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your ghostly expereince post them here

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 05:43 PM
I know there are many people on this forum, who have had encountered with a ghostly experiences, Me included. Your not a true believer, til it happens to you. And it is happening everyday, prone to what people actually think, people have to co-exist and live with these misguided spirits. I would like to share a few of my own experiences, to hope to attract others to tell their stories. I have heard stories from people of all types, police officers, home makers, doctors, construction workers, programmers. All logical and level headed people of society. All walks of life. So feel free to share your stories and help expand our minds.

Experience #1

my earilest part of my childhood, was living in an old run down house 2 bed room house, with 6 of siblings, grandparents, and my parents. My parents being poor chinese immigrants just made to Los Angeles. The old run down house was orginal owned by a older white gentleman, who died in the home, of a stroke or heart attack. The gentleman lived alone, when he died the house was on the market for awhile, before my dad bought the place for dirt cheap. I was very young at the time, 4-5 years old, The earilest memory of the house was it, cramp and old but at least it was a roof over our heads. Anyways my first ghostly experience happen one night as i watched TV, now this is 1986, and we were dirt poor, I remember our tv set being one of those really old color tv where, you had to walk up and twist the nob to turn the tv off and on and turn the dials to change the channel. No remote. My mother was calling my little ass to get to bed it was getting late, I remember getting up to turn off the TV, and as i walked away. The tv sounded like it turned back on, and like if someone was watching tv. When i turned to look at the screen. It was blank, the TV was off. But you could hear a show being broad casted, instantly the feeling in the room got dense, and yes this has happen to me a few times in my life, and something told me to turn around and look at the couch i was just sitting on. And as i turned to look at the couch. There was someone sitting on the couch, but all I could see was the indent of the person sitting in the couch. Of course, being 5-6 I freaked out and ran and cried to my momma. We moved out of that place in a few years, We all knew something was wrong with that place, my parents always deny it though, but my grandparents, especially my grandfather, He has seen the old man before. I felt the worst for my two older brothers, they had to sleep in the room the guy died in. My brother use to tell me at night you could hear footsteps and breathing in the room, (both my brothers had to sleep on the ground, yes we were that poor). They use to tell me when they turn off the lights in that room, they don't open their eyes for nothing, until day light comes.

Well, that's my earliest experience of ghostly experience i can remember. Post your stories. Lets get a good discussion going.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 12:05 AM
That's some freaky stuff there my friend
I have to disagree with one of your comments though, not all spirits are misguided, or at least, not from what I've experienced. I'm giving you a link to the thread I posted months ago, on the story of my ghostly encounters.. No-one replied to it, I'm assuming because it's a long read, and some of the things I asked may sound mental, since it totally freaked me out! If you have any questions about it, just let me know

Have you experienced anything else since then? And do you have anymore details on that first haunting of yours?

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 02:09 AM
It was Boxing day, 85, My kids were in bed and I was sitting downstairs and crying my heart out, I was suffering from a bad case of self pity. I'd split from a violent relationship and was pretty much alone, apart from my children.
Their toys were by the Christmas tree and as I sobbed, I said aloud something like, "Nobody gives a !!!! about me. At that moment one of my son's toys, a radio controlled robot moved several inches across the floor. I immediately stopped crying and just stared at the toy, wondering what was going on. When the toy moved it made its usual zzzzzz sound and its head lit up. Well I felt that maybe I wasn't alone after all and as this wasn't the first wierd incident I had experienced I assumed I was in the presence of a spirit so I asked the robot if this was the case, to move again and as soon as I asked it lit up and moved about two feet across the floor. I was pretty shocked but hey, it snapped me out of my depression pronto and I thanked whoever for showing me I wasn't alone.
However the next morning, I couldn't get the experience out of my head and tried looking for a rational explanation to the event. I thought up loads of possibilities than were soon discarded, then I finally checked the robot itself and was amazed to discover that the switch was firmly turned 'off'.
I believe I was being comforted by spirit.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 08:56 AM
I have had many "experiances" in life but the most bizzarre was as a child,most of it I have blocked out,some of it I here goes..
The house maybe was a central point for spirits to enter I don't know,but my father a stout catholic,not a believer in anything not the norm also witnessed goings on...
I can remember being dragged from my bed during the night,something grabbed my foot from the side of my bed... I can remember being really petrified,and my nan came over and moved my bed away from where it was,I still to this day will not put my foot down the outside of a bed!
I have no recollection of this,but I used to have an old man visit me who I evidently used to talk to....I can remember discussing this in my early teens with my nan,and for some reason I just burst into tears...My brother had 3 spirits in the shape of men visit him during the night,1 tickled his feet waking him,of course he started crying for my mum and dad... My dad saw a lady in white,my mother also witnessed her...we had border collie dogs and they used to go crazy barking and growling at nothing visable to the eye..Many other things happened there that have disappeared from my memory. I have dreams strange dreams about the house,even now still on occasion,about sitting in the attic looking down (the attic loft door was always being opened,not by any person in the house) so maybe my dreams relate to this?
I was at the time made to believe that all houses had these visitors,it was the way my family dealt with it until we eventually moved to a different house...
I have quite a sensitive personality and have had feelings about places and people all through my life (all 40 of I have been right in some of my feelings I once had a feeling at a place I worked at that someone had hung themselves at the store room at the back,but before it was a storeroom,on investigation it turned out I had been right and there had been a suicide there a hanging by a young male!...I seem to be followed around by strange advents,if ever its going to happen its going to happen to me!

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 05:47 PM
First I'd like to say: I'm jealous.
I had a thread similar to this about cryptid sightings and had no luck at first and then got some stories.

I'm perfectly glad to give you some of my stories but instead of explaining them you can see the thread I have on it.

Just search "Ghosts in Blue and Gray" on the search toolbar in teh top right corner of the site.

Hope it's what you're looking for.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 01:28 AM

Originally posted by Trash can
First I'd like to say: I'm jealous.
I had a thread similar to this about cryptid sightings and had no luck at first and then got some stories.

I'm perfectly glad to give you some of my stories but instead of explaining them you can see the thread I have on it.

Just search "Ghosts in Blue and Gray" on the search toolbar in teh top right corner of the site.

Hope it's what you're looking for.

Ah thanks will have a look now

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 06:28 AM
I have never seen one but beleive my wife and I had an encounter with one.

In 2004 my wife and myself went on a 6 week holiday through the USA and Europe, about 3 weeks into our trip we stayed in a castle in northen Scotland near where the lockness monster resides.

The waiter was also the owner of the castle so we got talking about the area and the castle itself. He then proceeded to tell us that there was a ghost tour that he takes the guest around at 11pm, so we went. He took us around showed us secret passages that led outside the castle and told us about the tunnel outside were it was beleived that it went all the way to town.

Around 12:30am we went to bed the room had a fire place and a queen size bed covered in thick bedding as it gets cold in Scotland. I woke up around 3am and the room was extremly cold the fire was still burning but the air was so cold when I breathed you could see mist, but I fell back to sleep.

When my wife a I woke up in the morning my wife got out of bed to get changed that was when I looked at her legs and their where finger marks up her leg. I asked her how that happened she responed with " I don't know". We where talking to her parent about it over breakfast when the owner over heard us and said it was a ghost that lived in the castle.

He asked some questions if the room went cold despite the fact the fire was going and if you could see yourself breath. He went on to explain that the marks on my wifes leg was nothing compared to what some of the guest had expreinced over the years. He went on to say that the police where called out because one of the guest nearlt died when being chocked by the ghost and the police took photo's of the hand marks neck.

Everybody we have told about this say they can see it in our eyes that we are telling the truth.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 06:31 AM
An experience that made me investigate spirits. One time I was coming home from work as usual. I lived on the top floor of an apartment 13 stories high, after I exited the elevator I walked up 2 stairs to my frontdoor. I was still thinking about work but when I walked up the stairs and looked up expecting to see my frontdoor instead for a split second I saw this older man smiling at me, really crystal clear. I was startled and woke up from my thoughts about work, looked around but there was no one there. I thought it was odd but nothing happened so I got home and forgot about it.

Then a few days later I run in to my neighbour in the elevator and we had some smalltalk. Then she tells me about the man who lived in the apartment next to hers at the end of the galley, turns out he died in his chair and wasn't found for several days when she started to complain about bad smells coming from her neighbour. Her description of him resembled the man I'd seen, mid 50's, tall and balding. I still wonder if it was him I saw.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by Dragonfly79

Hi,to you

I would think that it was the man who died that you saw...It isn't unknown..
I don't know alot about it,but I think it has something to do with residual energy...
This is a subject that really fascinates me but also scares the hell out of me..I have always been aware and have a very open mind,I think sensitivity is the key which is why some people are more aware then others

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by cnm1976

Oh wow,that is scary stuff...How far is that spirit prepared to go is what worries me

I think it would be advisable for the hotel proprietor to maybe have a blessing to get the spirit removed,choking guests is not a nice way to welcome guests

I certainly wouldn't want to spend a night in that room!

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 12:51 PM
My experience was kind of funny, to me and my family at least.

My family and I were eating a large meal at the dinner table which was quite a rare event as me and my family do not get along with each other. While rather forced, it was a nice meal of pork chops and mashed potatoes and all that. After eating dinner we all sat at the television which was connected to the dining room (it was an open concept apartment building where the living room and dining room were together, attached to a kitchen that was accessable from both the dining room and living room). Anyway, we were watching the news without clearning our food or dishes yet from the table. We were watching the news for about ten minutes when all of our heads snapped to the dining room table where we all saw the pork chop at the closest chair to the kichen door fly up and hit the refridgerator across the room! It looked as someone had thrown it and hit the refridgerator and slid down the door. No one could explain how it happened as it appeared to be 'thrown' with a lot of force. All five of us witnessed it.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 02:13 PM
When I was between the ages 4-8 we lived in a small house in California. I remember having these re-occuring dreams of walking down our hallway and feeling something pulling me into my parents bedroom as I walked past their door. In my dreams, being pulled into my parents room was an irresistable force, I didn't want to go, but I couldn't resist it either. It would pull me onto their bed and towards the edge by their window. I always felt like there was something down there on the other side of the bed. Then in one of the last dreams I remember, I finally saw what was on the other side of the bed. It was a man dressed in black with pale white skin lying there on the floor. In that dream I then blacked out. I remember these dreams like I had them just yesterday.

Several years later while relatives were in town visiting, long after we moved to a different town, different house, I overheard my parents talking about that old house and how they had to have it blessed because THEY ALWAYS FELT LIKE SOMETHING WAS PULLLING AT THEM IN THE HALLWAY!! That blew me away when I heard that. I was like "NO WAY", it all came back to me. My dad said the light would always go out in the hallway and he'd have to climb into the attic to check it out. One time the wires were removed from the hallway light fixture, he reconnected them. 30 minutes later the light went out again. He went back up into the attic to find the wires DISCONNECTED AGAIN.

Apparently after having the house blessed those feelings went away and I'd forgot all about them and the dreams until I heard them speak of it, as I explained. There was something there and I dreamt about it. Weird huh?

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 02:43 PM
I have had a few experiences, but the one that cannot be explained is what made me a true believer.. It is pretty random, and kind of comical.

It was around 1998, I believe I was 16. I was sleeping, lying face down as I usually did with my arms under my pillow. I woke up out of a deep sleep because something had hit me, fairly hard, right in the rear end. It took me a few seconds to realize I had even been hit by something, but then I noticed that there was something lying on me between my legs near my.. rear end. It was my shoe.

So, I grabbed it, half asleep, walked into my brothers room and woke him up by asking him why he threw my shoe at me. Now you have to know my brother, he is two years older than me, and he does not wake up for anything. I constantly would wake up from his alarm and go into his room to shut it off while he was snoring. It was very easy for me to realize he was sound asleep.. and thus did not throw my shoe at me. But whoever threw it, hucked it, with enough force that it felt like it came from across the room.

The only other people in my house were my parents, and they were both sleeping in their room.

My other shoe was across the room, about 15 feet away all by itself... I'm fairly certain they were both together.

This along with many other minor things, pictures of people falling off the wall when you spoke of them, lamps tipping over for no reason, and the sound of a tv mumbling in the dead of the night, makes me believe the house was haunted.

Yes.. i was hit with my shoe..

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 05:43 PM
When I was younger, my mom's best friend's mom passed away. I had met her a few times and she was really sweet but, I didn't know much about her. I went to the funeral anyway though, and as we were driving I suddenly just had this image of her.

I can't tell you her first name or anything, but I tried to explain to my mom I saw her in my mind dancing around and around with really long hair in a blue flowered dress. I said the dance was weird, but she looked happy.

My mom looked at my like I was insane and proceeded to tell me that she was buried in a blue flowered dress (she knew this from the viewing the night before). She also said she talked constantly about how sore her joints were, and as soon as she got to heaven, she'd be doing the irish jig.

Not sure if that is an actual encounter with a ghost... but a little strange none the less.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 06:36 PM
Nice thread!

I have a few stories so I'll keep them short.

When I was 11 our father took us to the local woods in Brussels to sneakily (against mother's wishes) to let off some fireworks. My older brother then 13 was there as was my little brother of 5 at the time and a friend of mine of the same age as me. It was night and kind of spooky. We spent about half an hour doing so when someone noticed our little brother was gone! We all completely freaked out and starting looking for him and calling out. The forest we were in was very dense and we couldn't see very far at all. After almost half an hour of mad panic he appeared from almost behind us so our father immediately took us home. Back home we were all completely shaken and white but had promised we wouldn't tell our mother so she couldn't work out what had happened. Our little brother was completely unphased so our mother asked him. He simply said "oh, don't worry mum! it was fine!" so she asks what was fine and he says "... you know mum, it was fine 'cause the guide showed me the way..." to which obviously my mother says which guide (there are no guides in such forests at all, especially not at night) to which he said "oh! you know mum, the red indian with 4 blue feathers in his hat". Our little brother didn't know how odd his experience was until at the age of 12 he was somehow teased about it at school. Our mother claims that spirit guides are often red indian and that the blue feathers are a sign of spiritual guidance, although I have never looked this up.

The same little brother and I, many years later in France, both had the distinct impression of something warm and wet licking at the back of our necks while going to get firewood at night when there was nothing even remotely close to us. We experienced this on separate occasions and only recently discovered the other had experienced the same.

There are more but the last one was the most unpleasant and disturbing for me. I was living with my now ex girlfriend in an old house in London that had been bombed during the war. The bomb had completely taken out the room we slept in. There had been MANY other people experiencing breathing and growling noises in the house along with nightmares about spirits in the house. One day, arguing as usual, I followed her up the stairs to her room. By the time I got to the door she was already at the other end of the room but I caught something out of the corner of my eye and turned to look behind the door. As I did so I could clearly see a man sitting in a chair. At the exact same time I turned to look at him he also turned to look at me and his mouth opened with shock (I must have looked much the same myself) and he promptly stoop up and faded away. The most unpleasant part of this is that it really did seem as if he was staring at my ex when I first saw him. Many of the breathing noises would happen right in the middle of our more intimate activites. She always complained of feeling watched. A few months later after moving out a friendly neighbour told us, without knowing my story, that he had seen a blond man (same as the one I saw) in the window of that same room when he knew we were all out of the house.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 07:16 PM
One of the most bizarre and scary experiences that I've had was when I was 18. I was lying asleep in my bed, and the moon light was shining through the curtains. I had just woken up, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw part of my weight lifting bench rise up by itself and then slam back down. I still don't know to this day if I was just dreaming, but after the bench slammed back down, my first reaction was to jump out of bed to turn the light on. As I did, the light bulb blew. That obviously freaked me out quite a bit. I then ran to turn on the landing light and it also blew.... yikes
By this time I was really getting creeped out.
Being the big coward that I am, I went running into my mothers room and woke her up, to tell her what happened. After my heart stopped jumping, she convinced me it was probably just a coincidence. I then went back to my bed, and thankfully managed to get back to sleep ok, without anymore more creepy experiences.
I didn't actually see any ghosts, but it might of been a poltergeist.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:52 PM
my experiences are allready posted up


i used to be a heavy skeptic of everything paranormal.. untill my own experiences.

the first brings me back to two summers ago whe me and 4 close freinds went searching for haunted spots in our local area.

The first we visted was knowlton church...

this is connected with badburry rings.... witch sit on lay lines and old roman roads.

anyways back to the story...
to set the seen we had had a boring day gone down the pub for a drink very late in the evening (bout an hour before closing) and a few games of pool.

At this point me and my friend david have had a beer or 2. my friend smith was sober as he was a driver as was cock boy “bad nick name but his name” and rob had joined us late and had had one beer.

So we left the pub at approximately 11:20

obviously with the knowledge of driving to a haunted area our spirits where a bit high telling story's etc.... I was with dave n cock boy.....rob and smith in the other car.

We arrived at the site. Witch if you look at the link is a small church built on old lay lines and a roman hill fort... quite a small site.

Well since we where already pre freaked out due to apprehension it was a bit of a disappointment.

Nothing relay scary some nice ruins so we sat down and me and jones decided to smoke a joint. .. we then were all chatting and looking up at the starts trying to make out the consolations ( note at this point absolutely clear night no clouds just the moon and stars in the sky...amazing veiw!!) we had pretty much given up on a paranormal experience at this point.

Then a lull happened in general conversation and everyone fell silent staring up at the stars.

At this point I have to point out where we where sitting .. on the first link I posted you can see a side on photo of the ruins we where in the middle on the side you see.

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posted on 3-3-2008 @ 10:35 PM single this post "quote"REPLY TO:

This is when I senced something in the far of the ruins like something was looking at me.... I was re lighting the joint so I passed it off as paranoia. Then it happened.

I heard a set of footsteps thudding past me round the the whole building..12-13 steps in all a very long stride and it sounded like someone very heavy set running on gravel or something hard .... a real thud thud.

My very first thought that sprang threw my head was dont worry its a dear get loads of dear in dorset.......then my brain kicked in dont hear deer they just spring out silent like ...and on top of that there was no galloping sound more like a 2 legged sprint .this realization set my hairs on end...

at this point mere split seconds later I turned to jones who I was stinting next to sharing the joint I said did you hear that ..he had a frightened look and just nodded..... I stood up and then asked smith and cock boy. At this point just thought we where sketching cus of toking (even though we are hardened smokers) smith looked at me like I was mad did rob they heard nothing. Cock boy heard the same thing (he was a driver so stone cold sober!!!) this all happened in a few seconds...

as soon as I knew I had heard something I ran to where the sound stopped at the corner of the building... there was nothing there

Then something happened that everyone suddenly got darker... now as I said urlyer it was cloudless and moon lit nothing can make it suddenly get darker outer than a could over the moon...thins was not the case... it got so bad we spent at least 3-4mins stumbling around trying to find the path.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:54 PM
Now this shud be very easy as the path is clipped very short and showed very nicely in the moonlight when we went in. ( from the areal photo you can see its a circle with one way in and out from the road.we couldest find this!!!)

this really got us freaked out, even rob and smith that hadnt heard anything because they noticed this.

The cars where parked facing the church... I jumped in with jones and coxboy as that was the car I got ther in and it had my skateboard...any way when the lights when on the building became siloeted.... I had to turn away as we drove off as the shadows in the windows and tops of the ruins where moving you could clearly see things moving in and out of the prominent building siloet.... ( I must point out only me jones and rob noticed this). Then we drove off fast

the whole experience left me feeling freaked.

Plz note before putting this down to drugs im a hardened stoner one measly joint shared is nothing plus ...the main plus because I wouldn't have believed my own senses otherwise... cockboy also heard the noises... and everyone noticed the dark ...and a mixture noticed the shadows.

We have been there many times since hoping to experience something else....but allase nothing..

I wud post my outher experience but I think this post is getting on a bit now.....

anyway the church as ledges with the devil removing the church bell allways wondered if what we heard / happened was the deviel somehow ...or maby a lesser demon...not realy shure what it was but definatly real


Ghosts in the night....or what??

ok well looks like my first thread is dead..some lookers but no posters don't relay care cus i used to be of that persuasion.... must have been a reader here at ats for about half a year before i signed up...on to the point

in my first thread i spoke of 2 experiences that awoke me to the paranormal the first is my first thread.... this is the second.

not quite as interesting but here we go.

about 4 months ago i was going out with a girl. and her house was somewhat haunted. she had regaled may story's to me about stuff moving banging etc... i never belied her till i spent the night.

now id slept there many a time before but always with others in the house ...(parents brother etc)

well her parents and bro went on a holiday for a week...(fun times for me i thought)

well i spent every night for the whole week round there. at first i remember hearing noises in the kitchen witch is almost directly below her bedroom. this would always happen as we where going to sleep stopped having ...hmmm sex,, talking etc basically when all was silent and we where drifting off.

for Monday night and Tuesday i completely dismissed this as random noise in a big house. even though on Tuesday it was very rithmick and gave me the creeps.

by wensday i was dreading going to sleep and i rember bringing up the topic of her house being haunted as we walked back from the pub after a night with our freinds. she allso said she heard the banging the previous night.

that night was the same as the first 2 but is happened much faster like the Minuit we got ready for bed and got into bed we heard banging from the kitchen. so i went down to see if i could see anything.

nothing everything as i left t from making toast n heading to bed. though i got a sence that something was there ... not dissimullar to the feeling i got at my past experence with some form of paranormal thing..(see previous topic)

thursday we spent the night at a mates after a house party so nothing to tell you there but lots of fun

then the main thing that i can realy belive happened.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:54 PM
friday night aboout 12:30 we got bk from the pub and came in i was the last one up my ex went straight to bed... i went out bk and smoked a cig while my toast was toasting.... came in locked the bk door and the front door then had my toast and went to bed. when i got up me and my ex had an argument about something trivial..then it happened..

i was taking my trousers off...well my socks actually (got the toruses half down them went for the socks in a drunken state)

then we both heard a load bang followed by anoutehr... then in the proceeding silence the downstairs light came on!!!

just before the light i was scared in a diffent way after the light i thought it was someone breking in becuse my ex parents where on holiday and the car was not there... i grabbed the best thing for hitting someone that was close to hand trusty skateboard and started to move down the strairs.

as i got to the mid section i got majoir goosebumops my hairs all stood on end and it felt like i was been watched.... i stupidly called out who's there,,, and waited...

then i plucked up the courage to check out the downstaris roomsall the doors where locked still and no trace of a person... i switched the light off and hurryed bk to bed all was silent till i started drifting off and the banging started again but much much loader ....i eventualy went to sleep .

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:22 AM
I am amazed,its so good to see other experiances makes you realise how much out there is unknown...
I would love to know what exactly spirits/ghosts or whatever you call them are? some peoples theories are that they are past memories of the building that it occurs in as in the building has recorded the events...
I don't know much about it only things I have picked up over the years through my own interest in the subject and what had happened to me when I was little in that house...and so on...alot of people have said that there is a radical reason and it wouldn't be ghosts,but I know different,you have to have an open mind which I feel I have,which is why I pick up on these things..I think as a child,you pick up on things more so then when you are an adult because you are open to everything,but as we grow older some of us shut out things that we could not think possible...its the sensitive ones who stay with open minds

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