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Is an American revolution underfoot?

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 12:01 AM
While the Democrats have mostly been challenging the Bush administration, it appears they are now beginning to substantively challenge the Neo-Conservative policies. Congressional Republicans appear to be quietly siding with the Democrats. Most recently, the house of representatives voted down war funding. On the domestic front, the Senate vote to block media consolidation.

Rep. Conyers, chairman of the house judiciary committee has threatened Bush with impeachment if he attacks Iran without congressional approval. Furthermore, Rep. Conyers is talking about inherent contempt proceedings against Bush administration officials who refuse to testify before congress.

Politically, the Republican party has lost special house elections. Obama appears set to beat Hillary Clinton, and likely become the next president.

While by themselves, these events may or may not be that significant, together they represent a change of policy in Washington. Along with the financial troubles, a major power re-alignment or at least reshuffling appears to be taking place. What is happening behind the scenes?

Some are speculating, the Neo-Conservatives may be planning another terrorist attack in the US. 9-11 has faded off, and their fate does not look very good right now. Although, it is unclear how the American people would react to another attack.

However, for now it appears the fear of the administration is cracking. Whether this course will continue, and what events may be happen remains unknown. We may learn more about the events behind the scenes.

It appears the Bilderberg group recently met, and many decisions may have been made there. What decisions were made there? What is really happening in the world?

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 12:21 AM
I think eventually America will have another civil war. I have a feeling it will be soon but who knows for sure really? It all depends on the public to decide when they've had enough as a whole. I know us as individuals are ready but the truth is we need most of the country and people in power to start getting fed up and demanding change.

I think the people in power (not our gov, just the people running it) are currently planning on something big whether it be another foreign war, false flag, or maybe a civil uprising here or abroad. If a civil war were to break out here I wonder how it would go? I don't think we would have the nation split in half from side to side or up and down. I think it will be more of a civil revolution haha, does that make sense?

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 02:32 AM
I have believed for some time now that we need a revolution. The politics of this country are so corrupt that there is absolutely no way to really do anything through the normal, legal channels. We have to get to the real issues, but we are being blocked from doing so because we don't have enough money or power to have our message heard (and let's face it, if we had that kind of power, we wouldn't have the same message because we would have been indoctrinated into the elite, right?). So something has to give. I have my ideas about when, but I wonder if a false flag would force the American people to truly take stock of the situation and start to see what is really going on here. I hope so, but the truth is that fear is a powerful motivator, and since Americans are inherently lazy, most would probably be motivated to allow the government to do whatever it felt was necessary to protect them. When will we realize that NONE of us are safe?

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 03:44 AM
It's all fine and good for those (like myself) who have had it with the powers controlling our lives, to spout about our discontent. When are we gonna do something? When will we have an opportunity to do something?


If you're one of the discontent, here's your opportunity. This is where it will be decided - Are enough Americans ready to do what it takes to regain control of our lives and our country? Or are we still just an extremist minority. Sure, there are 1000 reasons why you can't make it. And there's 1000 ways absolve yourself of responsibility. Be my guest. I for one refuse to look the other way any more and hope I see you there at my side. Now is the time; lest you rest in peace, by the hand of those you found unnecessary to resist. There are obviously plenty talking the talk. It is time to walk the walk.

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