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Javier Solana - Antichrist?

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:38 PM
Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy who will strengthen a peace agreement with Israel and the surrounding nations.I am not saying Javier Solana is the Antichrist. All I am trying to do here is compare well known prophecies in the Scriptures concerning the Antichrist and the feats he will accomplish, with public knowledge of the man, Javier Solana. Another man could well fulfil all these prophecies. But the best we can do until "that Wicked" is finally revealed (2nd Thessalonians 2:8) is to make an educated guess as much as the signs of the times allow.

He shall use peace to destroy many (Daniel 8:25)

Javier Solana has brokered peace agreements throughout the world. His role as High Representative was initially to be involved in bringing Russia and the Caucasus regions closer to Europe. He would also be heavily involved in the Middle East. He was a key player in brokering Iran's suspension of its nuclear programme. Javier Solana has recently taken it upon himself to personally present Iranian President Ahmadinejad with a "package of incentives" agreed by six world powers, a bribe to dissuade Iran from seeking to produce nuclear weapons. World powers scolded the High Representative for what they perceived as a "cloak of secrecy" over the whole affair, with Javier Solana not detailing what was offered to Iran, nor reporting what was discussed at the meetings. He is also involved in trying to bring Turkey closer to the EU. The current peace process in the Middle East is also much a result of this man's doing. Israel initially refused to meet the Quartet who were pushing for the Gaza disengagement to kick-start the "roadmap to peace".

That fact that Javier Solana is Spanish may tie in with another Scripture. According to Daniel, Spain may be a significant player in the EU. Daniel 7:24 states, "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them...". After the ten kings arise, another arises after them. Spain happens to be the 11th member of the European Union (i.e. it arose after the 10). The fact that the Secretary General of the WEU, and High Representative for the CFSP for the EU, and Secretary General of the Council of Europe happens to be Spanish is therefore quite significant. And when you consider that Spain also hosts the Barcelona Process, which aims to bring about peace in the Middle East, is currently calling for a global "alliance of civilizations", and Javier Solana is responsible for a seven year covenant with many nations (The European Neighbourhood Policy) adds to the significance of this statement.

He will head a 10 nation federation (Daniel 7:24)

He is Secretary General of the WEU, the military arm of the EU, and comprises the 10 original member states that signed the Treaty of Brussels. These are the only nations of the WEU that have official member status. Other nations have different statuses within the WEU as described in detail below.

He will be of a kingdom that will engulf the whole world (Daniel 7:23)Although Javier Solana is Secretary General of the WEU, only a 10 nation federation, the tentacles of the WEU and the EU continue to spread throughout the world.Of the WEU, there are 10 full members (Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom), there are 8 affiliate members (Czech republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovak republic, Slovenia), 3 associate members (Iceland, Norway, Turkey), 2 affiliate associate members (Bulgaria, Romania), 5 observers (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden), 2 affiliate observers (Cyprus, Malta), 1 affiliate associate partner (Croatia), 2 permanent guests (Russia, Ukraine) and 4 special guests (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM or Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro). That makes the WEU a possible alliance of 37 nations.


posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:44 PM
This man has rarely been heard of and does most of his work behind the scenes... This is a little scary and very interesting to see that we might be close to the end of this era..
if you type his name (javier solana) into your google serach box u will get alot of info u might want, if you feel like looking into this man a little more...

check out this site... a little sumthing we the american people can do to help slow our current down fall in the dollar value..check it out and watch the vid... I for one have signed up and will be doing as it asks.

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:50 PM
Oh.... sorry if this has been posted before. I believe this should be talked about more. Javier should be brought out into the publics eye. He has to much power for a single human to hold. Nobody really knows who or what he is.... why is he and his action kept so far out of the publics eye?

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 08:39 PM
Good research. Let's just wait and see.
The time is ticking.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 09:04 PM
Don't forget to check out these other threads on ATS about Javier Solana. He's been a person of interest for some time now.

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Javier Solana

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 12:09 AM



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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 04:03 AM
reply to post by tjetbone

hello have you read this site, its basically dedicated to this and a couple of other things such the EU's Assembly Recommendation 666


posted on May, 17 2008 @ 08:01 AM
Good work my brothers, it looks like most of the bases are being covered by most. The Alliance of Civlizations is actually a UN facet, which may soon house the false prophet. One thing not being reported in the media is the USA just built their largest embassy in Iraq or Babylon if you prefer the biblical name for this area. Babylon is where the false prophet is set to make his rule from, the USA has promised a large portion of this embassy to the UN. I believe it may be important to start watching Tony Blairs movement through the alliance. The things the alliance is for and against are exactly the types of things I would expect some one who is about to start persacuting believers to say. It starts tolerant with a condeming tone for those who stand for the principals of faith, before you know it we are being forced to take a mark or die. is covering a lot of this already. Also for those who are interested go to youtube and look up FEMA camps. There are videos that have been posted of what seem to be concentration camps here in the USA. They are being developed under the guise of FEMA yet are obviously death camps. The question I pose is if our leaders were not aware of what was coming then why are the camps already being built.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 06:16 PM
His number is six hundred threescore and six (666 - Revelation 13:18)

In 1999, Javier Solana was appointed the High Representative for Europe's Common, Foreign and Security Policy. His position is linked in two places with the number 666 in official EU documents.

The first document issued in 1998 by the European commission was called Article 666, and which called for the immediate election of a High Representative for the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy who would have a "strong political profile", and be backed by "credible operational capabilities".

Quote: "666. In December the Vienna European Council expressed the opinion that the Secretary-General of the Council and High Representative for the CFSP should be appointed as soon as possible and be a personality with a strong political profile. It invited the Council to prepare common strategies on Russia, Ukraine, the Mediterranean region and the western Balkans, on the understanding that the first would be on Russia. Welcoming the new impetus given to the debate on a common European policy on security and defence, the European Council also noted that the CFSP should be backed by credible operational capabilities

The second document, called "Recommendation 666", which was drafted by Javier Solana himself in 2000, called for special powers to be given to the High Representative, enabling him to take control of European political and military councils in the event of an emergency.

sorry for the caps lock, and thanx dbates for bringing that to my attention. sry again. and drevil i have read that and there is another article that he used w/ the 666 said in this post.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 07:40 PM
I'd like to offer an opinion here - the Anti-Christ is not a person but a group, nation or group of nations set against Christendom. I've read little of the Bible but those bits I've been introduced to (fed) by people over the years lead me to conclude that the Anti-Christ is not negative but positive as a force against hijackers of the Christian faith whom will use it (are using it) to cover their actions against the free will of humanity's members. I think that Islam understands this (I'm not Muslim) but that some, fanatics, have taken the message wrongly hence are attacking anything non-Muslim (all labeled infidels). It's the fight against the freedoms that AC bring/s that cause the final battle.

The number of the beast might not have been 666. There is an alternate view that the translation was incorrect and that it should/will be 616.

Regardless, AC will come to be. It is prophesied to be. There is nothing any of us may do about it - we can neither stop it, prevent it nor delay it. God has seen it/arranged it. It will test us all as we were tested by Moses, Jesus and Mohamed - as a civilisation, we failed those tests (we did not learn the true lessons expressed, we added to and twisted them). On the bright side, we can't fail the next test.

If AC is a person then perhaps he does not know which instrument he is - good or bad. If he's supposed to be bad then perhaps he wants to be good not bad and doesn't know why it has to be a particular way.

It is said, that as a person, he will reject the current mode of society's norms in terms of the established way of living relative to class, cast, rank.

It is said that Russia and China will warm to AC because of the similarities between his way of life (mode of behavior and treatment between people) and the true principles of communism (not the some-are-more-equal-than-others version).

I've also read somewhere that the day "Thursday" will be important to him.

According to Islam, AC will be a short, dark skinned man with curly hair and one eye (one eye could be a symbolism for a lack of positive spirituality).

So if Javier Solana fits the above description for a physical embodiment of AC then he might be AC but remember that AC is also supposed to use a puppet to do his bidding and thus avoid assassination.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 02:54 AM
reply to post by Rapacity

While the leader will have a prophet that is seen by all, the leader will be known to the world. Also both Daniel and Revelation refer to an organization or government, they are reffered to as beasts. However both books refer to horns or leaders, as well as a single leader that will come upon the world and do horrible things. The muslims refer to him as Dajal, christians and jews have many names, antichrist is only one that is refferenced a couple times. He is also called the prince of destruction, the son of perdition, and the little horn of the beast that boasts great things against God. You will find if you read all prophecies regarding this man from the muslims, jews christians, as well as the bhuddist prophecy of the matreya all mirror each other in such a way that many will be fooled by him. I personally don't know whether he knows who he is or if he believes he is good or evil, but all prophecies are pretty clear at some point during his reign he gets a chip on his shoulder against God and His believers to the point of trying to exterminate them. I believe this will apply to all people of different faiths who refuse to bow and worship him, not just christians and jews as many state. As far as the 616 thing this is from a couple documents that have been found that are different copies of previous documents and are incomplete due to deterioration. Its also important to note the original book of revelation found on the island of patmos stated 666. Many don't realize that this is the one book in the bible that the copies and translations of today were actually taken from the original text found around 90ad. Most copies state the same and the ones that state 616 are newer than most that say 666. This could have come from mistranslation as none that say 616 are in the original aramaic, or could have come from some one trying to make scripture fit into their time, as a way of pointing the finger at someone in their time such as Caligula whose name in the gematria equalled this number.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by jdl79

Thank-you for putting me straight on that.

Appears I am half-right on two accounts: it is a group/nation and it is a person. I say half a point each because I put the person as a hypothetical being and spoke of a group not a person. In this case, two halves don't make a whole.

Wonder whether he emotes a group by his actions and interpersonal interactions then unwittingly rises to lead that group before, as Moses, feeling failed by that group hence turns against it?

If he does develop a chip on his shoulder then I can easily see how - doesn't matter how altruistic one is, people always want more and are rarely appreciative. People tend to screw "gifts" to their own purposes. I think the saying "Offer a hand and they take the whole arm" explains it a little.

I feel sorry for him. He probably doesn't want to be who he is yet knows his purpose and understands the reason for it while also not knowing whether he is good or bad. I bet he's confused.

I personally view God and Devil as one. I believe in One God with all else being less than God. We project onto God our own interpretations of God's action.

Edit: just thought I'd add that according Islamic prophecy, the end times will come when a day is as long as a year and when kids are having kids. The first one has been interpreted by some as meaning a black hole might come close to the Earth and thus distort our temporal experience. The second one means that children will be born by other children (pretty much as now going on current Western pre-teen pregnancy rates).

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by Rapacity

All prophecy of him refers to him pretty much getting tired of working within the sytem and seizing the power given him by the ten horns. Even though he has to over take three of them that oppose him in the process. I can see it as a frustration of sorts. One thing in Daniel many over look regarding when this time would come it states when people move to and fro across the earth as never before and there would be a great increase in knowledge like the earth had not seen in previous generations. Couple this with the moving away from God that is described and you can see how this generation fits the description. Another thing you may not know the book of Eziekiel 37 refers to a return to Israel by the jews that Jesus stated the generation that sees it would not pass away before the leader came. While Israel was established as a state in 1948 it has taken almost 60 years for the majority of the jews to return. We are the generation Jesus reffered to, this prophecy has not completely come to pass either. The prophecy says that when the jews return they will be without His spirit but they will eventually begin to seek him again. Through the last 60 years much of the state has been aetheistic in their beliefs, only over the last decade have they begun to concern themselves with their faith, as a movement mainly messianic has begun there. This has actually been a big catalyst to the peace process as the messianic jews want peace at almost any cost even to the point of surrendering land to neighbors such as Syria and the Palestinians. All of these things are in line with the descriptions of Israel in the final days before the return of Jesus.

Note: Also with the Islamic prophecy of a day being like a year, this could also be refferencing the disasters on a global scale that would make time seem endless. Imagine if you will disaster after disaster, I personally have rode out hurricanes and while you're in them time seems to crawl. I believe mostly from fear and uncertainty, this couild very well be what this refferences.

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 09:29 AM
so the Obama the antichrist fad ended fast eh?

whos next?

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by CzErased

Obama doesn't fit prophecies about the leader, quite frankly never has! What drives theories like that one are not biblically based study but fear of the unknown about the man. These are exactly the type of theories that have caused many to fall away from prophetic teachings and writings. When instead of this type of fear mongoring, people should study what is actually written so when some one says things of this nature, they can discern for themselves based on what is written. Although I don't care for the idea of him as president of the USA, there is no real other viable option. As all politicians are corrupt any more, this has become the very nature of that buisness. It looks though as he will gain the reigns of the USA, in what will be some interesting times to say the least!

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 02:00 AM
just wanted to get it back into the recent post... we r doing great and puting everyones thoughts together. keep it up and lets put a finger on this lol.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 02:38 AM
Guys this is not my strong area but I am learning. Isn't the antichrist supposed to re establish Jewish temple worship? And the Jews are supposed to see him as the long awaited messiah since they denied Yeshua. That being the case how can it be anyone but a Jew?

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 12:53 PM
hello there Big

I think the 3rd temple is misinterpreted personally,

however saying that i have the following Bible passage that is similar to your question that you could mull over

And I said unto the king, If it please the king, and if thy servant have found favor in thy sight, that thou wouldest send me unto Judah, unto the city of my fathers' sepulchres, that I may build it.

6And the king said unto me, (the queen also sitting by him,) For how long shall thy journey be? and when wilt thou return? So it pleased the king to send me; and I set him a time.

Although the physical rebuilding may be done by the Jews, where does the earthly authority come from? A pagan king!

any thoughts?


posted on May, 26 2008 @ 01:33 AM
reply to post by Bigwhammy

While I can see legitamecy in the latter post, it is important to know that while Solana is from spain, he is of jewish decent. The bible never directly states he will reestablish temple sacrifice, just that he will confirm a covenant with many and cause the sacrifice to end. These things may not even be related. Also I would like everyone to look at the thread Javier Solanas incredible EU take over. I posted some info there as well as some out side sources that may help to explain many if not all of the differences of opinions. I am now of the belief that the pope theory, the EU-Solana theory, as well as theories about Benjamin Cremes coming Matreya, may all indeed point to the same man. Thus the reason many are in disagreement over these issues. My post on the other thread is quite extensive, too much so to replicate here. Please check it out and pray over the info as well as check out the videos I mention. They explain much of what the post does better than I can.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 12:44 PM

there will always anti Christs but is Solana the big one? No idea but he quietly moves around the world and people in general seem to defer to him.

how do you think the anti christ gains a material body?

one question i do have, if Solana is the anti christ who is his false prophet?

i dont see anyone saying, "hooo look at mr solana, isn't he saint like" or anything like that. surel;y this must happen??????


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