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Why are we terrified of the Grays?

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 03:52 AM
Srry, triple post.... site lagged or something.
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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 03:54 AM
Srry, tripple post... (my real post is below).
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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 04:03 AM
I made the robot comment because 1) The Sumerian said the Annunaki had android servants & those servants much fit the description of modern Greys 2) the Greys do not appear to wear clothing despite various extreme temperatures & have no sexual organs 3) all Greys are identical 4) People abducted report that Greys move "machine like".

So that's the supposed facts I am working with to make my statement about them being simply androids/robots. If their blood is not red, then that can possibly give more credence to that.

Do you have any links to show about their blood color? I don't think someone ever killed one that I am aware of.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 04:07 AM

Originally posted by Truth01

Originally posted by ChaosMagician

Originally posted by Truth01

Originally posted by ChaosMagician

Originally posted by Truth01

Originally posted by ChaosMagician

Originally posted by Truth01
Ok for some reason what I posted before did not send. You need to have a r/ship with Jesus chaos to not be abducted. I would like to know what number case it was you are referring to,? Using Jesus name is one thing, having a r/ship with him is another. It's like this - say you are being bullied in the playground and you decide to tell the bully you are now friends with sam - the sheriff of your town's son. It might deter the bully once but of course they will keep coming back because they do not know for sure you are Sam's friend. Now pretend you are adopted by Sam's father the Sheriff and Sam becomes your brother. Tell the bully that and they won't touch you again because they do not want to get into trouble. The bully of course in this scenerio are aliens, Sam is Jesus and the Sheriff is God.

This is how it works in abductions scenerio's. But out of the 200+ cases, they have all stopped their experiences no matter what Chaos.

I asked you if you knew anyone personally with an abduction story.You have NOT answered that question. Why even bother telling me about 200+ stories that you have read if you have not even talked to one of these people...even online, much less actually know that person.

If I were you I wouldn't be talking to people as if they don't understand the concept of a relationship with Jesus Christ. I may know a hell of a lot more about the words of Christ than you may think I do and one thing I DO know is that you, as a mere human, are not supposed to be judging the soul of anyone and by continuing to claim that they are demons and are solely evil, you are judging them to damnation and that is NOT Christian...even if they are not human.

I'm real sorry you're afraid of grays and all but have you even had the opportunity to try this maneuver on any of them? Not if you've never been abducted. You are basing all your beliefs about a race of alleged entities on dreams you have read off the internet.

You can have your opinion all day long but if you think that the person I was referring to and their story, when they requested help from jesus and didn't get the help they wanted, that it automatically means they don't have a "real" relationship with him. Have you never read the bible? All Jesus asks is for you to turn to him and if someone is laying there after being abducted and screams for help from jesus.... is jesus sitting there say.... "Nope, you gotta say pretty please"...."with a cherry on top"....that's not the jesus you are talking about are you? I didn't think so.

I think the real possibility here, is that it does NOT necessarily work despite the claims of those who want to sell books.... unless the abductor hears the words and realizes that means his victim is really scared and if that isn't what he intended so much, maybe it's time to back off or in some cases... it just simply doesn't work because maybe God is allowing this to happen.

If you are in a situation and about to be killed and you scream for Jesus, does that mean that even if it's your time to die that jesus is going to automatically swoop down and rescue you? No, it doesn't. Think logically about these things. Jesus doesn't go around saving a whole slew of people from horrible horrible crap every single day on this earth.... but dare i say that *some* Christians wish they had a little magic of their own to use and they will do anything to make others believe it's real.

Oh yeah, another thing, if there is an alien takeover and people are being abducted left and right and the people who write those books really believed it and really wanted to help people, they wouldn't be charging for their books.

Doesn't anybody think about these things?

It's SO discouraging to read stuff like this. It's like some people are SO afraid, they can't even think straight.

If I was to be abducted by aliens that would likely not kill me and just poke and prod me a little bit and talk to me, I would certainly hope that if any prayers were answered on that day... even if I was laying there praying to go home... I would hope that some body's prayers, like a miner stuck down in a hole- I would hope THEIR prayers would get answered first and that something would save THEM from DEATH.... but it often doesn't happen, does it? Why? god allows it.... and he allows other things to happen as well regardless of how evil they may seem to be to you.

Everybody's a little superstitious to a degree but you have to ask yourself "Do I even know if these stories I'm reading are real?".... because you don't.
You gotta ask yourself "Is this a tried and true method that I can say works because i have been abducted?"...No, you can't because you haven't been abducted.

First, you need to know your role.
Second, you need to look at facts first... provable facts and as far as abductions are concerned, there are NONE... so I don't expect another word coming from anyone trying to sound like a fact about this subject because it automatically discredits what they are saying. If they cannot grasp a couple of simple concepts of getting to the real truth and are sold 100% based on their fears and allegations, then I cannot consider any of what they say. Everything they say on any other subject as well, I am likely to not listen to at all not because I didn't like their opinion but because they have shown me an erroneous way of arriving at conclusions... and I think they are likely to do the same about anything.

You have no proof or even evidence of any of this. Do not talk as if you do. Do not talk as though you are talking facts. NO ONE in here is talking facts on this subjects.

You wanna believe it, fine? I personally think you need to stop spamming it as well as those books on the matter, like it's the newest penicillin cure all from sinus issues to the plague.

If you want to speculate over stories, how about the ones where the issue of god is discussed by aliens? Why would aliens be so afraid of a word but then stand around and talk about it? Face it, there are stories coming from people who say they were told by aliens that jesus was a hybrid. Explain how they can talk about this but can't stand the sound of his name?...oh yeah, because of the relationship with christ you have to have. Now, are all abductees atheists? If they had a relationship with christ and this method works then why did the aliens even abduct them in the first place?

I'm going to ignore this thread before long. It's getting real damn deep in here. I'm going to have to put on a pair of wellies here before too long.
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I am not debating this no more either because all I am trying to do is help people through the only thing that can save them from their terrible ordeals - I never said I am a perfect christian, it does not exist. Just like you are not perfect, neither am I. However like I keep saying, if you knew a cure to something horrible, why would you not want to share it? To me that is selfishness.

Now as I said, terrible ordeals. You have NO idea what these people have gone through, and yes I have met several abductees, and talked to them. The fear they experience is horrific, much like Fire in the Sky, having operations forced upon them without their consent - this my friend is an entire VIOLATION of a person. How would you like it if some doctors decided to abduct you one night out your home, perform experiements on you that left you feeling in pain, scared and frightened they would come back and do the exact same thing?

However if people want to be abducted by demons (greys), then all I can say is I hope they do not make your wish come true.

Aliens can talk about Jesus, they can say his name - why satan does it himself, the difference is that when a holy-spirit filled victim says it, it is not just a word. Jesus comes, he is there and demons MUST obey to the law.

As far as saying I am spamming, well what you don't like is my opinion, which is mine which I am allowed to have. Furthermore, its a cure of sorts, as it has been used and tested to work. I have done nothing wrong here but share the truth.

Simple!....Give your opinion without going around touting it as fact.

I don't think you know what these people have gone through either. If you're going to back up their story as a credible reference then names and when you talked to them. As for myself, I have seen a grey and talked about repeatedly on this forum. I was five, it was in the middle of the night and everyone else was sleeping... I was alone with him. As for people getting abducted and having all sorts of things happen to them without their consent... happens ALL the time in the human world. now go start preaching that humans are demons unless you want to present yourself as some kind of hypocrite.

As far as your opinion is concerned, it doesn't matter what I think about your opinion because no one in here knows the whole truth about every grey and every story that has anything to do with them. What I do know is that you have some serious oversights when coming to conclusions. This issue doesn't matter. Any person in here could be right or wrong but until you learn to apply principle and proof of fact to all sides of the story, you haven't got a leg to stand on.

Admit it. Admit it's nothing more than what YOU want others to believe and I don't have a problem with it.

To have some grace in objectiveness is important if you want people to take you seriously.
What you brought to the table was a poorly made website with paypal links to books with "claims" of people you have never met.

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Well if no-one knows the whole truth about anything on this matter, then how can you say that grey's exist? Your posts so far have indicated as such, and yet you pick and choose as it seems what you believe.

What people bring to the table in this website concerning alien/ufo evidence is just as such according to you then, poorly made sites, evidence etc. As a researcher, you are being highly biased discrediting the information from ce-4 in order to fit with your own opinion. That greys are just like us, good bad and in-between with the exception of totally violating private space and torturing of a human. Yes there are bad humans in the world who murder etc., not as a race however do we do this.

no, I don't pick and choose what i want to believe, but I do believe they exist- yes.

Did you read what I just said? I said i BELIEVE they exist. I am not shoving "They Exist and you will love them" down your freaking throat in multiple posts like it's the only thing my mind can concentrate on. see the difference?

and you can ramble on about this however much you want but links to book sales is not an answer to back up your story about how grey aliens have no souls and all that crap. It is what it is... book sales. You can't give book sales as conversation evidence or storytelling or any of that. You give out those links when you want to sell books.
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ok well make sure you don't check the links to books on this site - ATS is obviously just a marketing plot!!

the internet is marketing but some marketing is done better than other marketing. keep the marketing separate from the repeated conversations. Blatant marketing is different from subtle marketing and subtle marketing is different even still to marketing by association that isn't even deliberate.

When you are having a conversation and use links to book sales as evidence of people with stories of UFO claims that is direct and deliberate marketing of books. You could have just said "read this blah blah book"
That is totally deliberate in my opinion.

Just recently in another thread there was someone who posted some links and the thread was deleted and anyone's yet to know why. It could have been for thread content, it could have been because people were determined to derail it, it could have been due to a link he posted that someone's security gave a typical warning because of mutual security settings or for all we know he could have bought a domain name and likely couldn't afford hosting as well and there are marketing campaigns on the server that is giving him a free website because that is what they do to pay for hosting. Now people are freaking paranoid, some because they think the guy is trying to infect their computer, some because they think the government locked the thread, the guy talks like he's paranoid that someone is shutting him down as well because his webhosting service is probably crappy and god only knows what happened to the freaking thread and why. It seems to be a cluster# in my opinion and I had questions I wanted to ask the guy and now it seems i was reeled into the whole thing from the very beginning as some kind of weird charade about the authenticity of people making any of these types of claims but most importantly, the ones who tell you they can give you information and proof.

Which in itself, means absolutely nothing and does not change straight forward marketing which is what posting a direct link to a book sale is. There's nothing even subtle about that.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 04:12 AM
double post

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 04:32 AM

Originally posted by space cadet
We are terrified of the grays because in general, no one looks good in gray. It makes you look sullen, or sick. A nice shade of blue paired with grays can look nice though.
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Lies! Grey is cool, it has a nice sense of balance.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 04:50 AM

Originally posted by MasonicFantom
reply to post by ChaosMagician

1) Sumerian said the Annunaki had android servants. They match the description of the modern day grey. 2) The Greys don't wear clothing & are all identical 3) people that have been abducted say they move in "a machine like manner". So that's just what I'm going off to make the robot comment.

What do you mean blood? I never seen or know of one bleeding. Link me please if there is such a thing. If their blood is not red that possibly gives more credence that they are androids.

yeah, this thread isn't working too well.... me thinks the servers are having issues tonight.

anywho... I have absolutely no evidence of any such thing but let me just throw a few things out there.

if they look like we imagine them to look then they seem to not have a lot of pigment in their skin or maybe that's a variation. First of all, let me explain something. I have seen what I think is an older grey and he was wearing a regular black suit a hat...human looking clothes. I assume he was not fresh off the spaceship. Anyway... he was white, very pale. I dream of another white one and am constantly telling myself that he is not real or he is no longer living so on and so forth but who knows? I know I certainly have a hard time believing he is not real and I have tried, but that doesn't mean anything.
Anyway, they look to me like they are the same race and hell... i saw one with my own eyes so it's hard for me to tell myself all of this isn't connected so if this a particular race, it's the only one I've seen or can really imagine.... so when I say grey- that is what I am talking about. I can't say too much about other races I don't believe I have ever seen or think about a lot because i question all these things although I've had a couple other short images during dreams of two other alien types... but that was it. there is not all this other stuff concerning them. It doesn't seem like they know me or anything... it was just short dreams. glances.

so back to their skin... that guy with the messed up hand, phil Schneider who went down into what he says was an alien base mention a blood type being based in copper rather than iron. I don't know if any of that stuff is true but I do think there might be something to it. any blood that has a different composition might appear different just like different elements have different colored flames and all sorts of color characteristic that is not solely based on their actual color.... although it might be. For example, iron oxidizes reddish and copper oxidizes green even though copper isn't green. I also know that some of it's peptides are very dark blue.

A very dark blood even of another color wouldn't necessarily mean robot to me at all. I can picture a very organic scenario between the talk of copper based blood and dark blood. It doesn't have to be like thinking about the oil in your car.

Also when you see so called depictions of greys there are many constants... a lot of them are very light colored or appear to be almost glowing and there is talk of blueish skin and grey colors and also being able to see veins and all sorts of things like this that if you take them into consideration as being connected... it would make sense that their skin is white and their blood possible a different color and it gives them some of their color characteristics.

It's basically just connecting a few dots of hearsay and what I have seen. the one I saw was older looking to me and this makes me wonder why a robot would age naturally. He did not seem robotic at all to me. I got a lot of vibes from him and when he moved he seemed unusually relaxed considering he was in my house, suggestive when he motioned to the door with his hand and a tad on the alert/excitable side when he flashed me with light as i was about to holler.

the one I dream about on occasion seems to have a sense of humor and seems equally as sneaky and also a bit on the excitable side.

as for stories of moving like robots. Who knows? maybe there are robots but there are also flesh and blood greys. I know while at work sometimes i certainly feel like I am moving like a robot. I have even done it consciously to keep my concentration on one thing or off of a distraction or to keep from hurting myself while working especially if i have a pain or doing certain kinds of manual labor.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 03:36 PM
There can be such a thing as a bio-bot or biological robot, If they were created or came from another race like some people say, then they could of been created originally and could of branched of from that, into there own race with individual traits and thoughts and purposes. The only question in such a scenario I would have is. Who and what, would create a bio-bot and for what reason?

If you would want your own worker species or even helpers it would make sense to go with robots made of metals and circuits, though it is more easy to grow biological creatures then to make robots, i would think. So if they were created by some other species as bots, then that species were not very much into robotics, and could also be some sort of ethereal existence, like a computer program, or even some existence in another dimension, which would want to create bodies for itself in this dimension, and to such an entity a biological body would be a robot, just like to us biological creatures androids and creatures made of metal are robots.

And also since in another thread someone put up a pic of some Pleiadian female type, that was pretty hot. How come these pleiadian's don't abduct people, whats there problem? Why do they let the grays do all the work, are they lazy or something? If I was going to get abducted I would rather be abducted by them peliadian's, sure the grays are cool and cute and all, but come on there has got to be some other species out there that would want to abduct and kidnap humans other then grays, what is it do humans smell or something, and the only aliens who would want to abduct us are the ones without noses like the gray's? Doesn't anybody find that strange, that pretty much all abductions are done by grays. So they must have some reason's for it, that is specific to there race.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

Speak for yourself buddy, I am not terrified of any Gray, large or small thank you very much.

People are scared of Grays because they are mind controlled and spiritually under-developed.

Hope this helps.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 07:53 PM
@ChaosMagician are you sure it wasn't a possible Nordic alien? Or a Pleadian? That description didn't sound too Grey-like, jmo. Altho no legit photographs (that are verified) exist of any, so it's hard to confirm any morphological characteristics here.

Dr. Michio Kaku even said "The best way for a type III civilization to explore the galaxy is to send out androids/robots to colonize moons and monitor upcoming civilizations." This seems more logical than using space ships to travel all around the galaxy, which would take millions of years. I am also fascinated how the "gods" of ancient times were all pale skinned & looked human. The Greys were always (well, in the Sumerian case that I'm aware of) servants. Biological androids.

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 03:42 AM

Originally posted by MasonicFantom
@ChaosMagician are you sure it wasn't a possible Nordic alien? Or a Pleadian? That description didn't sound too Grey-like, jmo. Altho no legit photographs (that are verified) exist of any, so it's hard to confirm any morphological characteristics here.

Dr. Michio Kaku even said "The best way for a type III civilization to explore the galaxy is to send out androids/robots to colonize moons and monitor upcoming civilizations." This seems more logical than using space ships to travel all around the galaxy, which would take millions of years. I am also fascinated how the "gods" of ancient times were all pale skinned & looked human. The Greys were always (well, in the Sumerian case that I'm aware of) servants. Biological androids.

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no, not a nordic. He was sitting on my kitchen counter and his head did not come up to the bottom of the cabinets. he was probably about 4 feet tall standing up. he had a small ghostly white face with an unusually shaped small jaw bone. he was very old and the lines around his mouth were very distinctive and he was very non human looking. He was kind of slouching, like a very old man and he was very thin and his hand was gangly and spindly. he was waiting for me as i walked in and when I came into the kitchen he turned his head slightly away from me so that i wouldn't see his eyes and he motioned for the door. he wanted me to step in front of him and I think it was to get a good look at me....and I thought about stepping forward and then stopped because I thought he might grab me. I just stared at him and was about to utter the word "mommy" and at that point he was looking right at me and the entire room flashed with light and I could feel the energy. It was like a snap shot in time and at that moment i could see his irises because they reflected the light from the flash so much that they glowed and his eyes for a moment was all i could see... and they were huge... like silver dollars... freaking huge.

that was no nordic, man. that was a grey and it was some trippy sh!t. Trust me, that kind of energy... I could tell he was nothing to fvck with. He knew his # and i could tell. I do not believe the greys are demons but they do indeed look demonic. they know stuff about energy and you can feel it.

he said nothing the whole time. I SINCERELY doubt if he would have that it would have sounded human at all. He was not there to talk. He seemed to have it all planned out and he did this silently and thoughtfully.

the one I dream about is not tall either and he is hairless, very white, big black eyes... gives a lot of shifty, sneaky looks
... but he is not notably aged like the other one, he is not slumpy, he is thin, very similar smallish face but not aged and he shows up in my dreams as other people but sometimes his eyes give it away. like one time he had my hair and was dressed like me when i was a child but I could still see his eyes. it was funny. He was mimicking some of the things I was doing. he does things while being quiet as well... like showing me things.

I'm not the only one I know of who has seen him and we have seen both his image and a void silhouette of him. I have only seen him in dreams that i know of but others have told me about one they have seen a couple of times in the woods. they are not human, they are not nordics. they look exactly like the so called zeta reticulans.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 03:49 AM
whatever your impression of them are...cute, demonic....demonically cute- if you meet one you had better hope it's not one with a lot of experience that has some kind of beef with you. I seriously think that would be bad.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 04:32 AM
let me put it to you like this... I recently tried drawing a picture of the one I saw fully awake. it was not easy because it has been over 30 years but i drew him and he looks not human AT ALL....I mean other than having two arms and two legs- AT ALL!

I'm going to redraw it because After finishing and looking at it and reflecting on it some I have decided that i made him too human looking because I am more used to drawing and looking at humans.

This dude was a grey. Had to be. I have tried telling myself all sorts of things over the course of my screw-ball life
...just trying to deal with memories, just trying to make sense of things. Nothing else ever fit, nothing else ever made sense, nothing else eve seemed right.

Fortunately I am not as terrified at the thought as i once was.... and yes, I have been terrified of greys.... because no matter what i told myself, I knew they were real and just thinking about it I could feel that and i know they have some trippin ass things they do, unusual skills and they seem to be operating inside this compromised reality and i believe they are very serious about it.

It seems all the interesting stuff is highly dangerous.

what happened is I was remembering things and stumbled across some realizations.
I believe they do have emotions and this could get complex in the human world. I feel that is an unfortunate aspect that can cause a problems for them and that perhaps some bad light that has been cast upon them has to do with things we don't understand, compromises we can't comprehend. That is when my fear faded. I became crushed with empathy. Then it crossed my mind it was personal and the memory of the older one i saw when i was five, the memory of the star gate i saw with 3 others when i was 19 and the two metallic clad beings that rose up from the ground and seemed to be appearing before me via electricity when I was 22 all of the sudden became eerily important.

... and I have no idea what it means but to have negative thoughts about them feel like I would be stabbing someone i know. it's weird... and if i find out they are evil, I'm going to be so #ing pissed off.

Countless times I have lost hope in humans and if it turns out that a people that have found us- from outside of our world wants to kill us all... I mean seriously kill us all, not just saying that because they are pissed off or have gone mad, especially in this #ed up world.

I'd be like "# this... we live with douches here and now we have to put up with even bigger douches coming in from the #ing sky...# this, I'm done.

I want to find out. I want to know who they are dammit. I want to see if any of them look like the one in my dream or the one in the suit although maybe he is gone. I don't like thinking about that. They give me a pretty distinct impression... a personality. Very distinctive character. It's going to drive me mad.
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 05:01 AM
you need to understand there are many species of `grays`

some are hybrids

some are `worker beings` nothing more than advanced robots...

some are evil, some are good

some are here to observe, some to do experiments, and some simply visit earth

you need to understand there are milions of races throughout the universe, and for each species there are many kinds, just like you get the asian human the white human the black human and so forth

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 05:27 AM
Good point@poster above me. There's likely several sub-species/races withing each species, just like there are with humans different races.

@ChaosMagician, that sounds like a horrifying experience (what was it doing in your kitchen btw? What led up to that) & I'm sorry. I had my own terrifying experience (in the middle of sleep) that would be lengthy to explain (will brief it below), but whether it's just in the mind or really in reality, I know just how terrifying/life altering something like that can be.

My experience appeared to be with a being that made telepathic contact with and was flashing me memories of being in a hospital with a lot of carnage (I had impressions of WWII) and was asking me "Do you remember?" then I got the impression this being was invading my mind so I focused on the thought "nobody controls me!" over and over.... that's when w/e it was forced me to open my eyes by sending a searing light through the darkness of my closed eyelids that gave my soul a horrifying impression (some kind of energy that I cannot explain well in words & that words pale in comparison to even describe). When I opened them there was a huge face staring directly down at me (resembling not really an alien, but more like a Mesoamerican demon. It had the most serious/morbid & geometrical face I ever seen & the eyes were pitch black with even blacker outlines around them. Skin was a dark red) from above my bed. I was paralyzed and watched as it disappeared into the ceiling.

I have experienced many cases of sleep paralysis, but this one was drastically different, more vivid and more intrusive (I never had memories 'upload' into me or communicate telepathically with something--whether real or not). This experience also made me very interested in reincarnation/transmigration.
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 05:27 AM
Brilliant reply by the way, :-)

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 05:50 AM
oh and as you all know the `grays` are nothing knew to human kind

pay heed to many cave drawings going back from the dawn of times

small beings big heads big dark eyes, everywhere

coincidence? i think not

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 06:32 AM
That is true.

Some go back even 12,000 yrs of human looking ones. E.g.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by bernardschnitzel

reply to post by MasonicFantom

But they could have been souls, not "grays".

Don't you think it strange that every single religion with very few exceptions paint their gods and goddesses in the image of man? Don't you think it strange that aliens are always in the image of man and that the things they poses technologically are never beyond what our current science fiction and scientists have speculated on?

Coincidence? I think not.
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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by bernardschnitzel

The event at Roswell NM was in 1947, everyone agrees with the date. Roswell gets the name because there was
a military base near that city. The crash site was serveral miles out of town in a remote site in a sparsely populated area. Your recollection of the number of people at the site seems unlikely.

The helicopters being present is another issue. Are you suggesting time travel on the part of humans?
The first military helicopter would be the Bell 54 approved for use by the US Air Force in 1949.

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