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Grays; The Nephilim's circumventing devine law?

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 04:05 PM

ive come to the conclusion that this whole reptilian thing is just another layer of deception.

Actually, there are no statues or artforms of any kind, prior to 3900 BC that depict humans. They are all greys, reptilians, and/or grey-reptilians.

(some may potentially be hybrid humans, but that's arguable since we don't know for certain what features these other races possess in the area of
reproduction and child rearing).

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by HuntaXX

After reading my response to your first post on this thread, it occurs to me that it came off rather challenging, which wasn't my intention. In actuality, we are pretty much on the same page here about just about everything. I also used the words 'belief' and 'theory' interchangeably, which is erroneous. It's hard to have an elaborate discussion based on speculation without coming across seeming as if you've taken a side. Even though we've all been pretty careful to clarify that these are just ideas. One phrase I see often in Undo's work ( that I appreciate
) is "my current theory is..." ...This is a reminder that she's acknowledging the learning process above all else, and that open-mindedness is the key.

And as unfortunate as it is that the 'reptile' subject itself has been cast in such a bad light, whether it's like Icke says it is, or just 'another layer of deception', we can all agree that there is something reptilian going on.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 05:25 PM
In Psalm 82 God took away the Fallen angels ability to not die, or be an eternal spirit being that can take physical form at will. Now days you can put a bullet between there eys and they are a gonner. However this would probably be pretty hard sence they do still have super powers (not trying to sound silly, but I don't know any other way to put that).


posted on May, 22 2008 @ 05:38 PM
i have another theory that's a bit more shaky but still of consideration:

i theorize that the gentile races were loaded with nephilim descendants and that when jesus came, he made it possible for even these nephilim
to receive the promise and the new covenant. i believe it was the job of those humans who survived the flood via noah's lineage, to deliver human DNA to the advent of jesus, and that following this, anyone could be grafted in to the tree of life (the lineage of the resurrectable)

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by Teratoma

You sounded like you were trying to compare our separate beliefs so i tried to clarify exactly what those were. im personally trying not to use the work belief to easily now because new evidence has made me rethink several of them recently and i suppose i just consider belief to be a stronger word

somebody mentioned how all channeling or communication with spirits was deemed evil and whats interesting about that is that it doesn't stop evil people who's goals are to willingly consult with demons from using that ability, all it does is strip good people of the ability to channel good entities that may assist them in life through enlightened viewpoints and technology to make the world better such as free energy which many "inventors" claim was inspired by divine channels.

Something to think about

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:32 PM
Wow. I truly thought I had come up with this idea on my own; that is - I have no conscious recollection of 'picking up' this info anywhere. It really was just 'my conclusion', or so I thought, after years of reading about aliens and UFOs. So when I saw this thread: The Actual Identity of the Greys, their Purpose as explained by the Andreasson Abductions, of course I clicked to see what it might say. I urge anyone who participated in this thread to do the same.

The thread above is a review of the book, The Andreasson Legacy, by Raymond E. Fowler, a well known author on the subject. Astoundingly (to me, anyway), it's a book about the very subject of this thread!

I haven't read the book yet, but I have been turned off by Fowler's work in the past because of the very Christian slant he spins into the UFO phenomena. I try not to think of things in terms of good/bad angels/demons black/white, but my research has me currently leaning in the direction of thinking there's something sinister, or at least not in man's "best interest" behind the Grays. I'd like to someday find out I'm wrong, and am open to the idea, but I guess I need more info to say for sure.

Fowler says that the Grays farm and genetically engineer 'vessels' made from human fetuses, but that it's all good because they're here to help us 'get closer to god'. I get stuck at the part where they farm and genetically engineer 'vessels' made from human fetuses.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 02:04 PM
according to a research that i'm doing the last few years, i found out that there is a mistake idea outside. All of the reptilians, centaurs, giants, minotaurs and other mythological deities are part of the Nephilim "family"

01) The Balah Clan. They have legs and head of the goat and human body. One of the most famous of that Clan was Belial. (Bael)

02) The Malczeh Clan. With hairy human body and head of wolf or dog. From that Clan comes Belial, who is the president of the 12 member White Brotherhood in Taklamakan desert. Another known was Saint Christophorus

03) The Bahomeh Clan. Their head looks like bat's head, they have human body and some of them have wings. This Clan was famous for its hatred and two great warlords are coming from that Clan. Nahs Hramon and Misna Vah

04) The Lonstveh Clan. They have human body and bat head. This Clan has great warriors too.

05) The Kah Snah Clan. They have human body and reptillian face. They can tranform to reptillians fully any time they wish and in order to keep the human form they need to drink blood occassionally.

06) The Mash Raveh Clan. They have the body of a flying bull and human head. From this Clan comes King As Mounde who delivered us all the modern science and technology and also the King God Ahura Mazda of Persian Empire who turned Xerxes against Greece.

07) The Nazh Raddeh Clan (Known as Hecatonchires). They have human body and form and they have many hands. From that Clan derived the archmechanics of CERN.

08) The Narudh Clan. They have goat legs and head and body of a human but with short horns on their head. One of the most famous of them was Satyr.

09) The Revah Clan (Centaurs). Their lower part of the body are horse like while the other half human like.

10) The Cah Reh Clan (Minotaurs). They have human bodies and head of a bull.

11) The Slaveh Clan. They have red human body with internal bones breaking at the back and black horns in front.

12) The Ntusveh Clan (Cyclopes). They were human giants with only one eye on their forehead.

13) The Saher Neh Clan. They have human body with head of a bird.

14) The Lah Meh Clan (Griffins). They had the body of a Griffin and the head of a human.

15) The Casr Abah Clan. They were headless humans whose head organs are somewhere in their chest and stomach.

16) The Cronian Clan. They were human like giants.

17) The Vasr Aneh Clan (Greys). They have human like form. They light grey color. their eyes are black and bigger. They are artificial race. Most of the Nephilim who work on the surface are from them.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 09:35 AM

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