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Why there probably arn't "hyper-advanced" USAF projects

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 01:38 AM
I'm going to have to tread softly on this one...
Burt Rutan is a national hero in my opinion - he is a great man and has accomplished incredible things.

I wholy agree with him in his statement that (US gov't funded space projects) are going to the moon in a way "specifically planned to not learn anything. It's true!

That said, any of those who have actually worked on a Rutan project for the DoD know he is tenacious and as unyeilding as a pitbull. Fact is, since 2001 he has been actively involved in several black projects, and he probably is now as well.

Consequently, he has likely been privy to classifed technologies that he knows would have great benefit in the public domain. This would frustrate someone like Rutan to death.

Furthermore, by the things he is saying in the video linked to by the original poster, I would submit to you that Mr. Rutan is PO'ed that technologies he is aware of, are being held in the DoD's advanced technology files and not released to the public. In that context his statements could almost be seen as an attempt to extract or even extort technological gains to the public sector.

Rutan's statement concerning "military fighters with suborbital capability" should be pondered at length.

His statement regarding supersonic transport - supersonic transports are incredibly expensive and there is actually little need, that combined with astronomical fuel costs and our hyperlitigious society make his statement little more than fluff - he knows this.

So where is the DoD in aerospace technology? God only knows... and maybe Burt Rutan.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 02:55 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
And with all this advanced technology, the USA STILL can't find and eliminate Osama Bin Laden, or manage to extricate itself from Iraq and Afghanistan.......Hmmmm

I'll side with the Polskoo24 on this one I think.

The problem is you assume that A) Osama is not a US puppet and that we really want to find him and B) that the US really wants to get out of the middle east. But save those thoughts for another time.

Now if one believes that the US and Germany have had ET-style flying ships since the end of WW2, and that they thus probably have bases on the moon and mars, and that the New World Order wants to enslave, control and depopulate the planet (and a lot of people believe all of the above, including some very prominent ones), and so that if the average person knew this, they might want to get off the planet when Planet X arrives or the earth changes poles, etc. or be able to end the use of fossil fuels to try and slow/stop Earth Changes via the same type of energy systems being used in said vehicles, then they (the powers that be) would not want disclosure.

Hey, the off-world and underworld bases can hold only so many "superior" people when TSHTF.

And if you don't have disclosure, then you have to maintain the "status quo" of "old" technology to keep the people from looking behind the curtain. So, except for the very few NWO/Military-Industrial elite, the other 99.9% of the technological population reaps no benefits from ET technology or Deep Black Project technology and must do as they can from "normal" evolutionary cycles.

I really do suggest that any one who might like to think about what could be going on, check out the recent George Green interview on ProjectCamelot. As a minimum, check out the short video on the free-energy magnet motor he brought along. It makes you wonder why this, and many other similar "free energy" projects (the video includes some interesting links), get little attention or a lot of ridicule from the government and/or the energy corporations.

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