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Ethical Time Travel....possible?

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 10:12 AM
Hope this is the right place for this question.

This thread came from a discussion on assassination here .

On the subject of time travel....if it were possible, what would the ethical use for time travel be? It would undoubtedly be discovered by a scientist or scientific team that would have to have some sort of ethics policy, and I am solely asking this in a manner that suggests that the ethical policy would be adhered to at all costs.

My question comes about because of that thread previously mentioned. If a team were to invent/discover a means to travel back in time with the knowledge of events from that time up to the day they left, what would a proper, ethical manner of involvement be in the past?

My thoughts are observation only. As much as one may want to alter certain wars or outcomes of situations there would be no way of telling what the altered outcome would be and could be much worse than the original.

In this respect there would be a great debate I believe to change an event to find out if there is indeed a "pre-determined" destiny of sorts. If an event/outcome was changed and future events occurred along the same timeline then would there be an acceptance of fate or destiny among the population? What type of effect would this have on civilization?

Also...if time travel became possible, would there be any way to do this without affecting the past?

Ok...sorry for all the questions....mind was just jumping a bit this morn.


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