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Conspiracy against your fellow man?

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 03:55 PM
You are working for an alphabet agency and have been working there for going on 15 years. You are vested, making $100k/yr., and have been there since college; the agency is all you know. You have no family and not much of friends.

You are walking home one day and get approached by a man who hands you a card and quickly walks away. The card just has a number on it.

Stunned, you immediately call the number, and a man answers and immediately talks about you from college to present. After a few talks, he tells you to meet him at an office one night to discuss a new project.

You walk in and see six men sitting at a table. Basically, the man tells you that the President is losing the nations acceptance, other nations are no longer afraid of the U.S. and something needs to happen to give the U.S. its edge back. He says the only way we can get the U.S. back to the way it originally was is to have a tragic event happen on U.S. soil to get people to unite, to get people to believe the U.S. is stronger than it ever was. If you choose to accept stay seated, if you choose to not accept, leave now, but remember I know everything about each one of you and you can kiss your careers goodbye and I will deny any knowledge of this meeting.

Given the mind frame of what I said above, would you accept? Now remember, this is the mindset of the person above, not your current situation now, but the one above. Remember, you love this country, you love the agency, and you don't want the U.S. to not be feared.

I put this in skunk works because I know this is not real. But, I want to engage in discussion about mindsets of people. I have more to come but would like to know would you accept?

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