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The Clintons are coming to visit.

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 05:09 PM
Hello all,

Bill and Chelsea are due to grace the University I work at for a whole 45 minutes this weekend. Of course the normal protocols are being addressed, obstructions moved, buildings and access routes closed down for SS sweeps and for their remote on site PO.

But here's where things seem a little odd. A few workers here have criminal records of 1 type or another, some bad, some rather harmless.
People talk, and after enough years at one place most everyones secrets ain't secret.
Well, of the individuals that I am aware of, every one of them has come down with some sort of bacterial infection within the last week and as such have not been present for days. Of these folks most were very Conservative and all were ex military. Some of them actually would park their rigs off site in order to keep their weapons within access.

Though this is likely nothing weird, it does make me wonder how ONLY these people have contracted this all so close to the visit. Plus, we're not talking about all in the same building, but spread all across campus and some don't even share work times. It has not been determined what they've contracted as of yet.

I don't know, but ya gotta admit it's weird that no one else has contracted it even in the same buildings. Could this have been a plan to remove potential outspoken naysayers? Employees are granted forward seating for the event.

Whatta ya'll think?


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