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Robbie Williams' Sightings - In HIS OWN WORDS

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 07:23 PM
Easy Rob..

You could get someone to do an animation / video of what you have seen, and that now infamous black light everyone is on about.. what do you reckon????

Maybe as a video to the song, Arizona. You have the ability mate, remember aswel you are in a position of influence on society.. as you know you have to be careful what you beLIEve and read and think personally as much as you can before you take some giant leap and do something you regret later.. you never know. Id hate to see THEM use you against yourself and society.. sometimes all that glistens is not gold remember.. I dont mean venturing on the ufology path.. thats cool.. to a degree... I tend to think at some point someone is going to want your money invested in something.. so be careful... damn even my Idea there could be a bad Idea
I just dont know anymore.

You are aware the military have their own toys so lets hope your experience isnt to do with them. Usually I consider everything like this military tho.

Have you read the 'project blue beam'? document?

Its about computers / lasers and satelites being used to create sky shows, holograms, UFOS and putting voices in heads... and a general all round global God / rapture experience for the 'new world order' [apparently] If you havnt read it yet you should get it under your belt so you are aware what may be and where you MAY be fitting in. That and the mind controlling HAARP project device go hand in hand. which is all over ATS when / if you ever have time.

Anyway Im off to watch dr who on BBCIPlayer


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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 07:35 PM
RW chrisonabike question for ya bud, i am interested to hear how you felt during that whole experience, were you bricking it screaming WHAT THE HELL IS THAT or was there something calming that did not make it a scary experience?. Also what was your friends explanation on there take on the experience? I am equally interested in the whole "should we be scared of such potential aliens" if that is indeed what is being witnessed?

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 07:57 PM

Regarding the yellow stripes underneath the black vehicle in the initial sighting; what patterns where they? Did they cover the entire belly, or did they constist of any recognizable pattern and/or shapes? If possible, please answer. And idea of the size and speed of the vehicle would be nice, but I suppose that is in the realm of guessworks.

Regarding the black shape; could it be described as moving shadow? If you imagine a more dense form of shadow, however scifi-ish it may sound.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:17 PM
Greeting chisonabike. I’m also having trouble understanding the black beam. Any Way I suggest that you look a bit further outside the square. The u.f.o is exactly that to most people. But might be old news to some Military personal. Try looking at other threads you might find some answers. For example some one in the Advanced aircraft, military & gov, or weaponry, threads might have seen or heard of a new craft that fits your description. You will also find that you can join the dots from one thread to another (or maybe that’s just me) many posters do not visit every thread and miss many connections which join one topic to another. Anyway, could only find this. all the best.

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:18 PM
well atleast robbie will get the last laugh, and is the only celeb with bolloux to take it to the public without the fear of getting labbeld as a nut!!

just give him the best evidance we have...... and let him push it to the rest of the sleeping idiots that only care about paying bills & tax for governments to cover it up even more, i think robbie should talk public about the mexico ufo fleet there military & government released!!! (maybe mexicos gone mad also?) or maybe some of the nasa stuff along with the ex high ranking military staff of all civizized & wealthy nations, are thay nuts? no your just dumb!!! and its a simple as that!!!

fair play to robbie legend

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:46 PM

Originally posted by GeordieRacer
reply to post by spacebot

Spacebot what made you refer to Reich??
reason Im asking is around the time this happened to me and my friend she was researching orgonite and cloudbusting and energy sources, She spent years researching EVERYTHING paranormal and past few years it kept popping up so wrote article on it, editor wouldnt publish it, for stupid reasons, seemingly in the new agers Love Orgone stuff, but Only JUST lately recently she's heard Bad things about it (shes hear now telling me, its 6am so being a Northerner she doesnt make much sence lol) she's been told in past few months that having orgonite in your house or around you is like shining a spotlight on you, its primarily a form of magnitism, people like Don Croft show you how to make cloudbusters etc, which often to those who have them attract black helicopters, Anyway apparently it attracts thunderstorms and whatnot and errrr UFO's, supposedly is Atlantean technology Reich came accross and was arrested for, so she's just freaked when I told her what youd wrote here as at the time that was something she was looking into and its VERY weird and coincidental you mentioned it, BTW Ive no idea what Orgone is except what shes telling me here now but sounds like new age rubbish but after shes shown me a website on her pc im errr confused and kinda curious about it. BTW Sam says Hi to everyone (Imagine Geordie accent lol)

What made me.
In the end of my next post I refer to my theory for the UFO phenomenon or to be exact my theory of parts of the UFO phenomenon.
Feel free to let your friend click my profile and follow other posts I made in ATS, if lucky they may strike some relevance to her. They are mostly about UFOs. Synchronicity is a far more elusive subject IMO than UFOs.

Your friend can produce an internet blog so she can share her work in public with the rest of us if she feels like it. I would be glad to read it and even contribute to whatever extend I could.

Would also be a good idea if it was posted here in ATS!

Now on to the point and What I regard Wilhelm Reich EA to be, (EA is a term that was used for describing unusual light phenomena being observed during experiments by W. Reich) IMO they must be part of an intelligent system that might exist in the context of circumstances I am describing at the end of my next post. Many times in sightings cases I read I observed that light and other phenomena are being triggered with a major UFO sighting but those two might be different things. For instance balls of light or light propagation of any sorts might be at some level irrelevant from the actual craft itself and its technology but relevant to the crafts existance (emergence) and behavior through our reality until it escapes to a predestined route. Now about 4th and 5th kind of contacts being observed with more detail being exposed about UFOs and even their passengers and probable motives at time, I noticed specific dates and timing which might be relevant to the level of efficiency (or lack of) of the system I described.
Reich may had found a way to trigger this intelligent system, at least first accidentally.

Other posts which I collected (relevant to the points I am making) from this thread, in order to aid the thread and the OP (Robbie) descriptions about the strange behavior of the witnessed UFO crafts, since as I believe at most times they seem to follow or search for existing pathways of concentration of energies useful to their navigating technology (planet hopping), and are of special interest.

reply to post by mikesingh


being attracted to and hovering over power lines as this could be a source for their power generation.

reply to post by Extralien

theory that UFO's

normally hide in hills or draw power from them in some way and that it was thought that hills which had lakes or rivers were even more interesting.
(Here we can find Viktor's Schauberger work to be of some interest)

reply to post by David H N

a case in Switzerland, where scientists if I remember correctly were able to communicate with lights in the sky using torches. The UFO 's apparently flashed on an off, when the observers turned their torches on and off. I can't remember where this happened exactly, but it was well documented and filmed. I remember reading it in the magazine 'The Unexplained'.

reply to post by David H N

I once experienced this stillness when seeing an oval shaped craft outside my home in Chislehurst, it had circular windows clearly visible across it's middle section, and a pulsating red light underneath. At fist glance it was moving much like an insect would, it was at least 50' across, and was translucent. The craft I saw then made a hyper jump at incredible speed from right to left (over a mile), then stopped suddenly. It slowly became brighter, and was no longer transparent... it continued to increase in brightness, until with an intense flash of light vanished.

This here supports the idea of at least some UFOs being vehicles that emerge at stages in to our reality, from semi visible/transparent, to fully visible, to be reduced in a ball of light and disappear. The erratic behavior during being semi-emerged might portent to relevant flight pattern following a ley-line or similar energy propagation from earth.

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by TrentReznor

a Largish ball of light looking quite solid but with a fuzzy haze around it moved across the sky from the right it moved in a straight line but planing up n down ever so slightly. I thought meteorite? but then it aproched a small coud and stopped dead behind or in it. for at least 40 seconds!!

then another one came from the same location but a lot faster, I judged this to be around 500mph.

and came to the same cloud. then they both proceeded to move out to the left of my view. at a steady speed. and off into the horizon.

There it is either a UFO or an EA preceding/following (or both) a UFO appearance (EA as W. Reich termed them) In some cases I believe the actual UFO is non visible on the normal spectrum for reasons of unknown but the actual behavior of "the system" I am describing actually outlines and alerts about its pressence and behavior.

reply to post by GeordieRacer

It is spacebot not spybot

I came up with that nickname because: (of course nobody should care but it's relevant
I have an idea related to the theories regarding earth being a cosmic crossroads of sorts, it says that in order for suitable conditions of natural links to other natural environments (worlds) to exist in a planet, this planet must harbor a habitat of consciousness (in our case human beings) and since such a world can have such properties it is likely to be accessed many times by off-world sentient beings used as a linking corridor to all sorts of different destinations at least inside their residing galaxy. Also regarding extremely complicated policies/politics that may arise from the result of intercommunication between different space-fairing species, in worlds that act as a hub between different pathways probably linking totally different civilizations together or and places of interest some kind of aiding/sensing/identification technology has at some time to appear and be permanently stationed to the world in question at least until the consciousness and technical levels of the inhabiting species can prove them capable to deal with all sorts of non terrestrial interaction and the politics these may bring along.
Hence spacebots might exist!

What I can think of the "black light" witnessed by Robbie, IMO it feels like sensing technology but If I dare to point out not from an actual UFO but from an intelligent sensing system like the one I talk about. Maybe he liked the guys and came about to check them out, or at the right time and at around the right places they displayed something of interest to this IMO intelligent entity.

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Original quote and response to GeordieRacer is not irrelevant since Robbie as he revealed to the public is planning to use real estate and make scientific use of it for the UFO phenomenon research. A few mentions of W. Reich and what he perceived wouldn't hurt a bit.

I'm now returning again in being between relevant time and space!

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:58 PM

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by chrisonabike
i do understand that it all could be very easily explained.....thats why im here

Well the only other evidence of a 'black beam' that I have is from a photo taken by the British Antarctica Expedition in 1966..

You can see the black beam emanating from a VERY bright cloud... disturbing the snow on the ground, and reflecting off the ice to the right...

Whether this is similar to the effect you saw I have no way of knowing...

Full Size Here

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by zorgon

I videod a black beam which went from the sky to the sea here in belfast lough off white head i will try to fing the tape it was about somewhere but has been buried due to family comitments.

All I can say was that when I saw it my first impression was like a water spout but without water a straight line going straight though clouds in the sky and it can be seen on the video too was quite a moment.

***I cant reply to U2U's as I dont have enough posts yet or something? I will look for the vid anyway

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 09:58 PM
Thank you Robbie for sharing your experience with us. It is indeed a very strange story, I have a question: did the black light was solid or it was like a sun ray reflecting on dust particles? Thank you for taking the time to show us that anyone can experience it. BTW I loved your song about the angel (the spanish version)

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 09:58 PM
Can I say also that the sun was in the opposite side of the sky so the dark beam certainly wasnt a ray or cloud shadow. I will spend time this weekend hunting the vid.

This thread is mental can I also say.

And confirming that I must also be mental I will say hello to Robbie Williams lol

Now I know where 'angels' comes from LOL

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 11:17 PM
interesting nato black budget, flaying triangles...
quote "The craft is an equilateral-shaped triangle, each edge, from tip to tip, is approximately 184 feet. The 'Firefly' is one of the current generation of super-stealth aircraft, still part of the black-budget program. Near silent in operational flight, near silent hover capabilities. The underside lighting configuration is so designed as to give conflicting eyewitness accounts "


dont know about the black light tho..

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 01:12 AM
Hi Robbie, I've been a long long time reader of the boards but never felt it would make any sort of impact to post my opinions on here. Having a celebrity of your status coming out and talking about this sort of subject brings a lot of hope to myself and I'm sure others about getting more coverage on these topics.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 01:22 AM
Rob's Ace, Secret Service, Security Captain, whose name I can not divulge under penalty of death and whom, I might add, can probably sing too, just called me to let me know the network is crashed at the "RobCastle"...

Simply Amazing... ISPs are CRAP whether you live in a Pop Star's mansion or a shack.

In any case, I'm told he'll be back and will do his best to answer the 6,342,000 questions hanging out here in this thread when his service gets back online.

Carry on...


posted on May, 17 2008 @ 01:22 AM

Just wondering a few things not directly related to your sighting, but maybe. A number of celebrities have had an extensive history interested in this subject such as Dan Akroyd or Shirley MacLaine. Has your celebrity status allowed you to share information with some of these people who might be able to fill in some interesting gaps?

No need to drop names, especially for those who keep it secret.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 01:29 AM
Carry on says Springer.

Edit....I'll take that back and reword it.

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 02:02 AM
Surely this was going to happen springer..let give him a break he too have his own duties (normal life?? everybody)... answering like 1000 questions woo..pal chris you need to be an octopus !!!..
Hope you have a fine day!

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 02:11 AM
Ok.... rewording....

Is there anyway I can not read this as a stunt?.... fair dinkum.

How can I possibly believe this is Robbie?

Another anonymous ATS provider with that with which we smash down in flames?

I personally take exception to the name dropping.

If the facts and evidence are there, then we need NO celebrities.



posted on May, 17 2008 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by BigC2012

big C
i live in 'norn iron' too my husband works nights and last nov he was working along the lough and around 2.30 - 2.45 am he and a workmate saw a large white sphere rise from the lough straight up into the clouds and he said that there was no reflection on the water nor did it light up the clouds and no noise he never got a pic as he said he stood transfixed and his collegue just said a few choice words! but i know he was shaken as he rang me up straight away i would love to have seen it i have not seen nothing at all yet, i keep looking but...

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