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My alien deception Theory Again

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 08:46 PM

VATICAN CITY: The Vatican's chief astronomer says there is no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of extraterrestrial "brothers" perhaps more evolved than humans.

Here is more evidence to support my thoery that Aliens or Alien impersonators will play a hand in he deception of the end times. To top it off this is being put out by the Vatican. I'm sure those that study catholisim know the part that the catholic church may or may not play in the end times. How conveniant would it be for an Alien to appear on scen that represents himself not nessesarily as God but as a savior to our world. Remember the ten commandments, "THou shalt have no other God before me" If you study that commandment then you will know that a God can be any number of things to any number of people. For instance a rich mans God may be his money, if he puts his money before God. When the antichrist comes on the scene he will not represent himself as God but will represent himself as a saviour of sorts to the world. What better way to unite the world under a one world government and a one world religion than to have an alien being appear on the scene with all the answers?

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by photobug

:shk:xenophobia is bad

that's basically all this is, a very broad form of xenophobia.
aliens would be people too, especially if they have the capabilities to make it here.

don't let them be colored by your conceptions about an end of the world myth

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by photobug

I would try to defend your point of view.
I agree with photo bug.
There are shapeshifters that have lived on this panet as long as we have.
They are more evil than us because they are not part of the plan of salvation that we are invited to participate in.
They are not our brothers, but our sworn enemies.
They can apear to be aliens in order to decieve us into accepting them and to follow them.
Those who do, will loose their salvation.
That is their plan and they make use of any evil humans who will help them.
Evil humans have their own agendas that they believe can be helped by the "Aliens".
They are not.
They are earthbound demons.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:28 AM
For a long time, I was hopeful that some "more evolved" aliens would show up and show us the way to live in peace and harmony. However, the more I learned about UFOs and the alien abduction phenomena, the more I realized that these are not benevolent beings: they are essentially a cabal that exists to further their own interests, not ours. I have come to place my faith in Jesus Christ as the only Savior. Be forewarned, these beings that pretend to be aliens are really the bene Elohim of the Old Testament. They are fallen angels, but know that they can more easily deceive mankind if they hide their true identity. There will be a "Day of Declaration" and they will come up with all sorts of reasons why all our world religions are the same and simply misunderstand what they call the truth. Jesus is coming soon for His Bride. Read the Bible. Put your faith in God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, and His only begotten Son. You can't reject Jesus and still have communion with God--there is no other by whom we are saved. Best wishes!

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:02 AM
Its like this:

1) There are millions of millions of aliens that live with us on this world, they have cities and spaceships and shopping malls and families and playgrounds.
2) WE are trapped in a part of this world, we share our world with their world, but they keep the "gates" closed so that we are not a part of the true Earth soceity.
3) We have been "walled off" (think Berlin Wall) for so long that we have become isolated, and the leaders that know of these aliens are angry because:
A) The aliens are "offering" people (millions of people) the opportunity to "switch over" to their side, but only those that "choose".
B) Those that choose not to join them (or don't make the "list") must either try to cross to their side with thier own skill and enginuity, or resist joining thier side (they give us the "false rapture" doctrine in order to justify our choice.
C) There are a group of hard core individuals that are having a "war" - on one side they want to break down the system, so we can flood into their world (think illegal immigrants) and another side that thinks that they are all "demons" and that our world is the only real world (they are puppets of the aliens that want to keep us "in")
D) Our leaders are working with lesser-advanced aliens (the "enemy") to try and break through into thier system (black ops)
E) The aliens are covertly taking control of our major institutions, and only the hardcore humans remain to protect them from fully taking over.

There are some good aliens out there that disagree with the system, and in that regard they are also indirectly aligned with those that want to try and tear it down.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor
That sounds really weird, maybe a good movie plot. Write a screenplay.
I am a Christian and read the New Testament as my scripture and I believe what it says about angels who lost their former place by thinking they could choose to make their own plans and to shift their allegiance to a being that is not God but who aspired from false pride to make himself equal to God.
That being is who we know of today as Satan and the fallen angels have become what we would think of today as demons.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by jmdewey60

I won't disagree with you there, there is definitley a lot of evil in this world. As a note, I have declared Christ as my lord and saviour, just to be on the safe side.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor
That's probably a good thing to do.
I would suggest listening to Ed Walker.
He has a show called Black Helicopter Radio
on Blogtalk, in the antimatter radio network
and a YouTube page called
You might want to message him and give
him that information that you posted above.
edit on 14-12-2010 by jmdewey60 because: (no reason given)

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by jmdewey60

Everything should be ok in the end, in the end, darkness is the biggest enemy of evil, those of the light will not fall into the abyss, but those who are evil will.

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