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The Rainbow Serpents

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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 10:10 PM
Recent studies

Health benefits of non-clamping of the cord and delayed umbilical severance are receiving attention in medical journals. Where cutting the cord is completely omitted (a practice called "lotus birth" by its advocates), the umbilical cord is wrapped up to within an inch of the newborn's belly, and the entire intact cord is allowed to dry like a sinew, which then falls off.

De Paco Matallana analyzed the melatonin concentration (one of the strongest and most currently studied antioxidants), finding differences between the melatonin concentration (aMT) in the umbilical vein and the umbilical artery, the latter being where the concentration is significantly higher. “This suggests that the fetus not only receives melatonin from the mother via the umbilical vein because it crosses the placental barrier, but also that it is produced in stressful situations such as during labor,” says de Paco Matallana. Thus, high melatonin concentrations in the umbilical cord, together with the arterial and vein differences according to type of birth, suggest that the pineal gland is used by the fetus and that it can respond during birth.

If we consider myths and legends pertaining to the healing power of serpents/snakes and compare recent medical discoveries with regards to the Umbilical Cord. :

The blood within the umbilical cord, known as cord blood, is a rich and readily available source of primitive, undifferentiated stem cells (i.e. CD34-positive and CD38-negative).

These cord blood cells can be used for bone marrow transplant."Stem cells have the potential to cure diseases and conditions ranging from Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis, to Diabetes and Heart disease, Alzheimer's, Lou Gherig's disease. even spinal injuries. They've been called the bodies self repair kit." There is an extensive list of the ailments people suffer, that can benefit from the treatment. The list includes Cancer, Autism, Epilepsy, Acute and Chronic Stroke, HIV, Aids, Hepatitis C, Lupus, Tinnitus, and age related conditions. Jan Wilks is someone who had the treatment of umbilical cord stem cells, and has left her wheelchair to gather dust. Sue Robinson is another, who after 4 hours from the treatment, found herself able to stand and cross her legs for the first time in years. The improvements increased. Both were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

My last post for a while

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 03:27 AM

Originally posted by destiny-fate
reply to post by seagrass

lol said I would not be posting for a while - but got another thought/vision yesterday

Dogon mythology again - taken from earlier posts on this thread

Amma is the Dogon name for Amen. Amma is described as the intelligent consciousness behind all of creation and the awareness within all beings. Amma is 'He Who Rests Upon Nothing'.

However, one of the male twins - Ogo (the Kemetic Set) who was in the form of an amphibious REPTILIAN- grew impatient as he waited for his female twin to gestate. Ogo decided to rebel from Amma. He jumped out of his celestial womb and stole parts of his OWN PLACENTA. He then began creating and pro-creating with his own placenta in an attempt to re-create his own little world. His stolen placenta became impure, and his actions greatly threw off the divine order Amma had intended. The Dogon say that our Sun - whom they call Nay - is the stolen placenta, and that planet Earth is the rebel-world established by Ogo.

A reference to Stem Cells and Cloning !!

To re-establish order and purify creation of Ogo's transgression, Amma decided to sacrifice one of the completed Nommo twins - Nommo Semi. Nommo Semi was composed of both a male and female Nommo Anagonno, and was a complete and perfect Being onto itself. Amma lifted Nommo Semi out of the celestial waters and tied the androgynous fish to the Kilena (Mother of charcoal) tree. In one swift cut, Amma sliced the umbilical cord and genitals of Nommo Semi. The sacrificed Nommo's blood & life force - nyama - emptied from its naval and groin. The Dogon say that Sirius 'A' - the visible star of Sirius whom the Dogon call Sigi Tolo - is the celestial embodiment of the sacrifice.

Sacrificial twin !!

Amma then took the nyama of the sacrificed Nommo and dripped it on the former placenta of the celestial fish (the Sirius system) and the stolen placenta of its brother Ogo (our Sun Nay). Amma's goal was to purify his creation from the transgressions of Ogo. It required him taking a pure and perfected being (Nommo Semi) and sacrificing it. Amma intended for the spirit of Nommo Semi to heal Ogo's torn placenta and become one with the Impure Earth Ogo created.

Only the SPIRIT of the sacrificed Nommo twin could purify the abomination ??

Amma ordered one of the other Nommo - Nommo Titeyanye - to punish Ogo. Nommo Titeyanye smashed Ogo's genitalia, making him infertile. Ogo fled from the heavens down to EARTH. Once on Earth, Amma wanted to BIND OGO TO THIS PLANET so that he could not disrupt the celestial order anymore. He transformed Ogo, who up until this point was in the form of an amphibious Reptilian (the Kemetic Apap), into Yurugu, the Pale Fox. The Pale Fox corresponds to the Kemetic Set-Anup the rebellious Black Jackal.

""In their most secret religious teachings the Dogon record a curious story of visitors from another star system. The star people, called Nommos, and also the Instructors, came down to earth in a spinning ship. It made a great noise and wind and spurted blood when it landed. Something came out of the ship: it had four legs and dragged the ship to a hollow. The hollow filled with water and then the Nommos came out. They looked more like fish than humans, and they needed to stay in water. These Nommos were saviors and guardians for all of human kind. They gave advice. They gave their bodies for men to eat, and in the end they were crucified and will return to earth again one day with human bodies.


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posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 01:25 PM
Wow, great stuff Destiny-Fate. Interesting concept about the placenta and a sacrificial twin. And the sacred rope. It ties in, pardon the pun. The fish is also represented by that dang Miter hat that the Dogons wore. Sirius was always associated with dogs. The pale fox or jackal fits there too. I can't see how to get from dogs to fish though.

I have been looking into a Folklorist from Stanford. Dr A. Mayor. She is researching archaeology and myth. I found this article about a possible Satyr inspiration called the Salt Man. source


posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 04:50 PM
Hello rainbow thread folk,

Been caught up with life and the universe and havnt been able to have my usual "alone chill time" which I seem to always try and research all things outside the rhombus.

You guys have found some amazing stuff that I will have to look through more indepth as I have only skimmed.

My last response was that I had cracked the original thread questions outlined by sky

Now anyone reading this thread needs to get this book the answers are all in here

From Kirkus Reviews
An interesting but nonetheless weak follow-up to Arden's (Wisdomkeepers, not reviewed) work on American Indian spirituality and values. Arden travels to Australia in an attempt to get inside that country's aboriginal culture to produce a volume containing ``Dreamtime'' stories. Dreamtime, or simply the Dreaming, is, for the aborigines, a kind of hybrid: part creation narrative and part physical map. It encompasses the mythic time when the Australian continent was born and its topography turned into a numinous landscape whose every rock and rill has meaning for its indigenous inhabitants. Yet, at the same time, it is contemporary, a place and a state of mind into which believers can enter in the here and now, thus participating in an ongoing creation. From the outset of his trip, the author encounters difficulties. Whereas, he states, his Native American informants were willing, even eager, to talk and share their innermost thoughts, the aborigines with whom he speaks are suspicious and reticent. He is told that the Dreaming is personal and not to be shared with outsiders. Ultimately, he collects very few stories. This volume documents his attempts. Despite this failure, he learns and offers readers a fair amount about people fighting to maintain their traditional culture in the midst of a foreign culture that has overwhelmed them. Though Arden makes a show of doubting the sincerity of his own motives for seeking out the Dreaming (``Get your own Dreamtime,'' one man growls. ``Don't take ours''), he is not so conscience- stricken as to refrain from peddling what he has learned. -- Copyright ©1994, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

That review is a bit rough because the book is fantastic but you need to have an appreciation for the topic. As an Australian I appreciated the innocence of an American delving into places Australian authors couldnt due to inground stereotypes. He was picking up things an Australian would have missed. He would give out his first book on the Indians and they would open up to him after they read it as it was the same as thier beliefs and theywere stunned as they had no idea.

I havnt read the first book but I am going to get it. There are diagrams and explainations given in this book that I cannot give justice to by giving a round about explaination.

The Wanjinas were described as the holy trinity by an elder lady who had been on a catholic mission. They are symbolic of spirit. Hense the lack of mouths as you dont need mouths in spirit,language and speech dont exist. The way in which the Wandjinas are drawn are symbolic as opposed to descriptive. They knew about dimensions. These are not physical beings at all, they are always half in 3d and half in the oposite. Thats why they seem to be at a slower "energy rate" percieved as lazy by white folk. Thats why dot paintings are XRAY.

An old elder drew a map of Australia in the book, called it BANDA AIYAN. Banda anything is an Indonesian description of localities too. over the map he drew grids. Inside the grids is the territory of the local tribes, on the borders of these are what they call songlines that anyone can travel and sing the creation songs and know about the land they are in.

Songlines are spirit paths or ghost paths like they have in europe, Im not sure what the native Americans call them. Ironic that they knew God moreso than what the missionaries did.

So no Aliens, No spaceships, NO 3D just all that is though there are "aliens by definition" in the all that is the Aboriginals are too above that #e too give it a second thought.

Imagine how wonderful and free it would be to be able to trust yourself and creation enough to not plan or have possesions. Just exist as one with everything on earth and in spirit.

If only we knew they were right.............................

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 05:20 PM
I missed you. Thanks for the book review and description, and I will look for it. I am not sure either what the Indians would have called it. They had many areas that were considered sacred though.


posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 05:31 PM
Its funny, the guy that drew the map and the grids said they cover the whole earth, including the oceans. Of course he was talking about magnetic fields or ley lines. There seems to be "neutral" points along the borders, which you can then transverse the earth across, know where you are, what the landscape is like and how to survive.

He explained the tribes who live on the territory within the borders of these lines were responsible for the land and animals of that part. Now this got me thinking he said they were over the oceans too, so who or what "ahem" looks after the sections in the ocean?

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 07:33 AM

Abzu - Babylonian king of the abyss of fresh water, husband of Tiamat
Adi Budhnya - Indian serpent god, the virtuality of fire
Agni - Indian serpent god, literally the 'furious serpent', the manifested divine fire
Aguna - Solomon Islands serpent mother goddess
Aido-Hwedo - African serpent god of Fon tribe, who assisted Mawu-Lisa (or Nana-Buluku) in creating the world; lives in ocean to balance the world and consumes iron, when it runs out of iron to eat, its writhings will cause the world to tilt
Aker - Egyptian Dragon representing the earth, who bound the coils of Apophis
Am-Mut - Egyptian serpent god, called the eater of souls
Amphisbaena - an African dragon with two heads, one on its tail
Amphitere - a plumed flying serpent, which knows all the secrets of the world except one
Ananda Lahari - a Naga, the eleven-headed wave of bliss upon which the gods are carried into eternity
Ananta - literally, 'endless', Buddhist Naga with 1000 heads, whose coils encircle the world axis; the cosmic ocean, also called Sesha; he spits out venomous fire at the end of each Kalpa (age) to help Shiva in destroying the creation
Ankh-neteru - Egyptian serpent god through whose body the Boat of Afu Ra is pulled by twelve amikhiu gods, entering the tail and exiting the mouth, which results in Afu Ra being transformed into Khepera, now towed into the sky by twelve goddesses
Anyiewo - African rainbow serpent of the Ewe tribe
Apep (Apepi) - Egyptian primordial serpent who lived in the celestial Nile (Milky Way)
Apophis - Greek form of Apep
Apsu - Babylonian serpent god of fresh water abyss
Atum - Egyptian creator of the Eldest gods, who will become a new serpent when the world returns to its original chaos
Azhi Dahaka - Persian great sky serpent, creator of planets

Basilisk - (Greek - king) Phoenician serpent god, whose glance caused death
Baxia - one of the nine sons of the dragon in China, a strong swimmer
Bixi - one of the nine sons of the dragon in China, an excellent pack animal
Bobbi-Bobbi - Australian rainbow serpent

Cecrops - Greek founder of civilization, half-human, half-serpent
Chalchiuhticue - Incan serpent mother goddess
Chiao - Chinese marsh serpent
Chien Lung - Chinese great dragon
Chih - Chinese serpent god of the north
Chiminigagua - Columbian creator serpent god of the Chibcha tribe, lives in lake of serpents
Chiwen - one of the nine sons of the dragon in China, a seer
Cien-Tang - Chinese serpent god in charge of all river serpent spirits, blood red with a 900 feet fiery mane
Cipactli - Mayan serpent god, ruler of crocodiles
Coatlicue - Aztec earth serpent goddess, mother of all living
Cockatrice - Hebrew Basilisk

Colchis - the Greek Dragon who guarded the Golden Fleece
Da - Another name for Danh
Daemon - Greek spirit guardians of every god and important human, took the form of a serpent
Damballa - Voodoo serpent god, his 7000 coils formed the earth and the heavens
Damkina - Babylonian serpent queen, mother of Marduk, wife of Ea
Danh - African serpent rainbow god of the Fon tribe, circles the world and orders the cosmos, both male and female; it has 3500 coils above the earth and 3500 coils beneath the earth; called Da in action and Mawu-Lisa in thought.
Degei - Fiji supreme serpent god, originally lived alone with the hawk Turukawa, which gave birht to humans who were raised by Degei
Denwen - Egyptian Dragon, a fiery serpent who's fire would have destroyed the gods, but was stopped by the king
Dewi - Welsh giant red serpent spirit
Dhakhan - Australian rainbow serpent
Dionysos - Greek god wine, born in the form of a serpent
Draco - Greek heavenly divine serpent, a pet of Zeus
Dzyu - Tibetan serpent power of creation

Ea - Babylonian serpent king, father of Marduk, husband of Damkina

Fafnir - German serpent, the great worm with magickal powers
Fu-ts'ang Lung - Chinese Underworld serpent, guards earthly treasures
Fuku Riu - Japanese serpent of good fortune
Fuxi - half human half serpent father of mankind

Galeru - Australian rainbow serpent
Gargouille - French serpent that caused floods by vomiting water from its mouth
Giao Long - Vietnamese serpent gods, immortal and became dragons after 1000 years
Goorialla - Australian rainbow serpent
Gorgon - Greek Basilisk (e.g. - Medusa)
Gucumatz - Qiche Mayan serpent god who brought civilization

Haoxian - one of the nine sons of the dragon in China
Hedammu - serpent who was Ishtar's divine servant
Herren-Suge - Basque serpent god with seven heads
Huitzilopotchili - form of Quetzalcoatl
Hunab Ku _ Mayan god of gods, a great sky serpent

Hydra - Greek nine-headed serpent, could regrow its heads

Iara - Brazilian serpent goddess, mother of the waters, also called mboicu (great serpent)
Illuyankas - Hittite serpent god
Indra - Indian serpent god, imported to Turkey, Iraq and Syria by the Hurrians; he defeated the world serpent to release the power of the seven streams

Jawzahr - an Islamic Dragon responsible for eclipses and comets
Jiaotu - one of the nine sons of the dragon in China
Jormungand - Norse divine serpent, son of loki, world serpent
Julungul - Australian rainbow serpent

Ka-Riu - Japanese fire serpent
Kahasusibware - Solomon Islands serpent god
Kakuru - Australian rainbow serpent
Kalseru - Australian rainbow serpent
Koevasi - Melanesian serpent goddess
Kouteign Kooru - African serpent god, literally 'master of the waters'
Kua Shih - Chinese wingless serpent god
Kulkulcan - Mayan serpent god
Kundalini - the human Naga spirit normally asleep at the base of the spine
Kung Kung - Chinese serpent god with nine heads, god of wisdom

Labna - Mayan serpent god
Ladon - Greek guardian serpent of the Tree of Golden Apples in the Hesperides, taken from Sumerian or Akkadian sources
Langal - Australian rainbow serpent
Lebe - the serpent lord of the Dogan tribe, first of the living dead
Leviathan - Hebrew primeval sea serpent, symbol of chaos
Lindworms - German serpent spirits inhabiting bodies of water
Lotan - Canaanite seven-headed serpent
Lough Derg Monster - a giant water serpent confined to the bottom of Lough Derg by St. Patrick
Lu - Tibetan Naga
Luagal - Samoan serpent god of the sea
Lung - the basic Chinese dragon
Lung Wang - the four dragon kings of China: Ao Ch'in, Ao Jun, Ao Kuang, Ao Shun

Mae - New Hebrides serpent spirits
Magoraga - Buddhist serpent god
Makara - an Indina Dragon in the form of a crocodile
Marcupo - Philippine serpent god
Marduk - Babylonian serpent god who killed his grandmother Tiamat and established a new order of gods
Mawu-Lisa - another name for Danh
Mboi-Tu'I - Paraguyan divine serpent parrot of the Guarani tribe
Midgard Serpent - Norse serpent upon which the world tree rests, killed by Thor before it could grow so powerful it would rule the gods
Mixcoatl - Aztec serpent god of clouds, brought rain by having sex with goddess Coatlicue
Mo'o - Hawaiian serpent god
Moma - African serpent goddess in central Africa
Muchalinda - a many headed Indian Naga, guardian of the Tree of Enlightenment who wrapped itself seven times around the Buddha to protect him
Muit - Australian rainbow serpent

Mushussu - a Dragon created by Tiamat to oppose Marduk, who tamed it and made it a guardian

Naga (Nagini - fem) - Indian serpent lord, son of Kadru, daughter of Daksha, a title of spiritual power among humans; literally, Sanscrit for 'serpent'; the Naga spirits bring rain and rules the Underworld; their language is called Naga-Krita; the Nagas are manifestations of Agni (fire), the fierce spirit as spirit guardians; divided into four classes: heavenly, divine, earthly or hidden
Naga Bushana - Nagas representing the energy of death
Naga Kanya - a five or nine headed Naga, a counterpart of the god Vishnu
Nagual - Mexican serpent spirit guardian
Ndengel - another name for Degei
Neheb-Kau - Egyptian serpent with human arms and legs, a servant of Ra, the great serpent under world and upon which the world rests
Ningizzida - another name for Zu
Nidhogg - Norse serpent at base of world tree, devours bones of fallen humanity
Nu Kua - Chinese serpent goddess formed the first people

Oniont - Amerindian horned serpent, lived under water, healed the sick
Ophion - Greek Titan, literally 'serpent'
Ophis - Gnostic power of the Spirit, lured into manifestation and trapped there, then sent a second time to release the trapped serpent-spirits (serpent in Garden of Eden, who taught man way of redemption)
Ouroboros - Viking great serpent who circles the world

Papophis - another name of Tiamat
Pulao - one of the nine sons of the dragon in China
Python - Greek father serpent of the world, lived at center of earth, slain by Apollo

Qiuniu - one of the nine sons of the dragon in China
Quetzalcoatl - Aztec serpent god, the feathered serpent

Rainbow Serpent - Australian aborigines' mother and creator of all life on earth, from whose body the earth and heavens were created; shamans gain their power by being ritually consumed by the great Serpent and then reborn
Raja Naga - Malaysian serpent king of all sea serpents
Ratu-Mai-Mbula - Fiji serpent god who rules the dead
Ri-Riu - Japanese serpent that sees all
Riiti - Gilbert Islands serpent god who ruled the dead
Ruki - New Guinea serpent god of the sea

Satan - Hebrew distortion of Egyptian Set-hen
Seraph - Hebrew burning serpent of spirit, highest of God's angels
Seraphim - plural of Seraph
Sesas - Javanese Nagas
Sesha (Shesha, Adi Shesha) - Indian king of the Nagas, with 1000 heads
Seth-heh - Egyptian eternal Seth who opposes the Boat of Ra on its journey
Shen-Lung - Chinese spiritual serpent, controls wind and rain
Simbu - Voodoo snake god of darkness
Sirae - three-headed blue serpents that steal your years, from a dream
Smaug - a crafty English dragon

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 09:01 AM
Apologies if this has been mentioned, I haven't got time to read the whole thread as I am just off to work. But intend to when I finish.

Am I correct in saying that the mayans pocessed their knowledge from the serpent people? and the egyptians aswell while I think about it. Oh and not forgetting the indians?

It is said that if we take an illegal substance called '___' we would also meet these beings.

Also I believe Robert Bauval did a controlled experiement using a plant extract called Salvia divinorum, which is found in Oaxaca, Mexico. Once he took it he described (as pretty much every user has) strange beings that interacted with him that resembled snake like appearance. There are many paintings and images on the net from people that have tried it. heres an example .

I believe that these beings are our real 'gods' i.e our creators and the beings that we should all focus on when meditating to establish a stable connection.

Great thread look forward to reading it later.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 11:56 AM
wow skyfloating, you just can't ignore the statistics there. That is an enormous argument on the side of evidence for the serpent.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by seagrass
wow skyfloating, you just can't ignore the statistics there. That is an enormous argument on the side of evidence for the serpent.

Welcome back from the womens restroom to the depths of the serpentine enigma.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 12:00 PM
lol, I needed to leave the "fantasy based" for a moment and come back to some real truths... If only we could find the answers here, I still believe we are on the right track. It just can't be ignored.


posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by franspeakfree

We have found numerous connections through all cultures and eras of time. It is a massive thread and there are a million different tangents stemming from the original ponderings of skyfloating. Lots of people have come in and given thier own cultural references. It seems this serpent connects humanity in its own odd way.

The use of plants to induce these states is all over the world in all eras as well. There are just to many common links in all respects to ignore.

Aboriginals have thier own dmt type of plants as well that were used ceremonially. The bullroarer gave a simlar effect but used sound frequencies. I think because within groups only a few people are ever given the knowledge about plants and healing and it is considered sacred, it stands to reason that its not common fact. There is probably a cancer cure in my yard and I have no idea.

It is a great thread to research, we may have even discovered a serpent conspiracy. Looking forward to see what you come back with.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 02:00 PM
sky, I see your location is Sirius, is that Sirius A or B?

The Dogon describe this 'star' specifically as having a circle of reddish rays around it, and this circle of rays is 'like a spot spreading' but remaining the same size. The Dogon are a West African tribe who have known about, and worshipped, Sirius A and its twin the invisible star Sirius B, for the past 5,000 years. They are have also been aware of the planets circle the sun in elliptical orbits, the four moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. They say that Sirius B is immensely heavy, invisible, very small, yet extremely powerful. Their understanding of the two stars' orbits coincides exactly with modern astronomical findings, yet was arrived at thousands of years before it was scientifically proven. They also claim that a third star Emme Ya - Sorghum Female - exists in the Sirius system. Larger and lighter than Sirius B, this star revolves around Sirius A as well. The Dogon also believe that approximately 5,000 years ago, Amphibious Gods, called Nommo, came to Earth in three legged space ships from the Sirius Star System. They have described perfectly the DNA pattern made by this elliptical orbit created by the two stars as they rotate make around each other. They believe Sirius to be the axis of the universe, and from it all matter and all souls are produced in a great spiral motion.

Alien creational entities from Sirius were allegedly BLUE. Alien Theory: Royalty - 'Bluebloods' are allegedly descended from this race.

"One of the theories is that Vishnu [God] is blue because his association with water therefore all his incarnations including Krishna, are shown as such." This goes to the flow of the collective unconsciousness to create grid realities in which our souls experience.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by seagrass
sky, I see your location is Sirius, is that Sirius A or B?

From the place where dolphins originate from.

Thanks for the link mentioning the significance of the colour Blue, which is forever my favourite.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 02:51 PM
I was able to pet a dolphin once... The King dolphin no less....

Blue Dolphin Essences have a history that Avatar Sathya Sai Baba is going to explain. There are Lemurian myths about mer people and dolphins living their lives among Lemurian human beings. The mer people and the dolphins came from a place called Sirius B. Sirius B is a 5th dimensional place of loving, higher consciousness. It is an ocean planet and in the oceans live mer people who are part human and part dolphin. The oceans are also populated by many species of dolphins and whales.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by seagrass
I was able to pet a dolphin once... The King dolphin no less....

Blue Dolphin Essences have a history that Avatar Sathya Sai Baba is going to explain. There are Lemurian myths about mer people and dolphins living their lives among Lemurian human beings. The mer people and the dolphins came from a place called Sirius B. Sirius B is a 5th dimensional place of loving, higher consciousness. It is an ocean planet and in the oceans live mer people who are part human and part dolphin. The oceans are also populated by many species of dolphins and whales.

Ive never heard of the "Mer" nor have I ever been into Sai Baba...but I would fully agree with that statement. Thanks for info-hunting.

[edit on 3-8-2008 by Skyfloating]

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 03:25 PM
you have never heard of Mer-people? I was obsessed with mermaids when I was young. I used to swim in the river and pools like I was one. I went through a fascination with dolphins also. I still want to swim with them before I die. My daughter was able to in Hawaii.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 03:27 PM
Oh...mer-maids...I see. And "mer", the latin/french/italian/scandinavian/germanic word for "sea".

Of course.


posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 06:33 PM
Dolphins, whales and sea cows...........

My previous ponderings were into relation to ley lines and Aboriginal beliefs

What looks after the grids in the ocean? Im having bother finding actual belief systems about ocean creatures.

I have a feeling they were all considered on par if not above humans. Mermaids and ocean mythology are going to be the next research project. I bet $$$$$$ that there are many correlations across the board.


posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 06:51 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
Oh...mer-maids...I see. And "mer", the latin/french/italian/scandinavian/germanic word for "sea".

Of course.

I know I need not mention this one to you as you are light years ahead of most of us in your understanding of these things.

But, im chucking it out there for the rest of us.

Get the 2 volumes of these books
The lost language of symbolism, the origins of symbols, mythologies and folklore
Harold Bailey

Was first publishd in 1912, my editions were printed in 1996. They have to go back to the library tomorrow and I think I will try and buy the books.

Mer, as he mentions is sea. He connects this with Mary.After i read these books I now know there are no coincidences with phoenetics.


Blah blah blah

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