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can anyone else do this?

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 03:19 AM
If I place my hand on an object and concentrate, it will move by
itself while my hand follows it. Once I take my hand off, it will stop

I messed with the ouija board like 10 years ago just for a little while,it
really works, I stopped in a few weeks cause its bad news. Just with
my friends messing around and getting spooky answers. We threw
it away and a few months later I got the urge to do it again, so I made
my own with paper. I threw it away quickly and never used it again.
Anyway, I was curious if anything else moves when I put my hand on it
or just the oiuja pointer. So I tried it and it worked.
Light objects move(paper, comb, credit card) but not heavier ones(stapler).

I forgot all about it till recently and tried it again, still works the same way.
I probably sound phony, but I swear I'm not moving it. I try to resist the
object when it starts to move and I can feel an energy between the object
and my fingers. I stop to resist and just follow my fingers along the object on its path. Its weird.
I mean if its me really moving it, then it would work with a stapler right.

Can anyone else do this, you think it has something to do with the ouija board I messed around with a while back.

Some people say the person is really moving the object unconsciously. If this is
true, then everyone who reads this, can you try it also and let me know
if it works for you. this could be something common . thanks.


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