the other side of the battlefield as the "enemy" when usually they're just as scared as the soldiers trying to kill them.

That's not My belief system, but My interpretation of war through the understanding of war, the Art of War, war politics, and government period. Pick your government, and insert it here *IDIOT CONTROLLERS*.

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by Alvatore

This post has to violate the T & C a couple different ways. First, there's the name calling and insults. And also the "text message" style of writing.

How about you go back and learn some decorum for dealing with others. And then you can take the time to fully spell out the words for what you are trying to say - even if they are basically insults with no other substance.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 10:22 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Thanks for contributing this SKL. I absolutely agree with you that this war, just like most are about control and consolidation of wealth and power. You get a star from me man. Keep up the good fight.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by Alvatore

w3 h4v3 n0 1d34 wh4t 1t 1s y0u 4r3 s4y1ng...g0 b4ck t0 sch00l 4nd g3t 4 pr0p3r 3duc4t10n b3f0r3 c0m1ng b4ck!

mods I apologize for breaking T&Cs but I'll take the hit...thats fine

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by wutone

Yes you are absolutely right, a soldier isn't an artist.

But isn't a piece of art that is funded by the government also a representation of the government?

Nope. It's representative of the artist and the governments support of the artist's right of free speech.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 10:46 PM
I think its great. Who really cares if he destroyed the Quran, if he destroyed the Bible people would not care.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 11:09 PM
The only good Muslim is a DEAD Muslim!!!

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 11:19 PM
Bible, Quran, whatever. I would shoot a thousand bibles, a thousand qurans, a thousand other religious books to spare one life. We should just start shooting books instead of people. I'd personally hand you my bible to be shot if it spared a life. I don't think Allah,Jesus Christ,God,Buddha, or whomever you call your god cares about books. Muslims and Christians should stop caring what one another think. Isn't it ironic that religion brings war? I mean you'd expect religion to bring peace, happiness, love, prosperity, or any of the many things it speaks of. Humanity has a sick way of doing things and destroying beautiful ideas. War will bring out the best in humanity hand in hand with the worst. You hear of soldiers dying for their best friends, and then of soldiers torturing people to death. Those are just two small examples in a history of human conflict. Kill books not men!

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by USMC-oorah

But would you NOT shoot a holy book to save just ONE LIFE?

You know, if you really are USMC, that what he did hit the news over here and is costing soldiers there lives.

Sorry for the short post, not really more to say than that.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by USMC-oorah

It's a beautiful sentiment that you raise and I totally agree with you. The problem is the Qu'ran is not just a simple book to Islam. It's not even a book to them period. That is what was so dangerous about his actions.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 12:14 AM

Originally posted by Rasobasi420
Nope. It's representative of the artist and the governments support of the artist's right of free speech.

And yet that same government that supports free speech views the flushing of Quran as a hate crime?

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 12:19 AM
I personally dont care if someone shoots, burns or whatever a Quran or a Bible. It is just a book. If one can not have faith without a book, then they have no faith at all IMO. Because one day, we may never be "allowed" to practice our religion, so faith needs to come from within - not from a book. A little off topic....


I think what he did was stupid for the sole reason of the ultra- sensative radical muslim community gets so flippn offended over the littlest thing.

So, while I could care less he shot up a BOOK....his action has put the rest of his fellow soldiers at risk - even more then they already were for just being there.

Too bad these ultra-sensative radicals cant just be adults and stop being so flippn sensative.

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 12:31 AM
Screw this pc crap, This is quite humorous in an ironic way...

I'm not to big on any religion imho they are all bs, but, Muslims seem to be the biggest cry babies I've ever seen...

I'm half tempted to send Iraq a damn care package of tissues with the message "cry me a river" included on a nice card...

I mean seriously they are childish, We treat em like a kid with bad parents who will appease the little punk just to shut him up...

I say we just amuse ourselves, piss em off in every way shape or form, and generally just not give a crap...

Maybe they will either cry themselves to sleep, or blow themselves up thus saving us money on bombs...

[edit on 19-5-2008 by C0le]

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 12:57 AM
reply to post by C0le

I might not directly agree with you on everything, but I know exactly where your coming from. It's extremly frustrating on all levels.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 02:19 AM
Wow, what an insensitive thing to do. I've read a couple of posts that said that this soldier was within his first amendment rights to shoot up the Quran, but just because it's legal under our Constitution doesn't make it right. Hopefully, those offended by this will realize that this was the action of a single person (I hope) and doesn't represent the United States as a whole. It's stupid things like this, among others, that is turning the world's opinion of the United States.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by centurion1211

yah i know that, i was wrong, ty for correcting me. But the thing is they do something stupid that cause another war. That i was gonna say but i think im too much

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 03:13 AM
Certainly nothing wrong with a little target practice.

If it boosts morale, then all the better.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 03:31 AM
I was all ready to write a long rant, but all of a sudden I feel a bowel movement approaching... omg!! No toilet paper!! Well... guess I'll use the next best thing... I always knew there was a good reason to keep this bible next to the toilet...

Religions... the cause of all problems... all 'believers' should be lined up and shot so they can finally determine if they are right or not. Then the rest of us can finally live in peace.

[edit on 5/19/2008 by RabbitChaser]

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