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Does the bible condemn homosexuality?

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 05:01 PM
YEah yeah, most of us know about Leviticus 20:15.. Exodus 35:2.
Deuter onomy 22:13..

Being gay is not wrong.. however I will tell you what is wrong..

WRong is preists that molest little boys..

You meet an average "gay" guy.. they like men.. Not little boys..
Being a pedophile is wrong..
Gays have been around for a long time..

You can read into what ever you want.. Yet the catholic preists are the ones touching young boys..

Those are the kinds of queers that are sickening, and what goes around comes around.
The Vatican can spend all of its blood money to cover it up..

But that only proves that there nothing that says being gay is wrong..

Rape is WRONG!! bottom line,, its about RAPE!
Not being homosexual..

Being a pedophile is raping someone.. Thats the bad thing.. Or abombination as you say..

Watch this video.. IT might help you understand.

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 05:04 PM
The bible condemns just about everything at some point or another.

Especially if you read enough of your own beliefs into it. Human interpretation is the key, and anything interpreted by the human brain is faulty and cannot be 100% accurate.

Just my opinion, obviously.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 05:09 PM
The ones that molest for sexual power and arrousal are DARK PRIESTS no different then what you will find in your daycares, scary hugh, who do you trust?

Your minds are corrupt and only ridding the mind of its indulgence will lead you out of that dark pit called the human soul.

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Neo Christian Mystic

You are right, the bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality but The church traditions does.

The word homosexual is a modern term that was first introduced in 1869 in Germany, after studies done of some people’s predisposition to others in the same sex.

Jesus never said anything about homosexuality, from the passages of Levicus to Paul’s comments in Romans, the Church has used this misunderstood and misinterpreted quotes to launch a war against homosexuality.

There are only 4 scriptures that are taken to say anything about homosexuality; the Leviticus laws, I Cor 6:9, Romans 1:26-27, and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and none address consenting homosexual acts as we know them today.

There are over 600 individual "laws" in the Levitical code, the breaking of anyone of which would make the sinner unclean and unacceptable to God. It is an abomination to eat pork, etc. The law is no longer in effect and its purpose was to show that man could never follow it. The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, have nothing to do with homosexuality

You already explained the I Cor 6:9, no way refers to homosexuality and the misinterpretation of the original Greek word, when Paul used porneia it means Harlot for hire.

Historically Venus was the deity of Corinth and when Christians were worshiping, public prostitutes were kept around the temples for the purpose of glorifiying the Fertility Gods.

When Paul talks about Fornication he was referring to sex with the Pagan Gods.

Romans 1:26-27 mentions homosexual acts performed by people who are clearly described as heterosexual.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 05:35 PM

Originally posted by Neo Christian Mystic
Whether you like it or not, homosexuality isn't mentioned in the bible as being a moral sin. Sex between men in a ritual sense, concerning certain Ba'al practices in the ME, is.

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LOL, that doesnt make sense. That would also mean that having sex with animals, adultery and incest is not a corruption as long as it's not performed during a Baal ritual...

You sure you read chapter 20?

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:02 PM
While we are at it and talking about Exodus. Many of the preists leave out what they dont want you to hear.

Did you know its aginst Gods will to wear clothes woven of 2 different types of cloth?

Did you know its aginst Gods will to Work more than 6 days a week.
Eating on sunday after church is punishable by death

I urge you to look this stuff up.. Also check out my video I posted in my post there. So much that they pick and chose to talk about..

Its maddness people..

And I do belive in an all powerful being.. Yet I know as a man I can not even begin to fathom what this God really is!!!
I could never sit here and claim I know the will of God..

Yet many dark folks will manipulate you, and use smoke and mirrors to control you!
Its a big club and you are not in it..
Its the same club they use to beat you over the head with and tell you what is right and what is wrong..
Its the same club that they use to control you, and make you fear !!!

However dont take my word for it.. You must find this out on your own.
Im only here to make a post and offer what I feel is right for me.

I would never impose my systems upon you.. And thats how it is..

But I can say this.. Rape is wrong...

And also to add.. I have some great gay guy friends I grew up with in highschool.. They love to fish, drink beer, and are just as much of a man as I am.. They are Men, and manly men like most straight guys.. And not that stero type silly frilly guy who prances around with a limp wrist.. Sure there are some of those.. But those people dont have a clue, and they only play into the hands of the ignorant..

Gay guys, most of them you wouldnt even know they liked men sexually.
And just as long as they are not hitting on me, I am perfectly fine with that. They are well groomed, and take good care of themselfs..
People are people, bottom line.. Theres more in this world that makes us the same than different..

Yet agin, those clubs will tell you how different you are, and why you must hate them.. Sad.. But you have to learn that on your own.
Dont let anyone tell you what to belive..
Belive what you want.. But dont impose, or hurt others because you read something from some old book..
Its the greatest story ever told, and its been told over and over agin, for a long time..
Thats what it is.. A story.. And to me its a metaphore.. Not to be taken litteraly.. Yet agin. thats just me..

Wishing you all the very best in your quest for knowledge

As honestly we are not all that different. But some of us where raised to only see what divides us, and not what makes us the same at the base root.. dont we all want to be happy, and find someone to love us? Have a family, and just do our thing?

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:09 PM

Originally posted by marg6043
There are only 4 scriptures that are taken to say anything about homosexuality; the Leviticus laws, I Cor 6:9, Romans 1:26-27, and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and none address consenting homosexual acts as we know them today.

[26] For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
[27] And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

true, but not entirely true.

i was talking to a bible scholar i used to shoot questions at. i was confused about verse 26 where the women changed thier natural use.

he had an interesting explanation. he said that it was common for people then to be what is today ¨bisexual¨. but around this time men began to lean more towards homosexuality. this all centered around sodomy. so women, trying to win back the affects of these men would submit to sodomy. in this respect they changed the natural use of themselves.

but it is true this was usually ceremoniously related

The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, have nothing to do with homosexuality

actually it did. they wanted to have sex with the angels. lots even offered his daughters but they rejected them and insisted on the men. even when they were blinded they still where trying to get in.

[5] And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.
[6] And Lot went out at the door unto them, and shut the door after him,
[7] And said, I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly.
[8] Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes: only unto these men do nothing; for therefore came they under the shadow of my roof.
[9] And they said, Stand back. And they said again, This one fellow came in to sojourn, and he will needs be a judge: now will we deal worse with thee, than with them. And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door.
[10] But the men put forth their hand, and pulled Lot into the house to them, and shut to the door.
[11] And they smote the men that were at the door of the house with blindness, both small and great: so that they wearied themselves to find the door.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:13 PM

Originally posted by Neo Christian Mystic
Does the bible condemn homosexuality?

Yes. Sorry, but I disagree with your interpretation.

But the other, and perhaps more important question, is this - So what?
A lot of what is in the bible is not 'God's Law' but is in fact human tradition
and human law.

Does it matter if the bible condemned it?
Did that condemnation come from God or from men?

I dont' know

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:17 PM

Originally posted by zysin5
While we are at it and talking about Exodus. Many of the preists leave out what they dont want you to hear.

Did you know its aginst Gods will to wear clothes woven of 2 different types of cloth?

Did you know its aginst Gods will to Work more than 6 days a week.
Eating on sunday after church is punishable by death

That's a common misconception about the Bible. Those are laws given in the Old Testament to the ancient Jewish people. They are no longer valid today, after Jesus's crucifixion. Hebrews 8:7 - 10:18 explains this in depth.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by miriam0566

Ahh If I read your post correctly you have been listening to Fred Phelps.
They didnt want to have simple sex with the Angel.
They where going to Rape the angel..

If I mis-read, or didnt understand where you are going with that Im sorry.
But in a way yes sex is rape.. But its aginst ones will..

Many straight men would rape there defeated foes.. To show power, and sadly still happens to this day.. Warrior men raping other men in a show of power and domination. This is nothing new, and has been around for an extreamly long time.. Which will lead into many different thought patterns. If a man rapes another man does that make him gay?
Or simply a masocist? Its a strange world, and the things men will do to eachother is beyond reason in many ways.
Sex can be an extream postive, or an extream negtive.
I happen to belive the bible is aginst the negtive aspect of sex.
And promotes the postive aspect of sex..
While in the same hand, many are made to feel guilty for the pleasure of the flesh. I think sex is something that should be cherished when its postive. And should be forsaken when in a negtive sense.
Yet agin, this depends on the eye of the beholder.
One mans junk is another mans treasure.

So you will get no argument from me, nor will I get upset with how you feel, I learn from others POV. While in the same hand, I can only hope others learn from mine.
Many of us look with our eyes but do not see.. listen with our ears but do not hear. And in our hearts feel, yet not get the sense.

**side note.. I think your sig. with the lord of the rings is very funny!
That can always lighten the mood when one knows you have a good sense of humor!

That's a common misconception about the Bible. Those are laws given in the Old Testament to the ancient Jewish people. They are no longer valid today, after Jesus's crucifixion. Hebrews 8:7 - 10:18 explains this in depth.

I can agree most of the bible is a big mis-understanding.. But my point is why talk about homosexuals being wrong.. When in the same book they say wearing clothes of 2 woven clothes are wrong.
Or that when you plant a feild. That is aginst the will of God to use 2 seeds.. IE.. what Monsanto is doing to this world..

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by miriam0566

The men in the NT patriarchal culture exerted dominance not only over women, but over younger males as well.

The nature of homosexual acts in the Bible are so very different from what we know as homosexuality today that the passages have no application to today's homosexuality. Such practices as in NT times simply no longer exist.

Alleged references to homosexuality in I Corinthians and I Timothy are the inventions of anti-gay translators. They are not in the original Greek texts.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by marg6043

im not directly disagreeing with you

just sharing some tidbits i heard

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 02:45 AM

Originally posted by Alcove

That's a common misconception about the Bible. Those are laws given in the Old Testament to the ancient Jewish people. They are no longer valid today, after Jesus's crucifixion. Hebrews 8:7 - 10:18 explains this in depth.


So why is it so many modern Christians quote ancient OT Law when they make their anti-gay case?

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

FlyersFan, please spread the gospel in this thread instead of just saying "Yes" so that we can all learn.

In your eyes, can you show us how The Bible supports your "Yes"? I have read all the posts in this thread and I feel many members are well-equipped to have that discussion

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 03:05 AM
reply to post by TheRedneck

I found it particularly interesting that this was new info to you! I hope you read and consider what some of us are saying in response to the anti-gay claims. Those links that were posted for the other threads would be good too. Definitely good exposure to both sides of the coin.

One thing that isn't up for debate and interpretation is that Jesus Christs never said anything in regards to it. That's rather profound considering Christians call themselves followers of Christ. I realize most orthodox Churches view the whole Bible as the inspired Word, but still... there truly is something to be said about that fact, no?

Most of it is interpretations from OT, some NT. Most of it can be easily explained by looking at original translations, where it becomes evident the words were mistranslated to mean something different then the original intention. Others can be explained by the fact that certain terms didn't even exist in original biblical languages, and just kinda showed up in later translations...or just kinda showed up in later interpretations
Others can be explained by elucidating the difference between consensual sex and rape.. e.g the Sodom and Gommorah story contained a part where the townsmen wanted to rape some men (angels in disguise), but many twist that as homosexuality, when in fact it's not since it's not consensual sex.

I could add a lot more, but many of the posters in this thread have said the same stuff I would have, and have done a great job at it
I am sure i'll throw in a post or two though

Oh, and thanks for being one of the open-minded Christians

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 03:27 AM

Originally posted by marg6043
You are right, the bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality but The church traditions does.

I would just like to say that I completely share your sentiments about this


There has always been so much dissonance between Christians, The Bible, and The Church. And that's just any given Church within itself, I am not even addressing the dissonance between one Christian Church and another Christian Church...

So much dissonance... which one of you Christians is really truly speaking on behalf of God's words?

You are all reading the same source right? So why all this dissonance??

The answer is interpretation. The culprit is the traditions of these Churches as Marge said.

William Blake said "I read the Bible day and night, where you read black I read white". And that is so true.

Use your own mind and heart when you read. If you are not, if you follow The Church traditions, then scrutinize the hell out of the evidence so you understand how they interpreted it that way! Look at the original translations! Become a biblical historian, and learn a little bit about reading the original biblical languages. If you truly believe it's Gods very words... why wouldn't you?

I promise, if you do this, the Church rhetoric about The Bibles stance against homosexuality starts to crumble away.

But again, as I said in a previous post, an even more important reminder, is that Christ himself said nothing about it.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 05:50 AM
I appreciate the trying to make sense of a subjective book of writings and try to interpret it but who cares? Even if it were all "choice". It isn't like we need more heterosexuals to continue the human race. What with almost 8 billion people what if some one chooses to be gay? So what if they are born that way? So what? What do you care? You have your one, two, or three kids or more...and the gas guzzling SUV and so why hate on gay folks for? If anything you should be buying them gifts, and thanking them for trying to keep the population levels down.

For god sakes...why is this an issue? Have sex with whomever you want: male or female. As long as they are grown and mature and of age and you are to consenting adults...more power to you! Have fun, enjoy the pleasurable feelings and kiss one another during sex...tell you're partner how much you love him or her and how much you enjoy the sensation and the pleasure you are feeling and helping your partner feel during sex.

One of the best pleasures [god] given to us is sex. Why put it down? Celebrate good sex! If you enjoy being with the same sex, have fun with responsible, but don't feel guilty about having loving relations with another human being whom you want to be with or of what you choose...

Love sex, love each other, and be safe!

But leave the sexual hang-ups behind; the hang ups are what are destructive! Love your partner and enjoy your orgasims, and don't let any religious nut cases or anyone on here try to make you think otherwise. Sex is from God, if you believe in God. If you don't believe in God, sex is purely natural. Either way it feels freakin' great!!!!

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 05:54 AM
reply to post by skyshow

The 3 biggest variables humans have problems with are: God, Sex, & Money. Will we ever trancend?

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:31 AM

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

Pretty clear to me!

And to clear up some misunderstood wording, see below:

Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

From Romans:

Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."

Again, clear as crystal to me.

Now, let me just say that I treat people with the same respect or more than they treat me. no matter what their sexual preference. However, I don't see anything natural about homosexuality and it is quite obvious that neither does God's Word (Bible). You can try and twist it any way you want but the Bible does condemn homosexuality.

This does not in any way mean that homosexuals can't be "saved":

1 Corinthians 6:11 - "And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God."

Furthermore, as a Christian I must recognize both old and new testaments. It doesn't matter that one was before Christ or not. If it were not relevant in teaching it wouldn't be in the Bible.

You can call me anything you wish but those that know me also know that I am not biased against any person. I cannot however support a lifestyle I know to be wrong. There is no hatred or avoidance involved and in fact my best friend throughout my 20's was gay and it was thru him and the many homosexuals I met thru him that I realized without a doubt, homosexuality is a choice. I'm not going to get into that whole ordeal regarding promiscuity or negative moral compass (yes, gays do have a moral compass just like everyone else and I'm not saying they all had a negative one.) but lets just say, my eyes were opened regarding reasoning behind their choice and in every case I encountered I found those reasons to be the same.

Finally, although I don't recognize homosexuality as being natural or moral, I think any gay man would like to have me around during an attempted gay bashing. I might not like your sexual choice but I will certainly defend a person in distress. I defended my friend countless times although he was the one that initiated the situations almost every time.

JMO, assume what you wish about me.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 09:28 AM

The anti-gay conspiracy within the church is biased and doesnot have biblical fundament.

This is a lie.

Let them adopt children like hetros

Let's not.

there should be no difference between gays and hetros.

There is in fact a difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

Gays represent apprx. 10% of the population.

They represent 1% to 10% of the world population. And the most accepted figure lies between those two figures.

There is five times the chance that your child is gay than that it is a MENSA prospect. Would God forget that?

You're making no point. The fact that homosexuality exists doesn't mean it's right. And if geneticists did find some kind of magical gay letter in the human genome, then it still wouldn't excuse it from being disgusting and wrong.

In any case, if you want to push the homosexual agenda, then go right ahead... but leave the Bible out of your dream world.

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