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Fire in the hole! (The fire of fire)

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 02:50 PM
When you make a fire, in anyhow, did you realize that it isn't a continuence of the same fire lasting the duration of whatever you have burning?

1. What I want to know is what is the time span of lasting to the measurement of the fire partical that doesn't continue the duration of, say, an hour long burning that may only seem to continue?

2. What is the measurement in size of the fire partical that summers and then goes away that is quickly 'faster than the blink of an eye' followed by and surounded by the new born particals which summer?

3. What is the speed (*not of the fire as in reaching distance) to the new fire partical result from what is burning from the (its) making point to the (its) end point? And does it travel up as the same before going away to the very tip top?

4. Is there a scientific name and scientific explaination for the non-lasting fire aspect to a burning duration of what is mistakenly thought of as the same fire?

A bible aspect I'd like to add for certain readers:

Also you see why there is no everlasting fire when you decode what's in the Gospel, but an 'ever literally non-lasting fire' ('ever close lasting fire'). If a fire is fed continually what burns up it still isnt the same exact fire, but the burning, to you, could remain to make you believe poorly that it's the same exact fire. The new heaven and new earth in Revelation shall be burning with ever new fire. You dont want to be in them which is as a person lets just say. The devil and his angels, after you add them up, think they go into a fire that's surely disreguarded as they wish. What happens actually is an acid lake which burns as a different fire kind that even burns away any new fires put of it that may proceed since the devil and his angels are as a new firey being altogether that can go in and out that aspect. If you had noticed Satan as a dragon and the serpent had water come out, not 'ever literally non-lasting fire'. That water no longer holy would carry a person away acid wise.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 02:58 PM
Fire does not exist in particles. Fire is simply energy released through a specific type of chemical reaction. And, since fire does not exist as particles, the rest of your questions have no answer.


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