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'Black light' encounter..

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 08:55 AM
Wotcha Folks..
Yeah this is a topic related to a rather popular thread on the go at the moment.
I decided to start this thread to see if anyone has had similar experiences as it is not something I'd ever come across apart from my own..

Mid 90's I had the rare opportuntity of a holiday which I decided to take in Halkidiki (Greece)
Now if you know the 'three legs' of Greece it was a place called Palini (on the westernmost leg) which looks across to Torini on the middle leg.

Strangely enough it was before a storm too..blowing onshore from the middle leg.The wind was due to get up so I'd thought I'd go hire a windsurfing rig but was discouraged as the guy "Wasn't insured for stoopid englishmen tryin to get struck by lighting"

I decided instead to go 'free diving' out to where the shallow white sands dip off rapidly to 'whatever' know where the lovely tropical looking green sea turns to blue.. about 400m out..

Now on this 'border' there were buoys attached to anchors I decided to see how deep I could go pulling myself down on the anchor cable...
After hyperventilating a while I started to descend but after about 50-60ft realised there was NO WAY I was going to make it to the bottom safely so I reconsidered and decided to float around a bit...
Here's where it goes weird..

(Now the goggle were quite well stuck to my face with the pressure so I could see clearly with no leaks.. )

On the bottom of the white sand area was the darkest 'blob' I ever recall seeing..
Of course I assumed it was the shadow of a cloud as the mini-storm was about half way across the 'bay'..but looking up through the waves above I could see the sun clearly as the squall wind hadn't roughed up the surface yet.

It just 'sat' there moving happily across the sand in any direction..
I thought it could have been a very large Bin bag.. a shoal of very black fish.. a mini oil slick..but it was SO black it was COAB said.. like a light..almost shining..electrical wise..

I remember feeling so COMPLETELY VULNERABLE at that moment ..400m out 50ft down but still calm enough to surface without panicking luckily.
At the surface I still watched it for a while but as whitecaps were starting to head in I decided to scarper ..
It was only when I started swimming in I got spooked..Glad I was wearing those turbo flippers

The odd thing was that it appeared 2d.. it seemed like if I was to swim up to it and around it it would still look the same from any angle....

Anyone else had a 'Blacklight' encounter? on land/sea/air even?

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by AGENT_T

Hello AGENT_T.

Your account sounds truly unsettling, considering how close a proximity this "blob" was to you. Your description of feeling completely vulnerable sounds distinctly like someone standing eye to eye with a great predator. That desription, by the way, makes me think you're telling the truth (doubt is a necessary tool on ATS, as you'll probably agree).

I am a pragmatist. It's a pain in the backside sometimes. And because of this affliction I have to ask; do you think it could have been a shadow of one of the bouys you said were in the vicinity? If not, why?

I know suggesting you saw something mundane is tedious, but we have to eliminate the obvious first before agreeing you encountered something odd.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by Beamish
reply to post by AGENT_T

..(doubt is a necessary tool on ATS, as you'll probably agree).

.. do you think it could have been a shadow of one of the bouys you said were in the vicinity? If not, why?

I know suggesting you saw something mundane is tedious...

Oh yes indeedy.. I'm actually one of those annoying people that comes up with doubts and 'mundane' explanations more than most..

The reason I knew it wasn't a buoy or cloud shadow was the lack of a 'beam'.. beamish

If you enjoy playing around in water as much as I do,you get to love the 'special fx' created by wavelets,floating object,clouds etc when you're underwater... some beautiful fx on sunny days.

They literally do cast a 'beam' through the water..Like the ones you see coming from clouds on the front of Bible covers lol.
You can play around swimming through them,it makes you feel like you're flying.

The shape of the 'thing' was just too defined, too 'sharp' edges,.. No hazing from diffusing of light through water.

It was the flat sharp image that was so out of place..hard to explain but like watching an old mpeg movie in low resolution..then having this 'ultra hd plasma tv' image appear in the center..
Just totally shouldn't be there.

It was even so sharp the first thing I did was wipe the goggles in case something had stuck to them and had 'pulled' my focus.


I know what you mean about the 'predator' instinct too..
I know if you face down sharks they'll normally back down..but they'll attack if you turn your back..

I've had to play 'I'm dead and bad tasting sharkfood' before.. Now THAT'S a buzz..

Strange you should mention that,
I don't know if I felt threatened,vulnerable yeah.but I was still curious..till I backed off and surfaced that is..
I was too busy torpedoing through the water to think about it at the time when I got the urge to get out of there,but that could have been the approaching lightning too.

Thanks for the interest.
It's really weird recalling it too..

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